7 ways to help your dog
cool down

24/05/2022 Health & care Dog

7 ways to help your dog cool down

As temperatures rise, your faithful companion may be suffering from the heat. Staying cool gives your dog a pleasant feeling, but it’s also healthier and reduces the risk of heat stroke. But how do you cool your dog down when it's hot? With the following tips, your four-legged friend will quickly become as cool as a cucumber!

1. Provide plenty of
fresh drinking water

Make sure that your dog always has sufficient fresh drinking water at his disposal. On warm days, your dog will probably also drink more water than on cooler days, so take this into account. Change the water regularly so that it remains fresh. If you go for a walk, make sure you always have drinking water and a handy drinking bottle with you.

2. Plan
your walks

Try to plan your day so that you can go for a walk with your dog early in the morning or late in the evening. This will help you to avoid the hot midday sun. Moreover, dogs’ paws can burn on hot pavements. Not sure whether the road is too hot or not? Then the following general rule applies: if it’s too hot for your hand or foot it’s too hot for your loving companion’s paws. You can also buy cute little socks for your dog to protect his paws. On hot days, it can also be useful to take a slightly shorter walk than usual.

3. Regular

It’s important to brush your dog regularly. Knotted or matted fur can trap heat and cause many other inconveniences. You can always drop by the grooming salon just before the summer for a fresh summer cut. 

4. Cooling

There are many accessories with integrated cooling elements that can help to keep your dog cool. Cooling toyspads or even dog clothing with cooling elements. Some of these dog items have a cooling effect on their own, others can be filled with water and frozen.

Girl cuddling dog on the beach - Meisje knuffelt hond op het strand - Flamingo Pet Products

5. Go for a swim
with your dog

Many dogs love to swim. Taking a dip in the pond, jumping into the sea or jumping into the swimming pool are welcome refreshments. There are even bathing ponds especially for dogs. Always be well prepared when you go swimming with your dog. A life jacket is always a good idea! You can also buy a dog pool for your pet pal. That way you don't even have to leave the house!


Taking your dog to the sea? The salt in seawater isn’t good for your faithful friend's paws. So rinse them thoroughly after a visit to the beach. You can use the free showers on the beach or take a bottle of water with you.

6. Sun cream
for dogs

Just as humans, dogs are at risk of burning in the sun. Especially lightly coloured or thinly coated dogs. It’s therefore extremely important to protect your dog properly. But the good news is, that there’s also sun cream for your loving companion. Not sure whether your dog should be wearing sun cream? Ask your pet shop, vet or breeder for advice.

7. Provide enough shade
and a cool spot to lie down

Floor tiles, a place near (but not in front of) the air conditioner or a shady spot outside: try to create cool lying areas for your faithful companion if possible. He’ll probably find a cool spot himself. If not, try to stimulate him with his favourite toy, pillow or blanket.

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How to recognise heatstroke in your dog

Heat stroke develops when your dog can’t reduce his own body temperature. The following symptoms may indicate heatstroke:

  • Heavy panting
  • Glazed eyes
  • A rapid pulse
  • Excessive salivation
  • Lack of coordination
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Loss of consciousness

Try to cool your dog down with wet towels at first and call your vet if you think he might have heatstroke. Don’t put him directly in cold water and don’t give him too much water to drink.

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