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Flamingo Pet Products: your international pet product supplier

As a Belgian wholesale pet product supplier, at Flamingo we’ve been focusing on improving the bond between pets and pet parents for 50 years now.

Together we make pets and pet parents happy!

Flamingo Pet Products showroom dog beds
Our wide range of 8,500 accessories and snacks offers something for each pet and each pet parent. From dog to hamster, suiting everyone’s needs and budget. And you, as a dealer, will definitely find everything you need for your (online) pet shop or department at Flamingo as well. Our large stock and fast deliveries ensure your shop will never run out of pet's and pet parents' favourite Flamingo products.

By the way, did you know that we launch new products every month? This way, we make sure you can regularly fill your shelves with new Flamingo products and respond to the needs of the market at any time.

Join us Let's make pets and pet parents happy together

Our strengths

8,500 accessories and snacks for each pet and each pet parent

Thanks to our range of 8,500 products we’ve got more than enough for each pet and each pet parent. In addition to our products for dogs and cats, we also offer a variety of items for birdschickenssmall animalsfish and reptiles. This way you have plenty of choice for your pet shop or department. 

More than 1,200 new products every year

Because the relationship between pets and their pet parents is constantly changing, our range is updated monthly. This is how we want to keep our (and your) range always up-to-date and relevant. It also allows you to regularly add new products to your assortment.

Carefully selected by our staff

Our staff only selects the best products from manufacturers in Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia and North-America. During our selection process we give priority to price value and functionality. If necessary, we ask for improvements to be made to the product, which is why our Flamingo products are often unique. In addition to our own brand, Flamingo, we also offer products from other top brands such as Kong and Flexi

From Belgium to Japan, from wholesaler to grooming salon

Flamingo is located in Geel, but actually we are everywhere. We offer everything a wholesale business, pet shop, garden centre, DIY shop, supermarket or grooming shop owner needs for his shop or pet department. No matter where in the world you are. We are currently active in 60 countries.

Fast shipment

We insist on delivering our products quickly and correctly. Thanks to our large stock in our 25,000 m2 warehouse, we make sure your order gets to you as quickly as possible and without mistakes. We do everything we can to prepare your order for shipment within 24 hours to any location in the Benelux, France and Germany. For other countries, we usually work with Ex Works.

A service level of > 95%

Our large warehouse and well-organised logistics processes enable us to maintain an exceptionally high service level. We always aim for a service level of at least 95%. This way, you can rest assured that your order will always arrive on time and without mistakes.

Feedback? We are at your service

Our >200 staff members are ready to think along and listen to your feedback. This will help us to continue to improve our services. Do you have any questions or tips for us? Be sure to let us know through your contact person or contact us.

Want to become a dealer?

Do you own a pet shop, wholesale business, garden centre, DIY shop, supermarket, grooming salon or do you breed animals and would like to sell our products? We’ve got everything you need for your (online) pet shop or department.