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Everything to provide housing to your four-legged friend.

As far as good housing is concerned for your dog, he/she needs comfort, safety, security and unconditional love. Of course, you want your dog to feel completely at ease in his/her environment. As the owner, you can of course take care of the unconditional love yourself, and you can contact us for the rest. Our dog housing category contains everything you need for housing your four-legged friend. From handy dog fences to luxury dog kennels, and from basic dog kennels to practical tie-out cables and warning signs. Find out more in our dog shop, and discover your ideal items at Flamingo.

What do you need to house your dog?

Do you want to offer your dog a nice dog kennel in the garden? Or are you looking for dog stairs or a dog fence for your puppy? Our dog shop is packed with comfortable items for your four-legged friend. This of course starts with a nice place to sleep, challenging dog toys, and a tasty dog snack every now and then. But housing your dog goes further than that. This page contains all the items you need to help make it as nice and pleasant for your friend as possible. View the options for housing your dog below at Flamingo. After all, we all want the best for our four-legged friends, because if anyone deserves it, it’s them.

Dog kennels

Do you have a dog that lives outdoors, or an indoor dog that enjoys spending time outdoors? Our housing category contains attractive dog kennels for outside. These kennels are perfect for providing shelter for your dog, or as a wonderful place to rest in the open air. In addition to wooden dog kennels for outside, you will also find attractive plastic dog kennels. A great place that protects and offers comfort for your four-legged friend.

Dog fence

Does your four-legged friend like to follow you around the house? Many dogs, especially puppies, need to be in the presence of their owner. And so they follow you everywhere around the house; to the bathroom, toilet and maybe even to the bedroom. It’s quite cute, but can also cause dangerous or unpleasant situations. For example, what would happen if your young puppy started running up the stairs with all the consequences that entails. Putting up a dog fence can help with this and ensure your four-legged friend cannot find him/herself in unsafe or unwanted places. For example, you can use a dog stair gate to prevent them playing on the stairs, or put a dog gate inside a door frame, for example.

Dog stairs

Some dogs can easily reach heights; however, this is not always possible for our smaller friends. Small dogs, older dogs and especially puppies can have trouble jumping. In fact; it’s not even advisable for puppies to jump a lot. A puppy’s small body is unable to withstand the strain placed on the muscles and joints when jumping. For these dogs, the use of dog stairs is a real help. Place a set of dog stairs near the couch, your bed, or any other place in the house your dog cannot reach by itself. It prevents unnecessary strain being placed on the body, and ensures that even older dogs can enjoy their familiar place on the couch. 

Dog door

Do you have an adventurous dog who enjoys a treasure hunt in the garden or your courtyard? And is he/she regularly scratching at the door wanting to come back in? A dog door can help with this. No more interruptions during a video call or visits from family. Your four-legged friend can come and go as he/she pleases and decide when it’s time for a breath of fresh air. It is even possible to choose a dog door with chip. These doors only allow access with a chip hanging on your dog’s collar. This prevents unwanted visitors coming in through your new dog door; which is handy, right?

Dog kennel

Good housing is important for the well-being of your dog. But it can also help you enormously with training your dog. A dog kennel is a perfect example of this. Dog kennels can support the training of a puppy or young dog. Done correctly, the dog kennel becomes a private and familiar place in which your four-legged friend enjoys spending time. This is great if you want to teach your puppy to be alone, or if you want to prevent your adolescent dog sinking its teeth into your new sofa when you’re not around. Our range contains a dog kennel for every dog, small and large. In addition, it’s also possible to expand your dog’s own place by adding a dog run. 

Tie-out cables and ground spikes

Dog tie-out cables and ground spikes are mainly used for safety and freedom. Tie-out cables offer your four-legged friend a safe form of freedom. This is ideal when you want to let your puppy explore a new environment. But also extremely suitable for use in a park or at home in the backyard. The tie-out cable is secured in the ground using a strong ground pin, which then means you can allow your dog to discover the environment while you enjoy peace of mind that nothing untoward will happen. Our range contains tie-out cables of different lengths, which can be adjusted to your wishes and those of your dog.

More for your dog?

In addition to dog gates, kennels, gates and stairs, you can of course shop for a lot more for your dog’s accommodation here. Wonderfully soft dog baskets, warm dog blankets, comfortable dog cushions and the most attractive dog furniture. Take a quick look at our range of great sleeping places for dogs and discover what’s possible for your favourite tail wagger.

In a nutshell

Een kennel voor honden is een thuishaven in of rondom huis voor jouw hond. Dit kan een hondenbench voor binnen betekenen maar ook een hondenren of hondenhok voor buiten. 
Het gebruik van een hondenbench kan je enorm helpen bij de opvoeding van een puppy of hond. Een hondenbench geeft jouw pup een eigen plek in huis maar biedt hiernaast nog veel meer voordelen.
Een hondentrap kan jouw viervoeter op plaatsen brengen waar zijn pootjes normaal niet komen. Denk hierbij aan de bank of het hoge bed. Maar een hondentrap biedt ook lichamelijke voordelen voor jouw hond, bekijk onze collectie en ontdek de verschillendehondentrappen.
Jazeker, naast onze kattenluiken vind je in ons assortiment ook luiken en deuren voor honden. Zo kun je jouw geliefde viervoeter de vrijheid bieden op een veilige manier. Benieuwd of er een luik is voor jouw hond? Scroll dan eens door onze Petmate hondendeuren.