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Accessories and snacks
for dogs

Discover all the Flamingo supplies your dog or puppy needs. From accessories to snacks, from dog baskets to dog collars and much more.

What dog accessories do you need?

Our range offers everything you need to spoil your dog or puppy. We make sure you can provide the best of care for your Chihuahua, Labrador, Great Dane or any other dog breed. But what dog supplies do you need to make it as comfortable as possible for you and your loving companion? We’ll help you on your way with our dog accessories checklist!

Accessories for the housing of dogs

fluffy dog basket, a dog cushion or dog crate should definitely be part of your dog gear. Your loyal animal deserves sweat dreams too! And of course, a crate is also great to potty train your puppies.

Like humans, your four-legged friend has to eat every day. That’s why you should serve dog food in style with a Flamingo feeding or drinking bowl.

Dog outdoor and travel supplies

Many dogs and puppies love getting fresh air. A dog house or a run are an ideal way to give your loyal friend his own space outside.

In addition, you’ll need a number of items for your daily walk. We have collars, leashes, harnesses and retractable leashes to suit your taste and needs.

Even on cold days, your daily walk is the highlight of your dog’s day. And unless your loyal friend is a Saint Bernard, Husky or Bernese Mountain dog, he’s likely to suffer from the cold at times. A Flamingo dog coat or sweater can make ‘cold weather dog walking’ more enjoyable for your canine companion. .

And don’t forget these dog items …

Dog toys provide the necessary exercise and fight boredom. At Flamingo you’ll find fun toys for every dog breed. Or let your dog have a great time in one of our swimming pools or kennels.

Your loyal animal will usually do anything for a delicious dog snack. It’s also a perfect way to train your lovely pet. Choose from tasty dog biscuits, dog treats or a dog bone for hours of chewing fun and the necessary dental care.

And don’t forget to stop by the grooming section. A dog brush is usually a must-have, but it’s also nice to have nail scissors, tick tweezers and dog shampoo.

Puppy supplies

The items mentioned above are a good start for each dog. In addition, we’ve got a wide number of items especially for puppies. Think of snacks, everything for potty training, toys, appropriate shampoos and combs. With our puppy supplies you can give your small canine the best start in life.

In a nutshell

Your dog needs a place to rest, such as a dog basket, bed or cage. He or she will also need to eat, so you’ll need bowls for eating and drinking. You’ll also need a collar/harness, leash and poop bags for on the go. Toys & snacks are another must.
Dog supplies are sold at pet shops, garden centres and online. Flamingo is a wholesaler of dog supplies and products for other animals, from cats and rodents to birds and other pets. Our accessories are sold through our distributors in 55 countries.
It takes time and effort to house train a dog. Training mats, also known as puppy pads, make it easy to house train your dog and keep your home clean. Discover our entire range of house training products for your dog here.