Cooling effect

Cool your dog down on hot days with a dog pool, cooling mat, cooling toys and more. Discover our refreshing range 🧊.

Cooling mats, swimming pools and more cool summer items for dogs

Are you looking for something refreshing for your dog? Summer is a wonderful time of year for many people. It’s a great time to enjoy a refreshing dip, bake in the summer sun, and enjoy dining for hours on a nice summer evening. And while the summer heat may be wonderful for many people, it’s not always the case for dogs. Unlike us humans, many dogs can’t tolerate heat well. Fortunately, there are handy cooling summer items that can help with this. Find out more about what’s possible in our dog shop and help your four-legged friend stay cool through the summer.

Why can’t dogs tolerate heat?

Humans lose heat by sweating, but it’s different for your dog. Firstly, they have very warm fur. Second, dogs can only lose heat by panting and through the soles of their feet. We probably don’t need to explain that the heat loss is minimal. It is therefore very difficult for your dog to stay at the right temperature during the summer months. The normal body temperature of dogs is between thirty-eight and thirty-nine degrees. During the summer months, when the dog cannot lose heat, the body temperature can quickly rise above forty degrees. That is not good because a body temperature above forty-two degrees means your dog can really get into trouble.

How do you keep your dog COOL during the summer?

Providing adequate cooling for dogs on a hot summer day is a must. You can prevent overheating by offering them refreshment. And the right cooling item can also be used to treat emerging symptoms and prevent further problems. Our dog shop is therefore brimming with cooling items for your dog. Take a look what we have to offer below:

Water fun dog pool
Is your four-legged friend a real water rat and only too happy to dive into the water? Of course, enjoying the water is a great way for dogs to cool off. Dogs that like to swim will especially appreciate using a dog pool during the summer months. Make sure you place the dog pool in a shady spot in the garden, otherwise the water will warm up quickly. 

Cooling mats for dogs
Cooling mat for dogs, most people have heard of them, right? Cooling mats are extremely popular during the summer months, and this is not surprising. Cooling mats have a gel with a natural property of being cool to the touch. These lightweight cooling mats can be used almost anywhere: in the car, on the living room floor, and can even provide the necessary cooling in a dog crate. Our range contains different types, colours, sizes and shapes of cooling mats to provide wonderful cooling.

Cooling dog baskets
Does your four-legged friend enjoy resting in his/her basket? A dog basket can quickly become too hot during the summer months, causing your dog to no longer like being in his/her bed. Fortunately, there is an easy solution for this; The cooling dog basket. Just like cooling mats, these baskets have a special cooling gel. This ensures the dog basket has a cooling effect during a lovely summer nap. This is ideal for dogs that need cooling, but still want the comfort of a nice dog basket.

Cooling dog toys
Cooling toys for dogs are not only practical, they are also fun for your dog. Cooling toys provide gradual cooling in the body while chewing and playing. Cooling down too quickly is not good for your dog’s body either. Gradual and fun cooling makes this toy ideal for cooling down on hot days.

Coole halsbanden en bandana’s
cooling collar or bandana for your dog can contribute to cooling on hot days. The collar is worn on the neck, which is the place on the body where your dog’s arteries are close to the surface of the skin. Cooling the blood in the arteries will lower the body temperature. The cooled blood is pumped through the dog’s body and will provide pleasant physical cooling. 

Cooling jackets and cooling vests
Another way to provide cooling through the body is to have your dog wear a cooling jacket or cooling vest. The cooling jacket for dogs can be wetted and has a high absorption capacity. Because the jacket retains the cooling water and is worn on the warm body, evaporation occurs. The evaporation on the body automatically provides wonderful cooling during hot summer days. In addition to jackets, we have cooling towels in our dog shop. This dog towel has the same heat-evaporating effect and offers a cool place for the dog to rest. 

How do you recognise when your dog is overheating?
If your dog is threatening to overheat, it’s important to act quickly. An overheated dog can develop physical problems. In the worst case scenario, your dog may even die from overheating. Prevention is therefore better than cure, especially in this case. It is important to identify overheating in good time. If your dog shows one or more of the following signs, it’s time to intervene:
  • Appetite: your dog has no interest in food. Not even in his/her favourite Flamingo snack
  • Movement: your four-legged friend does not move or moves very slowly and seems to be exhausted
  • Body language: your dog is panting excessively, drooling and appears to be short of breath
  • Temperature: the dog’s body temperature rises above 40 degrees
  • Physically: the ears and lips feel warm and the mucous membranes become red

What do you need to do to prevent overheating in your dog?
If you see the symptoms of overheating described above, it’s necessary to take immediate action. But of course, preventing overheating is much better. You can read some tips below about how to make your dog as comfortable as possible during the summer months and to prevent overheating:

  • Water: provide cool water at all times. Use a cooling food or drink bowl
  • Shadow: provide sufficient shade, or keep your dog indoors where it’s cooler
  • Transport: never leave your dog in a car or other enclosed space.
  • Rest: ensure your dog gets plenty of rest, and postpone activities and long walks until it’s cooler
  • Cooling: offer your four-legged friend enough cooling on hot summer days

Be prepared for the summer!

Dogs and hot summer days are not a good match. Fortunately, there are countless ways to keep your dog cool during the summer. The range of cooling items in our dog shop offers anything a young, old, large and/or small dog would need. Your dog can then comfortably enjoy the summer and the summer sun with peace of mind.