Eat & drink

From slow feeders to drinking fountains and feeding and drinking bowls for travelling: enjoy our eat and drink essentials for your travelling companion.

Food bowls, drinking fountains and more for your four-legged friend.

Eat in style. Don’t we all want that? Our dogs deserve a nice place to eat and drink at home. After all, good food and drinking water is essential for your dog, so why not enjoy it in style? Especially for your four-legged friends, we have a wide range of the best food bowls, practical drinking bowls, handy slow feeders and even drinking fountains. Find out more about the perfect feeding and drinking options for your pets at Flamingo.

Food and drink bowls for dogs

Food and water bowls for dogs come in all shapes, sizes, materials and shapes. We make it easy to shop for a stainless steel food bowl, a heavy ceramic food bowl, or even a handy combined food and drink bowl. We also have dog bowls with a cooling function, anti-slip water bowls to prevent our four-legged friends making a mess, and wooden food bowls for a stylish look. In short, the range of food and drinking bowls at Flamingo is endless. We have recently supplemented the wide range with an attractive Green collection. These food and drink bowls are made from recycled material and, in addition to being attractive and practical, they are also excellent for the environment. 

How to use a slow-feeder for your dog

slow feeder, is ideal for fast eaters. Some dogs are champions at emptying their food bowls at lightning speed. And why shouldn’t they eat fast, especially if you feed them the most delicious meals. But gobbling food is not good for your dog. Gobbling affects the dog’s digestion and can cause obesity. In addition, eating too quickly increases the risk of gastric torsion. Gastric torsion or bloat is a dangerous and painful condition for your dog; if left untreated, it can even be fatal. By offering food to your dog in a slow-feeder, you can prevent gobbling and the subsequent consequences as much as possible. Your dog really has to do his/her best for the meal, and is therefore obliged to eat more calmly. Would you like some more tips for slow feeding? Keep reading.

Elevated eating and drinking

Are you looking for an elevated food and water bowl for a larger dog? Our category for stands contains the most handy and practical elevated food and drink bowls. These elevated feeding systems are often adjustable in height, making them easy to adapt to the size of your dog. This makes them suitable for large dogs and smaller dogs. In addition to the elevated dog food bowl, you can also find wall and bench holders for food and drink bowls here. Ideal for the puppy crate or in the car on the go.

Drink in style with a drinking fountain

Drink in style. You can of course opt for a drinking bowl for your dog, but how about a drinking fountain? A drinking fountain for your dog is not only practical to use, it can also have a positive influence on your dog’s drinking behaviour. Some dogs drink poorly, or don't drink enough when it’s important to do so. Using a drinking fountain encourages your dog to take a good drink. The water in a drinking fountain flows. This not only makes it more fun for the dog, but also ensures the water stays fresh. Most drinking fountains are equipped with a pump and filter that purifies the water. Ideal for encouraging bad drinkers to stay sufficiently hydrated. 

Food and drink on the go.

Taking food and water with you on a short daily walk is probably unnecessary. But it’s probably a good idea if you want to take your dog for a long car ride, extended walk or bike ride. For those times you are on the go, we have the handy dog drinking bottle, portable feeders and even collapsible drinking bowls. With these close by, you can set off together with the peace of mind that you are well prepared.

Cleaning food and water bowls

Your dog’s food and water bowls come into contact with many bacteria. This is made worse, for example, after a walk during which your four-legged friend has probably stuck his/her snout in everything he/she encounters. And at home, your dog then sticks the same snout directly into the food and water bowls. This is just not hygienic at all. Clean your dog’s food and water bowls daily. Choose a food or water bowl that is easy to clean, such as one made from plastic or metal. These food bowls are often dishwasher safe, which means you can be sure everything stays clean.

What is the best way to store dog food?

Storing dog food properly is important for maintaining quality. Use an airtight food container and keep it at a constant temperature. Avoid storing the food in a damp room and prevent it from getting warm. Our food containers are made from plastic to ensure the food retains its smell and taste. In addition, plastic food containers are easy to clean, which is also useful when it comes to food that requires good hygiene.

Tip: Let your dog play with his/her food.

I can almost hear you thinking; play with the food? Isn’t that something we try to avoid? True, but for dogs it’s different. Letting your dog “play” with the food is entertaining, a mental challenge and keeps him/her dog busy. How do you go about this, then? You probably serve food to your four-legged friend in a food bowl most of the time. But we can do it differently, by playfully offering the food to the dog. We have already talked about the slow-feeder bowl, but there are countless other ways to challenge your dog with food. For example, there is the sniffing mat where your dog needs to use its nose for finding dog chews, a food ball which mentally and physically challenges your dog, or a snack and thinking game that forces your dog to solve a puzzle for his/her food or treats. Find out more about this in our dog toys for reward and interaction category, and discover fun ways to mentally and physically challenge your dog with food.

Would you like to find what else is available for your four-legged friend?

Are you looking for more than a new food or water bowl for your beloved four-legged friend? Check out what’s available in our dog shop. Discover the most comfortable dog baskets, everything you need to enjoy walkies, the best dog toys, and the tastiest dog snacks. Everything you need for your dearest room-mate can be found at Flamingo, because every four-legged friend, large and small, deserves the very best.  

In a nutshell

Het kiezen van een goede voerbak doe je natuurlijk op basis van jullie wensen. Het is dan ook persoonlijk welke voerbak voor jouw hond het meest geschikt is. Maak gebruik van de handige filters hierboven om een selectie te krijgen van jouw perfecte voerbakken.
Een slowfeeder zorgt dat jouw hond zijn brokken niet kan opschrokken. Schrokken is namelijk niet goed voor het darmstelsel van je hond. Meer ideeën opdoen voor jouw snelle eter? Je leest onze tips voor spelenderwijs eten hierboven.
In veel gevallen werkt het gebruik van een drinkfontein positief op het drinkgedrag van jouw hond. Het stromende water is in veel gevallen toch net wat interessanter dan de stilstaande waterbak. 
Om de kwaliteit te behouden kun je hondenvoer het beste bewaren in een gesloten, luchtdichte voerton. Plaats de voerton niet in de zon en voorkom vocht. Snacks kun je het beste apart in een snack box of snackcontainer bewaren.