Stimulate your small animal with a snack ball, running wheel, tunnel, swing or other fun toy. Take some time to browse through our small animal range now.

Rabbit toys, hamster houses and guinea pig toys! Guaranteed fun for your fluffy friend!

Rabbits and small animals are energetic, active and curious pets. Nevertheless, they generally spend a lot of time in their rabbit hutch or small animal cage. Unfortunately, it’s simply not possible for us humans to entertain our small animals all the time. We have to go to school, we have to work during the day or we’re away for a birthday or visit. It’s therefore very important that you provide your pet with enough challenges. Boredom is one of the most common causes of undesirable behaviour in rabbits and small animals. To prevent this, toys are an absolute must-have. No matter how big, small, long-haired or bald they are: they all like to play!

The benefits of fun toys in your small animal house!

We’ve already mentioned it above: boredom can cause undesired behaviour in small animals and rabbits. Think, for example, about gnawing at the cage bars, but even aggressive behaviour is a common consequence of boredom. Enough activity, challenge and variety in everyday life are very important for the well-being of your small animal. This is one of the main reasons why toys are so important for our small pets. In addition, toys offer even more advantages:

  • Toys prevent boredom in your fluffy friend’s cage, even in your absence
  • Toys keep your small animal busy and prevent unwanted behaviour like gnawing at the cage bars
  • Toys provide the necessary healthy exercise for your energetic gnawer 
  • Toys can contribute to good dental care
  • Toys stimulate the active character of your rabbit or small animal
  • Toys prevent your pets from getting frustrated

Which material to choose when buying small animal toys

Did you know that the incisors of small animals and rabbits grow continually throughout their lifetimes? Also the molars of rabbits and guinea pigs continue to grow, even up to 6 millimetres per month! This explains why rabbits and small animals are known to gnaw a lot. They have to gnaw to keep their teeth healthy and in check. So always go for safe small animal toys that can’t be broken. Or choose toys that are suitable for gnawing, such as toys made of wood, hay or seaweed.

The right size small animal toy for your pet.

It’s very important to always take the size of your small animal into account. This is particularly important when you’re looking for a small animal house. A giant rabbit, for example, needs a different home than a small dwarf hamster. Do you need ideas for entertaining your rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, chinchilla or gerbil? Then read on!

Tunnels, houses and nibbling toys. The most fun rabbit toys!

Rabbits are very energetic and active creatures. Jumping, running, digging and playing: they love to be busy! Rabbit toys keep your bunny active. A rabbit tunnel to race through, a rabbit house to play in or a rabbit snack ball to search for tasty rabbit treats. Brain games are also great fun, mental challenge is good for your hopping friend and rabbits are often amazingly good at it! Discover the most challenging, fun and entertaining rabbit toys in our small animal shop.

A hamster house or a running wheel? Everything your hamster need!

A hamster cage isn’t complete without hamster toys. Did you know that hamsters in the wild can run distances of ten kilometres or more every night? So it’s very important that our hamsters get enough exercise, that’s why a hamster wheel is an essential part of the hamster cage. You can also make your hamster happy by giving it a fun hamster toy such as a wooden, ceramic or plastic hamster house, a hamster gnawing toy or a coconut house with a bridge. When buying hamster toys, make sure you consider the type of hamster you have. There are special dwarf hamster toys for your dwarf hamster but also fun toys for your larger golden hamster.

Challenging guinea pig toys for your beloved guinea pig!

Guinea pigs also like to have fun in their own cage or hutch. Guinea pigs are real foodies, they really love to eat. Edible guinea pig toys are always a hit. Think of a willow ball or a wooden guinea pig house that you can fill with herbal hay or vegetables and other treats. Nibbling wood is also great for keeping your guinea pigs entertained, as well as providing good dental care. It’s just perfect!

Small animal toys for all nibbling pets!

In addition to challenging rabbit toys, the best hamster toys and tasty guinea pig toys, our range has even more to offer. We have a wide range of toys for your gerbil, ferret or mouse. How about a hammock for your rat or a playground for your mouse, a bridge for your chinchilla or a running wheel for your white-bellied hedgehog? Within the small animal range of Flamingo, you’ll find something for each small animal! Discover the products and get inspired in our small animal shop.

More for your gnawing friends!

Are you about to welcome a small animal into your house? A dwarf hamster, a pair of chinchillas, a tame rat, a pair of rabbits, a mouse or other small animal? Then take a look at our other categories for rabbits and small animals. Discover everything you need for the perfect housing, but also everything you need in terms of foodtransporthygiene and care

In a nutshell

In addition to good housing and the right food, small animals also need to be challenged. Too little challenge can lead to undesirable behaviour, purely because your small animal is bored. Want to know how you can prevent this? Read our tips on rabbit and small animal toys!
Go for safe materials. Toys made from wood or natural materials are often a good choice. The Flamingo range also includes a large selection of toys made from safe gnawing materials.
Rabbits are very energetic animals. Games which allow your rabbit to expend its energy, such as rabbit tunnels and bridges, are therefore a good choice. Looking for more challenges for your rabbits? You’ll find it in our small animal shop.
Hamsters love to run and sprint. A running wheel or hamster ball can be used to give your hamster the opportunity to do this either inside or outside its cage. Hamster houses are also a favourite, as they allow your hamster to take a peaceful nap after playtime.