A greener planet for us and our pets

Flamingo Green: Kind to both your pet and the environment

At Flamingo Pet Products we believe that many small efforts make a big difference to the environment. We’re committed to doing our bit and hope to inspire others to do the same. Read about how we are working towards a greener world today.
Looking for pet accessories and snacks that are both fun and eco-friendly? Then Flamingo is the place to be!

Flamingo Green

Flamingo Green is our range of natural, sustainable and recyclable products with an eco-friendly packaging. Today it consists mainly of sustainable dog and cat toys. The Flamingo Green range is gradually growing, so you will regularly discover new green accessories and/or snacks among our products of the month.
Each Flamingo Green packaging has a colour label that tells you more about the materials used.

Discover our Flamingo Green-range
Nestor the cat showing off his new toys from Flamingo Green
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Natural products
These products are made of natural materials.

Recyclable products
These are made of materials that can be reused.

Recycled products
Products that are made of recycled materials.

Plenty of green energy for 200 households

The roof of our headquarters in Geel is equipped with 3,480 solar panels, which together provide a capacity of 824 kilowatt-peak. This equals the annual consumption of 200 average households all together. One solar panel produces enough energy to make 2,276 litres of coffee or tea annually. An electric car, on the other hand, consumes 15 kilowatt-hours of electricity per 100 kilometres. Just to say, we produce a lot of green energy 💚.

Green from home to work and back

Traditional cars are one of the main causes of air pollution, due to their high CO²-emission. That’s why we as a company would like to go for more eco-friendly alternatives.

Electric and hybrid company cars

In 2021, our fleet of company cars will include an increasing number of hybrid and electric cars. Taking into account the CO² generated during the manufacturing of such cars and the electricity generated, the emissions of an electric car are still 3 to 4 times lower than those of a traditional car. This is according to a study by The European Federation for Transport and Environment. Our parking lot is already equipped with 10 charging points for electric cars.

People posing for electric cars - Flamingo Pet Products
a person charges an electric car - Flamingo Pet Products
A person sits in an electric car - Flamingo Pet Products

Electric bicycles

In addition, each Flamingo-employee can lease an electric bicycle at low cost. According to ‘Milieu Centraal’ (a Dutch organisation offering advice and information to the general public in the field of energy and the environment), an e-bike generates, on average, 10 times less CO² than traditional cars when driving 10-20 kilometres from home to work and back. Of course, our employees are able to use their e-bikes not only for the commute to work, but also for private use.

Electric bike - elektrische fiets - flamingo pet products

Less paper, more digital

At Flamingo we are taking small steps to reduce our paper consumption. That is why our representatives are given tablets to present products to our customers. Of course, our service always comes first, and customers who wish to do so can still browse through a paper catalogue. In addition, with our new website we offer a lot of information that can easily be consulted digitally. This way we hope to make a difference to our environment.

Representative ordering pet supplies through tablet

Pet Sustainability Coalition

Flamingo Pet Products is a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC). PSC’s goal is to bring pet companies together, assist them and encourage them to run their businesses in a more environmentally-friendly and responsible way. Through this close collaboration, recommendations and tools from PSC, we will continue to optimise our sustainability efforts.

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Flamingo Green

Flamingo Green

At Flamingo pet products, we always put our best paw forward when it comes to a greener planet for both us and our loyal pets. Do you have a green heart for the environment and your pet pal? Then Flamingo Green is perfect for you.

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Environmentally-friendly trips to work

Environmentally-friendly trips to work

Traditional company cars are one of the main causes of air pollution, due to their high CO² emission. That’s why we as a company would like to go for more eco-friendly alternatives.

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