On the road with your small animal? Safely transport your rabbit, hamster, chinchilla, guinea pig, ferret, mouse ... in one of our comfortable transport boxes.

A traveling basket for your rabbit, hamster, guinea pig or other small animal!

Transporting your rabbit or taking your hamster, guinea pig or small animal to the vet? Sooner or later you’ll have to transport your small friend. But how do you go about it? What possibilities are there and what is the best way to transport your rabbit or small animal? Read on and discover the different options at Flamingo Pet Products!

The different ways of transporting rabbits or small animals

Transporting your rabbit or small animal can be quite exciting. Many rabbits and small animals find it stressful to be on the road. Therefore it’s important that you do this in a well-considered way. Below you’ll find useful tips to make transport as comfortable as possible. Let's first take a look at the different transport options:
Transport box for small animals and rabbits. The transport box is the most common way of transporting pets. These plastic crates are practical to use and offer a safe way to transport your pet. There are a number of differences between the different kinds of transport boxes. You can choose between a transport box with a front door or a top-loading transport box with a lid that can be flipped open. This allows you to place your pet in the box from above, which can be useful if your pet finds it exciting to crawl into the box on its own.
Transport bag or carrying basket for small animals or rabbits. You can also transport your pet pal, using a transport bag or carrying basket. The transport bags or baskets are made of fabric and are therefore ideal to transport house pets. Choose a transport box for rabbits and rodents that has sufficient ventilation options so that enough fresh air gets into the basket.

How to decorate your transport box?

Choose a transport box or basket that offers enough space for your pets. Also choose a bigger transport box if you want to transport 2 rabbits or more at the same time. Let’s first have a look at how to decorate your transport box, because your little friend deserves all the comfort he needs. Put a soft blanket or some straw in the transport box to make it more comfortable. Is your pet not house-trained yet? Then it’s a good idea to line the bottom with a newspaper in case he has to ‘go’. Most small animals don’t eat or drink while on the road, because they find it all very exciting. However, it’s advisable to provide some hay and drinking water in the transport box when you’re out and about for a long time. If the journey is really long, you may want to stop along the way to give your pet a chance to stretch its legs, for example by using a small animal run.

How to transport a rabbit or small animal?

Once you’ve found the right means of transport for your pet, we’ll take a step-by-step look at how to transport your rabbit or small animal. The movement, sounds and smells in the car can be very exciting for your pet. This can make a car journey stressful for both you and your best friend. If you’re well prepared, you can minimise the stress and you can both go on the road without any worries. Below, we look at how you can best go about this.

Give your pet the time to get used to the transport box

It’s important that you get your rabbit, hamster, guinea pig or other small animal used to the transport box. It’s best to do this in a familiar environment. Place the transport box in the living room or your pet's run and let your fluffy friend get used to the transport box. Leave the door open and sprinkle some tasty small animal snacks into the box to arouse interest. This way, your rabbit or small animal will associate the transport box with positivity, which can make transporting them a lot easier.

Get your pet used to movement in the transport box

Once your rabbit or small animal is used to the basket or transport box, you can start carrying it around. The movement is exciting for many small animals, because they aren’t used to it. It’s best to start this outside the car, so you can see how your pet reacts to the movement. After that, you can put the box into the car and actually go for a ride together.

Make sure the transport box is properly secured in the car

Before you start driving, it’s important to secure the box in the car. In most cases, you can secure the carrier in the car with the car seat belt to prevent it from shifting during the journey. If this isn’t possible, it’s advisable to clamp the transport box or place it in the boot to prevent it from slipping.

Can you transport a small animal or rabbit in a cardboard box?

Rabbits and small animals are often transported in a cardboard box. We advise you not to do this. First of all, a cardboard box offers little safety. And in case of an accident, it isn’t a safe option at all. Secondly, a cardboard box gets wet when your rabbit or small animal isn’t housetrained. This makes the box even less stable. Last but not least, a cardboard box offers little ventilation during transport. So unfortunately, a cardboard box isn’t a good way to transport your small animals in a safe way.

More items for your rabbits and small animals?

In addition to transport boxes, carrying baskets and traveling baskets, you’ll find more for your beloved pet in our small animal shop. Flamingo offers a wide range of small animal cages, small animal food, toys for rabbits and small animals and the most tasty snacks for your small pet. Flamingo Pet Products is a wholesaler with a wide range of products for dogscatsrabbits, small animals, fishbirds and reptiles. Check out our complete range or visit one of our numerous specialist retailers!

De meest populaire manier is de kunststof transportbox. Handig, praktisch én makkelijk schoon te maken. Hiernaast zijn er natuurlijk ook andere mogelijkheden zoals draagtassen en reismanden.
De meeste knaagdieren en konijnen vinden het vervoeren in een auto erg spannend. Zet kleine stapjes en laat jouw kleine huisdieren rustig wennen aan het gebruik van een knaagdiermand voor transport.
Kies voor een comfortabel dekentje of bedek de bodem met stro. Is jouw knager niet zindelijk? Dan is het slim wat kranten in de draagmand voor transport te plaatsen om ongelukjes op te vangen.