Check out our poop bags and poop bag holders, puppy training pads or slips and diapers for incontinent dogs or dogs in heat.

Everything you need for perfect hygiene with dogs in the house.

Good hygiene is very important when you have a dog or even several dogs in the house. For your four-legged friend, of course; but also for yourself. Good hygiene prevents odours and dirt in and around the house. In addition, it’s also nice for your dog to be able to live in a clean environment. Good hygiene ensures better health and prevents discomfort for both yourself and your dog. Find out more about the items in our dog shop for perfect hygiene at home and on the road.

Puppy pads and training mats

Let’s start with the small ones. House training is one of the first training steps for a new puppy. Toilet training your puppy is an intensive process that sometimes leads to small accidents. Puppy pads or a training mat can help. A puppy training pad can be placed in a puppy crate or dog basket. These pads are made up of 5 layers and have extremely high absorption capacity. Urine can therefore be fully absorbed in the pad, preventing leaks and odours in the house. Your puppy’s sleeping place will stay dry, and you won’t have to clean up leaks from the floor. This is an ideal way to ensure hygiene while toilet training your puppy.

Toilet training your puppy with training spray

A special puppy training spray can make toilet training with puppy pads easier. This training fluid can be sprayed on the puppy pads; the specific scent of the spray entices the puppy and stimulates him/her to use the pad. Puppy training spray is based on natural essential oils and is therefore not harmful to your puppy. Training spray is not a panacea, but can certainly help speed up the process in a pleasant way.

Dog trousers while on heat

Females go into heat twice a year, for an average period of about 3 weeks. At the start of being on heat, the female dog loses blood. This period is called the proestrus. During this period, the body is preparing for the fertile period that follows. The proestrus phase can last from 2 days to 2 weeks. To make it as pleasant as possible for your dog and yourself, you can use heat pants in combination with a dog panty liner. This prevents blood getting on the floor and furniture in the house, and keeps your dog’s basket or crate clean during this period of blood loss.

Dog nappies and Incontinence pants

Incontinence in dogs is quite common. It primarily occurs in older dogs who no longer have adequate bladder control. But it’s not only older dogs that can become incontinent. Some dogs that have undergone an operation can also (temporarily) suffer from incontinence. This is quite annoying, for both the dog and yourself of course. To maintain a high level of hygiene in the house, and to spare your dog from discomfort, you can use incontinence dog trousers or nappies for dogs. These dog nappies prevent accidents, inconvenience, and annoying urine spots in the house.

Stain and hair removal

Every dog lover knows a thing or two about dogs losing hair, lots of hair. If you have a dog in the house, you have dog hair in the house. And it gets everywhere: on your sofa, the doormat, stair carpet and, if things go wrong, on the clothing of visitors. You can use a clothes roller or hair remover to prevent this. These rollers and brushes easily remove dog hair from your clothes, sofa or carpet. And to remove specific odours and dirt, you can use our special spray that works on stains and dog odours in the house. This means you can keep your own environment clean, as well as that of your dog.

Poop bags

Dog poop bags are, of course, an essential item for dog owners. Clearing up your dog’s poop is a legal requirement in many areas. In addition, you could even risk a fine if you do not have poop bags in your pocket while walking your dog. So it’s important to have poop bags with you at all times while out for walks. We have a wide range of dog poop bags in our dog shop. Dog poop bags on a roll, extra strong poop bags, scented poop bags, and of course, organic poop bags. These bags are one hundred percent biodegradable and great for the environment.

Poop bag holder

How often has it happened to you? You quickly take your dog for a walk before dinner and, in the hurry, forget the poop bags. Oops. This is not a fun thing, especially if you have a big dog and he’s been inside all day. Don’t panic, we have all experienced these moments. Fortunately, we have a handy solution for you: the poop bag holder. Attach the holder to your dog’s lead to ensure you always have enough poop bags with you when you go for a walk. And never be confronted with surprises while enjoying walkies again ;-)

Poop scoop

Is walking around with a full poop bag something you are very uncomfortable with? Or do you simply hate picking up your dog’s business with a poop bag? Then use a dog poop scoop. A poop scoop is perfect for use while you are out for a walk, but it is also suitable for scooping up stools left behind in the garden by your dog. Our range contains both small collapsible poop scoops for walkies, as well as large poop scoops for home use. One hundred percent guaranteed to leave you with clean hands and a clean environment.

More care products for your dog?

In addition to good hygiene at home, caring for your dog is also important. Even if you keep your house as clean as possible at all times, once your four-legged friend enthusiastically jumps on the couch with dirty paws, you may as well start all over again. If you tackle this at the source, this will contribute to good hygiene. So, regular coat care such as brushing with a good dog brush, keeping the dog’s coat clean and fresh with a suitable dog shampoo, and paw care including trimming nails with handy dog scissors is essential. Visit our dog care category and find out more about what’s available to ensure optimal hygiene in and around the house.

In a nutshell

Welke hondenborstel geschikt is voor jouw hond, is afhankelijk van het vachttype. Langharige honden vragen een andere verzorging dan een hond met ruwe of korte vacht. Lees onze tips per vachttypeen ontdek welke vachtborstel geschikt is voor jouw viervoeter.
Nee, de zuurgraad van de hondenhuid is niet te vergelijken met die van ons mensen. Een normale shampoo tast de huid van jouw hond aan en kan hiernaast allergieën veroorzaken. Kies voor een goede hondenshampoo welke aansluit op het vacht en huidtype van jouw hond.
Het preventief behandelen tegen vlooien en teken is zeker aan te raden. Niet alleen voor jezelf maar vooral ook voor je hond. Deze beestjes kunnen namelijk voor veel ongemak zorgen. Genezen is beter dan voorkomen, ontdek alles voor preventieve bescherming.
Ook honden kunnen last krijgen van tandplak. Het gebit goed schoonhouden is dan ook belangrijk. Het poetsen van de tanden kan hier zeker bij helpen. Wil jij jouw hond helpen zijn stralende gebit te behouden? Meer tips voor een gezond gebit lees je hierboven.