Resting places

Discover our sleeping places for your cat, from soft baskets to allround cat houses and cosy sleeping bags to hide in.

A cat basket, igloo or hammock? Comfort for your kitten or cat!

A nice warm, comfortable and quiet place to sleep. Isn't that what we all want? A cat basket is perfect to create a warm sleeping place in your home. Our cat shop is full of sleeping places for your feline friend. From a radiator hammock to a great cat igloo, check out the possibilities for hours of snoozing!

The benefits of a cat basket for your cat

Most cats love warmth. They’re therefore always on the search for the best sleeping place in your house. In the summer sun on the windowsill, on your favourite spot on the sofa or near the wood stove. In order to prevent your cat from falling asleep everywhere, it’s best to offer your cat its own cosy spot in the house. A nice cat basket or some cat furniture just for your cat. A soft cat basket gives a secure feeling and ensures optimal rest. And your new velvet armchair will remain free of cat hairs, also not entirely unimportant 😉.

Choose the perfect shape for your cat basket

The range of different cat baskets is huge, which doesn't always make the choice easier. Don't worry, we’re happy to help you with your choice. The first step is to determine the right shape of the cat basket. Do you want a round cat basket for your cat, an oval basket for your kitten or a large rectangular cat basket for your large cat? The shape of the basket is best determined on the basis of the sleeping behaviour of your cat. While one cat likes to sleep curled up, another prefers to lie stretched out in the basket. Adjust the shape of the cat basket to your cat's favourite sleeping position for optimal sleeping comfort and sweet dreams.

Cat basket colours and materials

Which colour suits your interior best: blackbeigegrey or pink? In our cat shop, you can use the practical filters when searching for the ideal cat basket. In addition to the colours, there’s also a large selection of materials. Each material has its own advantages and gives the cat basket a certain look. Do you prefer the robust look of a wooden or wicker cat basket, the warm and soft look of a plush cat basket, or do you go for a plastic cat basket for practical reasons?

Cat baskets with useful features

In addition to the shape and the material, our cat baskets also have different features that offer advantages when using the cat baskets and cat furniture. You can easily select these features in the filters on the website, but below you can already find a few practical assets:

  • Cat basket with zip
  • Cat basket with removable cover
  • Cat furniture with anti-slip
  • Foldable cat tent
  • Cat basket with modern design

Cat furniture and cat beds

Is your cat a real diva or your tomcat a king in his kingdom? Then be sure to check out our cat furniture and cat beds. These luxurious cat baskets are perfect for luxury cats and stately tomcats. Cat furniture on legs, a luxurious cat bed made out of wood or a cat stool with sisal for your curious kitten. Besides the luxurious cat furniture you’ll also find a First Class Selection in our range. This collection consists of a range of cat furniture for kittens and cats that are particularly positively rated and appreciated by cat lovers!

Cat hammocks for radiators or windows

Another great way to provide a warm place for your cat is the cat hammock. A cat hammock isn’t only comfortable for your cat, but also adds a playful touch to your interior. In our cat shop you’ll find different types of cat hammocks. The most famous is without a doubt the radiator hammock. This hammock can be easily attached to the radiator in your home. The heating hammock for cats not only provides warmth, but also offers a good overview of the living room. Something that most cats and kittens appreciate during a nap.

Cat house, cat igloo or tent?

In addition to a range of cat baskets and furniture, you’ll also find cat houses in our cat shop. The advantage of cat houses is that they’re mostly closed. And in most cases they have only one entrance. For some cats, this provides a safe and secure feeling while they take a nap. Cat houses come in all sorts of varieties: a cat igloo, a cat house, a cat tent or an enclosed cat basket.

Cat sleeping bags and blankets

Especially kittens love to snuggle up warm and cosy when they take a nap. The warmth and safety gives them a reassuring feeling. Young kittens are often still looking for the familiar and safe feeling of the nest and their littermates. Our cat sleeping bags and kitten baskets are perfect for your kitten or small cat. Go for a sleeping bag made from crinkling materials or a cat sleeping bag with fleece for extra warmth during naps.

Combine cat sleeping area and play area

Would you like to combine your cat's sleeping area and play area? Or is there not much room in the house? Then a cat tree with a hammock or a cat house is a very good choice. In our category 'Scratching trees' you’ll find different scratching trees with hiding places, tents, hammocks and other sleeping areas. This way, your cat can take a nice nap on its scratching tree after playing.

More fun items for your cat or kitten?

In addition to a nice place for your cat to sleep, you’ll find more items for your cat at Flamingo! From challenging scratching trees to tasty cat snacks and from cat toys to cat litter. At Flamingo you’ll find everything for your cat under one roof! Would you like to read more about cats? Then be sure to check out our blog page where you can read great articles about cats such as: ‘Kitten on the way? This is what you need’ Let us inform and inspire you!

In a nutshell

A cat basket offers warmth, security and a private place for your cat in the house. Ideal to prevent cat hairs from falling onto your couch or rug.
The range of cat baskets is huge; from beautiful plush cat baskets to playful cat houses and cat play bags. Discover the possibilities in our cat shop for your kitten or cat!
Choose a cat basket that meets the needs of your pet. A nice and warm plush kitten basket or a modern plastic cat basket. Scroll through our cat shop and get inspired.