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Scratching trees, scratching barrels and scratching furniture, everything for great scratching pleasure!

They're inseparable: cats and their scratching furniture! We probably don't need to tell you that cats love scratching. But did you know that scratching has several benefits for cats? And that good scratching furniture is very important for them? On this page we explain why a scratching tree, scratching barrel or other scratching furniture is necessary for your cat and we discuss the different options for endless scratching fun!

Why do cats feel the need to scratch?

Cats start scratching at an early age. It’s a basic need of your cat. Your kitten can already use her claws from the age of four weeks. At about five weeks, your kitten also really starts to scratch. But what are the reasons why your kitten or cat scratches?
To keep their claws in great condition: Scratching removes the dead outer layer of the claw. This is necessary when the claw starts to wear down. As soon as the outer layer of the claw is removed, a new, sharp one appears.
To mark their territory: Another reason for scratching is territory marking. The pads between your cat's toes contain scent glands. These glands produce a unique smell when scratching. This scent leaves a sign for your cat and a message for other felines in the area. Scratching is therefore also a form of communication.
To stretch their muscles: Scratching on a scratching tree or other scratching furniture, exercises and stretches your cat’s muscles. It especially strengthens the muscles in their paws and these muscles are of course very important when playing and hunting!
Scratching caused by stress: Excessive cat scratching behaviour, may be an expression of stress or anxiety. Scratching relaxes and relieves tension in your cat. So it’s a great way for felines to try to lower the stress level in their body. Stressful scratching can have unpleasant consequences for both your pet and your home, it’s therefore important to provide your cat with sufficient scratching alternatives.

Do cats really need a scratching tree?

We’ve already mentioned it, a scratching tree is very important for cats for several reasons. To keep their claws in good condition, to promote natural behaviour, but also to give them the opportunity to relax after an exciting day. Does your cat not have the opportunity to scratch? Then there's a good chance it will stick its claws into your sofa or curtains, which of course we don't want. Fortunately, there are numerous scratching opportunities that can make your cat very happy. We’ll have a look at them below!

A large scratching tree, a wooden scratching tree, an affordable scratching tree or luxurious cat furniture

Let's start with the most well-known option: the scratching tree. In many cases a scratching tree consists of a nice soft plush base with a sisal wrapped scratching post on top. Sisal is a hard, durable and above all strong natural fibre. This makes it ideal as scratching material for cats. Besides a solid base you’ll also find scratching trees equipped with the necessary accessories: scratching trees with cat toyshiding places and even scratching trees with a hammock are among the possibilities. This makes the Flamingo scratching trees not only suitable for scratching, but also for hours of fun! Large scratching trees, affordable scratching trees, design scratching trees, wooden scratching trees, trendy scratching trees and special scratching trees for kittens. With a range of over 150 different cat scratching trees you’ll definitely find the right one for your feline friend.

A scratching barrel for your kitten or cat

The scratching barrel is compact, but very versatile in use. A scratching barrel offers a lot of scratching fun, but it also offers your cat a cosy place to sleep. A large scratching barrel is even equipped with sleeping places for several cats! This makes the scratching barrel a perfect alternative to a large scratching tree in your house. Although the scratching barrel is compact, it has a lot to offer in terms of different types and possibilities. Large scratching barrels, a plush scratching barrel, a multi-level scratching barrel, a sisal scratching barrel or even a scratching barrel on stylish wooden legs. Flamingo offers a wide range of scratching barrels for your four-legged friend.

A scratching board, a scratching mat or scratching cardboard?

Do you have too little space to set up a luxurious scratching tree or a large scratching barrel, but do you want to offer your cat the opportunity to scratch indoors? Even for small spaces, there are a variety of options for sophisticated scratching fun. Discover, for example, our scratching boards and scratching cardboards, which are available in all sizes and are perfect for small spaces. There are even scratching boards and scratching mats that you can attach to the wall. This means even more scratching opportunities for your kitten or cat!

Scratching toys for endless scratching fun

Because cats never can’t get enough of scratching their claws, there are even scratching toys available! These toys guarantee hours of fun and keep their claws in great condition. In our cat shop you’ll find fun scratching toys, not only for adult cats but also for your kitten.

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Besides the most beautiful scratching trees, the most sophisticated scratching barrels and the most beautiful scratching toys, the Flamingo range offers even more for your beloved cat. From a litter box to cat litter and from practical transport boxes for your cat to the most beautiful toys for kittens. Take a look at our complete cat range and discover everything your cat's heart desires.

In a nutshell

Scratching is good for your cat’s claws. It exercises the muscles in their front legs and is very good for stress relief. Does your cat also scratch the furniture in your house? Read some tips above to stop your cat from doing this.
The choice of scratching furniture is huge. From large scratching trees to compact and budget-friendly scratching trees. And from a robust scratching tree for your cat to the most amazing scratching toys. Discover everything for your pussycat at Flamingo!
Cat scratching trees come in different sizes, with different options and of course different prices. Affordable small scratching posts, but also large luxurious scratching trees! There’s a suitable scratching tree for each budget.
Yes, in addition to a large selection of scratching trees and scratching barrels, Flamingo also offers products for small spaces. Some examples are the scratching board and the scratching cardboard. Need more ideas? You’ll find them all in our cat shop.