Eat & drink

A feeding bowl, hay rack & drinking bottle should definitely be part of your small animal's basic equipment. Discover our wide range of food and drink products.

A hay rack, drinking bottle or feeding bowl? Everything your small animal needs to eat and drink!

Are you looking for a hay rack for your rabbits, a drinking bottle for your hamster or a vegetable ball for your guinea pigs? At Flamingo, wholesaler of pet supplies, you’ll discover everything you need to create the perfect eating and drinking place in your rabbit or small animal hutch!

Everything to do with feeding bowls, hay racks and feeding trays!

What do you need to feed your small animal properly? A feeding bowl is most commonly used, but there are more options available! Discover them below:
Hay rack for rabbits and small animals. Providing fresh hay is very important for herbivorous small animals. Hay ensures a good bowel movement and is necessary to keep your small animal’s teeth short. Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, but also many hamsters, rats and mice love to have fresh herbal hay in their small animal cage. Use a wooden or metal hay rack to keep the hay fresh and to provide your small animal with a healthy meal.
Small animal and rabbit feeding bowls. A feeding bowl is perfect to offer your rabbit or small animal food. In our small animal shop you’ll find a wide range of ceramic and stainless steel bowls, but also practical, dishwasher-safe bowls made of plastic. Does your small animal regularly knock over its feeding bowl? Then choose a feeding bowl with hooks that can be attached to the cage bars.
Vegetable racks for your fruit and vegetable lover! As already mentioned above, many small animals love fruit and vegetables. A vegetable rack is perfect for offering fruit and vegetables to your guinea pig, rabbit, hamster or chinchilla. In our small animal shop, you’ll also find special carrot holders that are guaranteed to please your small animals!
Food ball for your rabbit or small animal. In nature, rabbits and small animals don’t get their meal served in a feeding bowl, but they have to forage for food themselves. Our pets don't have to do this, but you can stimulate this natural behaviour. For example, with a food ball that you can fill with dry food and that forces your little friend to look for its own dry food. Or a small animal puzzle that you can fill with snacks and treats, which is ideal to fight boredom, provide healthy exercise and keep your small friend busy.

A drinking bottle, water bottle or water bowl for your beloved pet?

In addition to food, there should always be water available in your small animal cage. There are two ways to offer your rabbit or small animal drinking water: a water bottle or drinking bowl. Both are fine, but most small animals do have a preference. Below, we take a look at the different possibilities:
Plastic drinking bottle - The classic drinking bottle is widely used. These bottles are practical, cheap and suitable for rabbits and almost all small animals. Our range includes a large selection of plastic drinking bottles in all sizes. Suitable for hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and other small animals.
Glass drinking bottle – The glass drinking bottle is easy to clean and practical to use. Because a glass bottle insulates better, the water stays fresher for longer and doesn’t freeze as quickly when used outside in winter. In addition, it’s of course better for our planet when you choose a durable glass water bottle.
Drinking bowl or water tray - You can of course also let your rabbits or small animals drink from a drinking bowl. Many rabbits and small animals prefer to drink from a drinking bowl as this is similar to natural behaviour. Go for a bowl that is heavy enough so that your gerbil cannot knock it over, or a bowl with hooks that can be attached to the cage bars.

your small animal’s feeding or drinking bowl?

Last but not least, where to put your small animal's feeding or drinking bowl? Make sure that hay, food and drinking water are always within reach in the cage or hutch. Don’t hang drinking bottles in direct sunlight, otherwise the water will heat up too quickly. And choose a sheltered spot where no rainwater or dirt can get into the feeding or drinking bowl. Tip: Do you want your rabbit or small animal to be house-trained in the cage? Always hang the hay rack directly above the small animal toilet. It might sound strange, but it will definitely help you!