Why buy eco-friendly pet products? 3 reasons

07/07/2021 Products & assortment Dog Cat

Why buy eco-friendly pet products? 3 reasons

At Flamingo pet products, we always put our best paw forward when it comes to a greener planet for both us and our loyal pets. Do you have a green heart for the environment and your pet pal? Then this blog is perfect for you. Here you can read all about our eco-friendly pet products: Flamingo Green. And we also give you plenty of reasons to go green with your pet.

What is a ‘green’ product? 

Eco-friendly products have the smallest possible ecological footprint and a minimal negative impact on the environment. Today, most pet products are made of plastic, which is easy to clean and therefore very convenient. However, plastic has a much greater impact on the environment than natural materials.

Sustainable products have usually two main goals:
  • Waste reduction
  • The efficient use of natural resources

The products are manufactured using natural, recycled and recyclable materials and environmentally-friendly procedures.
Nestor the cat showing off his new toys from Flamingo Green

Why eco-friendly products?

  1. The first reason is quite obvious: it’s simply much better for the environment. Caring for the environment is also caring for ourselves and our dearest pets.
  2. In addition, our green products are made from sustainable materials. This not only means that the products are better for the environment, they usually also last much longer. Endless enjoyment, and you don’t have to buy the same product again and again. Another positive contribution to a green environment!
  3. And last but not least, it is a very easy way to contribute to a green environment. Much easier than e.g. buying an electric car or stop eating food wrapped in plastic. Buy a green product once in a while and the environment and your pet will thank you. Easy-peasy, isn’t it!?

dog playing with ecofriendly dog toy - hond speelt met milieuvriendelijk speeltje - flamingo pet products

Flamingo Green: kind to both your pet and the environment

Interested in doing your bit for the planet? Then Flamingo Green, our eco-friendly product range, is everything you need to warm your green heart.

Flamingo Green is an eco-friendly range launched by Flamingo. Both the products themselves and the packaging are kind to the environment. Yes, down to the smallest detail, even the attachment cords are environmentally-conscious. Perfect when taking care of your loyal companion in an environmentally-friendly way is important to you.

Today the Flamingo Green range consists mainly of eco-friendly toys for your loyal pooch and feline. But we are working hard to continually expand our range. You will regularly see new green products popping up among our new products of the month.

Colour label: natural, recycled or recyclable

Each Flamingo Green packaging has a colour label that tells you more about the materials used:

Natural products
These products are made of natural materials.

Recyclable products
These are made of materials that can be reused.

Recycled products
Products that are made of recycled materials.

flamingo green infographic

GOTS textiles and green materials

Are you wondering which materials are green? These are some of the materials we currently use for our Flamingo Green range:
  1. GOTS textiles
    Textiles with the GOTS label are used for Flamingo Green. To obtain the GOTS label, a product must meet a number of conditions:
    - Canvas – Contains a minimum of 95% organic fibres
    - May not be treated with bleaches
    - Coloured with non-toxic dyes (or not coloured)
    - Produced in a mill that enforces strict social and environmental standards
  2. Natural rubber from the rubber tree
  3. Matatabi wood, natural wood with a calming effect

Our packaging is made of recycled cardboard and natural attachment cords instead of plastic straps to attach the products to the packaging.

In a nutshell

A product that is designed to minimise its environmental impacts. It’s usually identified by having two basic goals: reducing waste and maximising resource efficiency.
Besides being good for the environment, eco-friendly products last longer and are better for your health and your pet’s. It’s also a very easy way to contribute to the environment.
Flamingo Green is the environmentally-friendly range of pet supplies launched by Flamingo. The products are made from natural, recycled and/or recyclable materials. In addition, the packaging is also made from recycled cardboard.
GOTS is a label for textiles, that guarantees that a product meets a number of strict conditions. The canvas e.g. must consist of 95% organic fibres, it may not have been treated with bleach and it may only be coloured with non-toxic dyes.