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Offer your cat a safe and free moment in the garden with a cat door and safety net. Discover everything you need for a safe housing area.

Cat flap or cat door? Everything for your adventurous house tiger!

Does your cat love the outdoors and does she regularly stand scratching at the back door? Do you want your cat to enjoy the great outdoors, but don't want other cats to enter your home? On this page you can read why a cat flap is the ideal item for your cat and yourself! Of course, we’ll also discuss the different types of cat flaps we offer in our Flamingo range. Read on and discover countless possibilities for your adventurous house cat!

Why use a cat flap?

As a cat lover, it probably doesn't sound unfamiliar to you: cats love adventure! They love to go outside, explore the backyard or hunt for a 'gift' for the owner. Does your cat love to be outside and does she regularly stand at the back door meowing? Then a cat flap might be the solution for you. In addition to offering your cat the necessary freedom, using a cat flap offers more advantages, some of which we’ve listed below for you:
  • A cat flap allows your pet to freely choose whether she wants to be inside or outside
  • A cat door with a chip prevents strange cats and other animals from entering your home through the cat flap
  • A cat flap prevents scratching on doors and walls
  • A cat flap means you don't have to get up every time to let your four-legged housemate in or out of the house

What are the different types of cat flaps?

Our range of cat flaps is enormous, as are the different settings. This way you’ll always find the ideal cat flap for you and your cat. In general, our range includes 5 different types of cat flaps:
  • Indoor only – your cat can only get in, not out
  • Outdoor only – your cat can only go out, not in
  • Completely closed – your cat can neither go in nor out
  • Open in both directions - your cat can get in and out
  • Timer function – allows a time period according to your needs during which passing through the cat flap is possible
Most cat flaps have two, four or even five of the above options. It’s therefore best to decide which options are most important for you and your four-legged friend before buying.

Cat flaps for young and old

Cat flaps come in many different varieties: cat flaps for large cats, cat flaps with sensor, cat flaps for doors and even a flap for a glass door or (sliding) window. Choosing the right cat flap isn’t always easy, so we’re glad to help you. Let's first take a look at what kind of cat flaps are available in our range.
Cat flap with chip – The cat flap with chip is ideal if you want to prevent strange cats or animals from entering the house via your cat flap. These flaps identify your cat by means of the microchip implanted in the animal. After programming, the flap only opens when your cat is in front of the door. The flap remains closed for other cats or other animals. Does your cat not have a microchip yet? Then you can use the ID Disc, which can be attached to the collar. These collar tags for chips are available separately.
Cat flap with magnet – The magnetic cat flaps work in the same way as the cat flaps with chip. However, this cat flap can be opened with the help of magnetic tags. You can simply attach the magnetic tag to your cat's collar. Has your cat lost its collar or tag? No problem, these magnetic tags are also available separately.
Cat flap for large cats – A large cat needs a large cat flap. Our range also includes cat flaps for large cats. These are particularly suitable for cats with a withers height of 36 centimetres. Ideal for owners of larger cat breeds such as British Shorthair, Savannah or Ragdoll.
Cat flap in glass – Would you like to install your cat flap in a sliding glass door or a glass inner door? Then it’s best to go for a glass cat flap. These flaps can be installed in glass doors, facades or walls. Take a close look at the glass in which you want to install the flap. Some cat flaps are suitable for single glass, but there are also possibilities for double glass with a thickness of up to 32 millimetres.
Cat flap interior door – It’s also possible to install a cat flap in an interior door. This can be very handy, for example when you have a specially designed cat room in your house. Or when you want to keep other pets away from the cat during mealtimes. The cat flaps for interior doors come in different colours and variations, to suit your and your cat’s needs!
Cat flap for walls – Fitting a cat flap in the wall is also possible, for example in an interior wall in the house. The cat flap can also be extended by using an extension tunnel. These tunnels extend the depth of your cat flap. This makes it possible to install the cat flap in wider walls.

Cat safety net for more freedom and safety

Have you found the perfect cat flap? Great, now your cat’s adventure can begin! Do you want to let your cat outside, but also prevent your favourite pet from running away? Then it’s best to use a cat safety net. These nets can be used on the balcony or stretched out in a smaller garden. This way you prevent your beloved cat from running away or causing a nuisance in the neighbourhood. Using a cat net is also a perfect solution for your curious kitten. Do you want to let your kitten out, but are you a bit nervous about it? Then use a practical cat safety net to prevent escapes. This way you can open the cat flap for your kitten or cat without any worries. Time for a safe and challenging adventure!

More purring fun for your cat or kitten?

A cat flap gives your cat the freedom and fun she needs. But in our cat shop you can find even more things that can be fun for your cat. How about a challenging scratching board or our nice feeding and drinking bowls for cats. Scroll through our cat shop and discover everything Flamingo has to offer for your kitten or cat!

In a nutshell

Cat flaps come in many shapes, sizes and varieties. Choose a cat flap for your back door or install your cat flap in an interior wall. In the Flamingo range you’ll find a suitable cat flap for each situation.
Choose a cat door with multiple locking possibilities, this makes it possible to grant access only to your cat and to keep other animals out.
By using a cat safety net it’s possible to keep your cat in the backyard or on the balcony. Ideal for adventurers!