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Cat accessories

Here you’ll find everything you need to look after your feline friend, from a stately scratching post to sharpen the claws, to the essential cat litter box and everything for your cat’s well-being. Or maybe your cat wants a taste of our snack range?

Everything your kitten or cat needs!

In the Flamingo cat shop you’ll find the most beautiful products for your kitten or cat. A large scratching tree for your Maine coon, a cat drinking fountain for your British Shorthair or a cat brush for grooming your Ragdoll. The range of items for house cats is huge! Are you about to welcome a new kitten and are you looking for the right kitten stuff? With this checklist for cats you’ll find everything you need!

Scratching tree, cat furniture and soft cat baskets

A solid scratching tree is essential in every cat household. Your cat needs scratching furniture on the one hand for sharpening the claws and on the other hand as a fun toy. Under the category 'housing' you’ll find a large selection of scratching treesscratching barrels and scratching boards. Cats love it comfortable and cosy. Therefore, a soft cat basket is also a must-have.

Litter trays, cat litter and more for good hygiene

Even though cats themselves are already very conscious of their hygiene, a little helping hand is always welcome. A good litter tray or several litter trays in the house are therefore of great importance. Take a look at our high-quality cat litter with baby powder. This litter prevents unpleasant odours in the house and keeps the litter tray nice and fresh.

Drinking fountain, feeding bowls and extremely tasty cat snacks

Offer your cat the most delicious meals in a feeding bowl or automatic feeder. Encourage your velvet paw's drinking behaviour with a practical cat drinking fountain or spoil your kitty with a tasty cat snack from time to time. In our cat shop you’ll find everything you need in terms of food accessories for your cat!

Cat toys

Fun cat toys are essential to each cat household. In our cat shop you’ll find animating cat toys with catnip and challenging snack toys. But also cat danglerscat tunnels and play balls for cats of all ages are part of our range. At Flamingo we offer a cat toy for each house tiger!

On the road with your cat

Safety for cats and kittens comes first. Use a comfortable transport box or a portable cat basket for when you’re out and about. Ideal for visits to the vet or hairdresser! Does your cat like to travel alone? In our cat shop you’ll find a range of products for adventurous four-legged friends. A practical cat leash, a kitten harness and of course everything else for a safe trip with your cat.