About Flamingo Pet Products

For nearly 50 years now, we bring pets and pet parents closer together with our 8500 accessories and snacks.

We care about pets!

Accessories and snacks that make pets and pet parents happy

The relationship that pet parents have with their beloved animals is unique. Maybe your pet is a valued family member, your best friend or even an expression of who you are. At Flamingo we want to highlight that unique bond between each pet and pet parent. That is why, as a wholesale pet product supplier, we offer everything you and your pet need for the ultimate bonding experience and a happy life together. Read more about how we do this below.
We care about pets!

Your pet deserves the best

We all want to give our pets the happiest life we possibly can. When our loyal friend is happy, then so are we pet parents. To ensure your pet’s needs are met, our range of 8,500 products offers everything your loyal friend has ever wanted. We’re also very committed to shipping our orders to our dealers as fast as possible, making sure your pet can always count on his favourite Flamingo-product and can be spoiled continuously.
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Children playing in the grass with rabbits - Flamingo Pet Products

Unique products for a unique bond

For nearly 50 years now, we’ve been around during many special moments between pet parents and their loving companions: when playing together, snuggling up together in front of the fireplace or when offering a treat to say you love each other. Thanks to our extensive product range, you will always find accessories and snacks that appeal to your needs and your pet’s. And because we’re aware of the ever changing bond between you, your pet and the world around us, we treat you to new products every month..

For each pet and each pet parent

Thanks to our extensive range of 8,500 accessories and snacks, we’ve got plenty of choice to bring pets and pet parents closer together. In addition to our products for dogs and cats, we also offer a variety of items for birdschickenssmall animalsfish and reptiles. But we certainly didn’t forget you either, because at Flamingo we believe that everybody deserves the love of a pet. Therefore we offer products in every price range, suiting your needs and budget.
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Want to become a dealer?

Do you own a pet shop, wholesale business, garden centre, DIY shop, supermarket, grooming salon or do you breed animals and would like to sell our products? We’ve got everything you need for your pet shop or department.

Our strengths

  • Extensive range of 8,500 products for dog, cat, small animal, chicken, fish, bird and reptile.
  • Variety of new products every month for an up-to-date range.
  • Everybody, all over the world, can become a Flamingo-dealer. We’re currently active in 60 countries.
  • We’re ready to ship within 24 hours to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Germany and Italy.
  • We always aim for a service level of at least 95%.
  • Our Flamingo-products are carefully selected from manufacturers in Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia and North-America.
  • Feedback or questions? Our >200 staff members are at your servicer