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A harness for your rabbit, guinea pig or ferret! Everything you need for a fun trip!

Going for a walk with your rabbit, guinea pig or ferret? It’s possible. Few people know that you can take a rabbit or small animal for a walk. Getting a breath of fresh air, discovering new places and having fun makes it the perfect activity for many small animals. However, it’s important to do this safely and to prepare yourself well. Would you like to know how to take your pet for a walk safely? Read on and discover the different options for your fluffy friend at Flamingo: rabbit harnesses, ferret harnesses and sets consisting of a harness and leash.

What you need to know before taking your small animal for a walk 

Walking your small animal or rabbit is great fun if you’re well prepared. It’s important to know that small animals and rabbits are prey animals. It’s in the nature of these animals to flee when they’re in danger. And this is exactly what you should keep in mind when you want to take your pet for a walk. You don't want accidents to happen. So be well prepared. But how do you go about this? We’ll go through this with you step by step.

Step 1: Choose a well-fitting harness for your little gnawer!

First of all, it’s important to make sure that your pet has a well-fitting and secure harness. Go for a harness that fits the body well, but is certainly not too tight. So it’s important, to choose a harness that suits your pet’s needs. A harness that’s too small will be highly uncomfortable, but make sure the harness isn’t too big either, so that your small pet can’t slip out of it. Once you’ve found a good nylon harness, it’s important to adjust it to your pet’s size. Preferably choose a small animal harness with adjustable straps.

Step 2: Allow your rabbit to get used to the harness

For safe walks with your rabbit, guinea pig, ferret or other small animal, it’s important that you gradually get your pet used to wearing the harness. It’s not natural for these small animals to wear a harness, so they have to become fully familiar with it first. You can only attach the leash once your small animal has completely accepted its harness. It’s important to do this in a familiar environment, for example in your own home. This way you prevent your small animal from panicking and it gets enough time to get used to the situation in a positive way. 

Step 3: Carefully take a few steps outside

Most small animals and rabbit experts know that these animals can react in a totally different way in a different environment. So don’t take your small animal for a walk just like that, but take small steps towards a walk outside your door. Is your small animal fully accustomed and comfortable in the harness and on the leash? Then go for a walk through the backyard together, or in a quiet spot in the park, so that you can see how your animal reacts in a different setting.

Step 4: Don’t go outside until you’re absolutely sure your small animal is ready for it!

Only when you’re sure that your rabbit, guinea pig, ferret or other small animal is fully ready, you can take it outside for a walk. Always pay attention to your pet's behaviour and the environment. For example, places frequented by dogs or cats can be very exciting for your pet. It’s also important to be aware of any "danger" along the way. Are you unsure about a situation? Pick up your small animal to protect it and give it a sense of security.

When you take your small animal for a walk, you should consider the following

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s important that you realise that small animals are true prey animals. This means, they’ll always choose to flee when they’re in danger. Therefore it’s good to know to what extent your rabbit shows this behaviour. If your rabbit is restless, your guinea pig isn’t used to being outside its hutch, or your hamster is anxious, then taking a walk with your fluffy friend may not be a good idea. If something unexpected happens on the way, your pet might try to run away, which isn’t possible when wearing a harness. This can cause your pet to panic, which is something you want to avoid at all costs. It’s therefore important to determine whether or not your little friend is suitable for walking on a leash.

Other possibilities for your rabbit or small animal

Do you find walking your pet a little too exciting? Or is your rabbit or small animal not enthusiastic at all? Then there are other ways to get some fresh air! A small animal or rabbit run offers your pet freedom and security in your garden, park or on your balcony. Take a look at the range in our small animal shop and get inspired!