Discover our 2023 sustainability report!


At Flamingo Pet Products we believe that many small efforts make a big difference to the environment. We’re committed to doing our bit and hope to inspire others to do the same. Read about how we are working towards a greener world today.

Sustainability report 2023

One paw closer to sustainability! At Flamingo Pet Products, we are dedicated to creating a better world - not just for all our pets, but for all living beings. We are one of the first companies in the pet sector to lead the way in releasing a sustainability report. It shows how in recent years, we have been committed to our corporate social responsibility to make a positive impact on the planet.


At Flamingo, we want to make it clear that we are working to reduce our negative impact on society and the environment and increase our positive impact. Thus, in 2022, the idea of publishing a sustainability report was born. But how do you start writing such a report? And above all, what sustainability topics do you report on? We'll explain it to you briefly. To define these themes, we held an internal workshop, but also drew inspiration from industry trends, legislation, and of course the expectations of our stakeholders.

Before the final decision was made around which topics would be on the agenda, we looked at the GRI standards. The 'Global Reporting Initiative' is one of the most well-known and first reporting frameworks for sustainability issues worldwide. For our first sustainability report, we used the GRI framework as a guide. This allows us to monitor our own progress and that of other GRI users on an annual basis.

Seven topics emerged from this extensive exercise. This is what Flamingo intends to focus and report on in the future:

  • Circular packaging
  • Climate protection
  • Sustainable products
  • Safe and pleasant working environment
  • Safe products for pets and their pet parents
  • Economic growth
  • Sustainable collaborations

Sustainable Development Goals 

By focusing on the above seven topics, we believe we can contribute to the United Nations International Development Goals, which were adopted by the 193 member states in 2015. The 17 goals and 169 targets form an international action plan for a sustainable world by 2030. These SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) can be divided into five different themes: planet, people, prosperity, partnership and peace.


Our next sustainability report will also tell you what we have achieved within these seven topics over the past year and what our plans are for the future. With each theme, we contribute to the SDGs. This way, we want to bring pets and their pet parents even closer together. In a responsible way, of course. So you and your pets can continue to enjoy our world and our favourite Flamingo products.
Nestor the cat showing off his new toys from Flamingo Green