Dog toys

Choose from no less than 2000 toys for your dog! From rubber to textile, from interactive to environmentally-friendly. From Flamingo to KONG.

The best dog toys for young and old

Flamingo offers the best dog toys for every woof. Large, small, strong, young or somewhat older: you’ll find a fun toy for each dog in our dog shop. From fun playing ropes to challenging squeaky toys and from interactive dog toys to the cutest toys for your puppy! Discover the most amazing dog toys in the Flamingo range.

The benefits of dog toys

Dog toys are of course fun, but did you know that they can also help you educate your dog? Toys promote healthy exercise, provide a mental challenge and also strengthen the bond between you and your faithful companion. Let us give you an overview of the benefits of a challenging toy for your dog:
  • Fun
  • Physical exercise
  • Mental challenge
  • Rest and balance
  • Natural needs
  • Healthy teeth
  • Promote a strong bond between pet and pet parent

Different kinds and materials of dog toys

Is your dog a passionate ball chaser, does he love tug-of-war, does he like to cuddle or is he always up for a challenge? To find out which toy is right for you and your four-legged friend, it’s important to know what makes your dog's tail work overtime. Below you’ll find an overview of the different types of flamingo dog toys:
  • Fetch toys
  • Treat toys
  • Intelligence and interactive toys
  • Hunting toys
  • Dental care and chewing toys
  • Training Toys
  • Tug and toss toys
  • Swimming and water toys

Special puppy toys

Discovering things is one of your little rascal's favourite pastimes. That’s why it’s important to offer your puppy different types of toys. The different shapes, materials, scents and colours accelerate a puppy's learning process. The right puppy toys can also help with other aspects of education. For example, teach your puppy the right chewing behaviour by offering him chewing toys. Or turn the dog crate into a cosy sleeping place with the help of a soft cuddly toy. Puppy toys can help you educate your pup in many ways.

The sniffing mat and other search games

Did you know that sniffing has a stress-reducing effect on dogs? The part of the brain that controls emotions is directly connected to the nasal organ. Regular sniffing has a positive effect on this part of the brain and reduces stress. A good example of this is the sniffing mat for dogs. This play mat can be filled with treats or various small dog snacks. As your dog sniffs around looking for treats, his brain automatically works in a positive way. This makes search and sniff toys not only fun and challenging, but also contributes to your dog’s mental balance and good mood.
TIP: Does your puppy have trouble calming down or is your adult dog easily overstimulated? Using a sniffing mat or lick pad for your dog can really help. The mental challenge and stress relief will ensure that your little friend is satisfied more quickly and therefore calms down more easily.

Challenging mind games for dogs

Is your dog the ‘smartest kid in class’ and do dog toys often only provide short-lived pleasure? In our dog shop you’ll find challenging brain games in a variety of different levels. There are special puppy puzzle games for beginners, but also dog puzzles with sufficient challenge for advanced players. Do you want more action during play? Then the interactive dog games from our range are a good choice for both you and your four-legged friend.

Popular KONG Dog toys

KONG dog toys are popular and for good reason. The KONG dog brand has a long history in the world of dog toys and is extremely popular among dog lovers. In our dog toy shop you’ll find a selection of KONG dog products. From KONG plush toys and the famous KONG Classic to sturdy, long-lasting chewing toys. The collection has been carefully selected by our team of experienced dog lovers. Attention is paid to quality, durability and, of course, the enjoyment of both dog and parent.

Indestructible dog toys

Every dog owner is looking for indestructible dog toys. But we don't want to beat around the bush: there’s no such thing as indestructible. But that doesn't mean that there aren't extra strong toys for dogs with a strong bite. Using the filters on the website, you can filter the toys by age and chewing behaviour. This way you can easily discover the options for your puppy, advanced chewer or power chewer. Take a look at the Strong Stuff collection of sturdy dog toys or discover our challenging play balls for dogs.

Soft cuddly dog toys

A wonderfully soft friend to keep your pooch company in the dog basket, the puppy crate or to cuddle up to on the dog cushion. A cuddly toy is a hit for almost every dog. The choice within our range of cuddly dog toys is therefore enormous. Plush dog toys, a cuddly toy especially for puppies, cuddly toys without filling, toys with a squeaker or even without ... 😉 In our range of more than 300 different cuddly dog toys, you’re sure to find a new favourite toy for your dear friend. Once you’ve found the right toy, perhaps you can take a snapshot of your dog sleeping with his new friend and send it to us via our ’Your pet, our brand’ page. We would be delighted!

Need more ideas to entertain your beloved four-legged friend?

As well as a great selection of fun dog toys, you'll find even more for your four-legged friend in our dog shop. Discover our wonderfully soft dog baskets, sturdy dog houses, practical puppy crates and everything you need to care for your beloved four-legged friend. Each month we treat you and your faithful companion to new accessories and snacks, because you and your pet deserve the very best. Browse through our new dog products!

In addition to the necessary fun, dog toys offer other benefits. Mental and physical challenges, for example, are a must to keep your dog in a good mood. Would you like to read what else our dog toys can do? Then take a look at the above-mentioned advantages of dog toys.
Puppy toys must be safe, contain no small parts and be robust. Chewing toys, cuddly toys and sniffing mats are generally suitable for all puppies. Use the filters on the website to find out which toy is perfect for your puppy.
Mind games, brain trains and sniffing toys are perfect for mental challenges. They make sure your dog uses and expands his intelligence. And this is exactly why this kind of toys are so good for your dog. In addition, they also prevent boredom and provide more rest.
Unfortunately, indestructible is a broad term. Actually, everything can be broken. However, in our dog shop you’ll also find extra strong dog toys for large and strong dogs. Use the filters on the website to find out which toy suits your dog best .