Discover our products to safely and comfortably transport your cat. From a sturdy transport box to a flexible carrying bag.

A cat transport box or cat basket, transport your cat in a safe way!

Going on holiday with your cat, taking her to the vet, tag her along on a family visit or getting away together for the weekend. Sooner or later, every cat parent needs a transport box. The excitement of the unknown can make it quite an event for your cat. It’s therefore important that the transport of your cat or kitten is made as comfortable, safe and pleasant as possible. But how do you go about it? Read on and discover the possibilities and tips for safely transporting your pet!

Different ways to transport your cat

You can transport your cat or kitten in different ways. When wearing a cat harness, in a cat bicycle basket on your bike or in the car. If you want to transport your cat in the car you can use a transport box or transport bag. In our cat shop you’ll find different kinds of transport boxes for cats:
Open top transport box. A transport box that opens from the top is very practical to use. Your cat doesn’t have to walk in the basket, you can put her in the box yourself by opening the lid. Very practical when your kitten or cat is stressed or scared.
Transport box with fastening system. These boxes are suitable for use in the car. They’re equipped with clips that allow you to safely secure the transport box in the car, using the car seatbelt.
Transport box with a locking system. These transport boxes are equipped with a practical lock, which makes it possible to open and close the transport box with one hand. Ideal when you want to get on the road quickly!
IATA-approved transport box. Our range also includes airline-approved transport boxes. Our IATA transport boxes are suitable and approved for transporting your feline by plane. Of course, it’s necessary that you follow the airline company’s guidelines.
Flexible transport bags for cats. You can also choose to transport your cat in a transport bag. A transport bag is great for transport and is also easy to carry. In our cat shop you‘ll find a nice assortment of cat bags for large and small cats.

Decorating your cat transport box
To make the use of the transport cage as comfortable as possible for your cat or kitten, you can dress it up. For example, with a nice soft cat blanket or cat cushion to lie on. This of course contributes to the comfort but it also gives your cat a safer feeling. Are you taking your cat out for a longer period of time, for example for a move or on holiday? Then we recommend that you also put a drinking bowl in the transport box. Some of the transport boxes in our range are already equipped with a drinking bowl, but these are also available separately.

How to transport your cat in the car?
A car is very suitable for transporting your cat. However, this doesn’t mean that transporting a cat in the car doesn’t require preparation. A car journey is quite exciting for many cats. It’s therefore advisable to get them used to the transport box step by step. In this way, you teach your cat that it doesn’t have to be afraid and that it can be transported safely in the car. In the following, we give you tips on how to proceed step by step:
1. Whether you use a transport box, a carrying bag or a travelling basket, getting your cat used to the carrier is essential. Place the box in the middle of the room and let your cat explore and sniff around with the door open. Scatter some tasty cat treats around and in the carrier to give your feline a positive experience. Feel free to leave your cat alone for a while so that she can fully get used to the carrier. In many cases, your cat won't be able to contain her curiosity for long, so take advantage of this.
2. As soon as your cat becomes more familiar with the transport box, it’ll walk into the box. Or even lie down in it for a while. At this point, you can close the door very briefly so that your cat gets used to the idea of being in a closed box. From the moment your cat feels completely at ease in the transport box, you can close the door for a longer period of time.
3. With the door closed you can now lift the box. This way the cat gets used to movement in the transport cage. Feel free to walk around the living room to see how your cat reacts to the movement. We recommend that you only attach the transport box to the car when your cat is sitting or lying quietly in the box. Strap the box tightly. Most transport boxes are equipped with belt slots to help you do this.
4. And last but not least: take your time! Transporting cats can be very stressful, especially when they’re not used to it. Take your time and get your cat used to both the transport box and transport in the car. This way you can travel together safely, comfortably and without worries!

More for your cat or kitten?
In addition to a range of cat transport boxes, Flamingo offers even more for your cat or kitten! From the most beautiful scratching furniture to practical cat toilets and from our popular baby powder cat litter to challenging cat toys with catnip. Check out the entire range in our cat shop and visit one of our dealers to find the perfect items for your cat or kitten!

In a nutshell 

You can transport your cat by car, by bike or of course on a leash. Be prepared and read our tips for safe car and bike rides with your cat.
A transport box for cats is available in different styles and sizes. Boxes that open from the top are ideal for transporting your kitten or cat. Find out why above!
Stay calm, it’s often very exciting for cats to be transported in a transport box. Read above step by step how to start a safe journey with your cat.