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Snacks are ideal for both training and rewarding, but they're also great to spoil your dog rotten. Discover our tasty snack buffet for your food-loving dog.

Delicious dog snacks for young and old!

From healthy dog snacks to crunchy biscuits and from delicious dog bones and chewing sticks to various treats. Our Flamingo dog snack range offers a delicious snack for each and every dog! Here you’ll definitely find a tasty snack for your lovely pooch, whether big, small, young or a little older. After all, we all like a treat from time to time, don't we?

The benefits of dog snacks

Dogs love snacks mainly because they’re tasty. But healthy snacks do more than just taste good. Did you know that a chewing snack isn’t only a great way to pass time, but also ensures optimal dental care? Did you know that tasty snacks strengthen the bond between dog and dog parent and that puppy treats can help you to educate your puppy? Healthy dog snacks offer many benefits for both dogs and their parents. We’ve listed the benefits of a good dog snack for you:
  • You can spoil and reward your dog with tasty dog treats
  • A tasty snack is great fun for your dog or puppy and the ideal way to pass the time
  • Dental care: it removes plaque and promotes a fresh breath
  • Chewing snacks also help to promote good chewing behaviour
  • Chewing has a relaxing effect and makes your dog wag its tail happily
  • Tasty training treats help you to train your dog in a positive way

Different types of snacks

Dog snacks offer many advantages. Both for you and your dog. But what kind of different dog snacks are there? And which snack is the right one for you? Discover below the different types of dog snacks:

  • Chewing snacks for long-lasting chewing fun
  • Training treats to reward progress and encourage good behaviour
  • Natural dog snacks for a healthy bite in between meals
  • Dog bones for optimal dental care
  • Tasty dog biscuits and treats
  • Hypoallergenic dog snacks for sensitive dogs
  • Puppy snacks for your little pup or young dog

How many snacks should I give my dog?

A tasty snack from time to time is, of course, allowed. It’s best to feed your dog only a limited number of treats. Dog snacks should not replace a meal and should only be considered as an extra. Do you want to spoil your dog properly? Then do it right. Food and snacks should be in proportion to each other. If necessary, give your dog less food to keep the balance. Pay attention to the feeding advice on the packaging to get a good idea of the amount you should offer.

Offering snacks in a playful way

To make eating snacks even more fun for your dog, you can use fun snack toys. These toys can be filled with treats, making it more difficult for your dog to get at them. This isn’t only fun, but it also challenges your dog mentally. Plus, your dog will never be bored again, as it provides the necessary entertainment. Challenging snack toys are available for young and old. So both your Great Dane and your Jack Russell puppy can play with these fun snack toys!

Do you want to spoil your dog even more?

A tasty dog snack is the perfect way to spoil your four-legged friend. But there are many more ways to make your dog happy. How about a nice and warm dog basket or a super soft and warm dog blanket? A fun dog toy or practical items for when you're out and about, the range of dog supplies is endless. Scroll through the categories and discover the possibilities for your four-legged friend!

In a nutshell

Dog snacks are of course particularly tasty! But did you know that the right snack offers many other benefits? For example, when it comes to dental care or as an aid in dog training. Read above what the right dog snack can do for you and your dog.
Our rich and tasty dog snack range offers a snack for each and every dog. Chewing snacks, treats and delicious puppy biscuits are all part of our Flamingo snack range. Finger-lickin’ good!
Hypoallergenic snacks contain only one source of protein. This means that these snacks are especially popular with dogs with allergies. But that doesn't mean other dogs won't love these snacks too, because they’re simply delicious!
An occasional snack is fine, but don't overdo it. Always observe how your dog reacts to the snacks and stick to the recommended amount. Would you rather go for healthy? Then take a look at our natural snacks.