On the road with your dog? Explore our Flamingo transport supplies. Transport your dog safely in a transport box, your car, on your bike, in a buggy or trolley.

Transporting your dog safely

You have dogs who can't wait to get outside when they hear you rattle your bicycle keys. And other dogs are nowhere to be seen as soon as the car door opens. Transporting a dog can be an exciting outing for one dog, but a formidable challenge for another. To make it as comfortable and safe as possible for both types, we have various means of transport on this page. From transporting your dog via car, bicycle or on foot, you will discover the ideal transport supplies for every mode of transport. This will ensure you can travel safely, comfortably and with peace of mind.

What are the options for transporting your dog?

Sooner or later, you will have to take your puppy or dog somewhere. Maybe you like to take your dog with you to work every day in the car, or maybe you take him/her everywhere in your bicycle basket. But even if you don’t take your dog with you everywhere, there comes a time when this becomes necessary. An (emergency) visit to the vet, for example. Of course, you want this to be a smooth process for both of you. It is therefore advisable to introduce your dog to your preferred mode of transport in good time and at a calm opportunity. Preferably from the puppy period. This makes it a lot easier for yourself and your dog, and you can enjoy car trips, bike rides and other methods of transport comfortably, safely and stress-free.

Transporting your dog in the car

Transporting your dog in a car is perhaps the most obvious option. This method of transporting your dog is safe, fast and comfortable. At least, it is if you do it right and prepare well. An overview of the various options to make transport by car as pleasant, comfortable and safe as possible for both of you can be found below.
Dog transport box
A portable travel crate or transport box is convenient and perfect for transporting your dog in the car. Travel crates come in different sizes, which means there is a suitable travel crate for every dog. Transport baskets are often equipped with a handy handle to make carrying the crate with your dog in it easier. Is your dog too big to be carried? A transport box on wheels may be a smart choice.
Dog car crate
Special car crates for dogs are also available. Car crates are made of sturdy metal and equipped with a drawer. This prevents the car from getting dirty in the event of accidents, while also ensuring the car crate is easy to clean. You can contact us if you need a lightweight aluminium transport cage. These high-quality car kennels have a sloping side so the crate can easily be placed in the rear storage area of the car. Do you have a bigger dog? Take a look at our dog ramps. A dog ramp prevents heavy lifting or unnecessary strain on the joints. This is ideal if you often travel with your dog in the car.

Transporting your dog in the back seat

You can also transport your dog in the back seat of a car. In this case, you must ensure your dog cannot jump forward by using, for example, a car safety fence or car protection net. In addition, it’s important that the car harness for your dog is safe and well secured in a dog harness or dog car seat. Do you want to prevent the car seat from getting dirty or damaged? Use a car protective blanket on the rear seat to protect against dirt and damage.

Cycling with the dog

Enjoying the bike together can be a wonderful experience. Of course it’s possible to take your dog on, next to, or behind the bike. In fact, it’s not only possible, it’s also super fun to take your dog with you on a bike ride. Enjoy the fresh air and the journey together. In order to enjoy a bike ride with your dog to the fullest, being well prepared is very important. View the options below for a pleasant and safe cycling trip:

Dog bicycle basket and dog bicycle trailer
The bicycle basket is a very handy way to transport smaller dogs on a bicycle. In addition, it’s also a fun activity. The dog bicycle basket lets your handsome four-legged friend discover everything from a safe distance. A bicycle basket is also very nice for a young puppy; a bicycle basket lets him/her socialise with the unknown world at his/her own pace. It is not a good idea to place larger dogs in a bicycle basket. For larger dogs, it’s therefore better to choose a dog bicycle trailer. A dog trailer can be attached to the back of the bike, which means larger and heavier dogs can come along on a bike ride. Discover the world together in a comfortable and safe way.

Transporting your dog on foot

Do you want to transport your dog without a car or bicycle? Then walking with the dog is of course also an option. The usual collar or dog harness with a dog lead can help with this. But for longer distances, especially when your dog is still young, aids are very useful. It is not advised to take puppies or young dogs long distances because it can be too taxing for their young bodies. But smaller dogs and older dogs that are no (longer) vital enough for long distances can also benefit from walking aids. Discover what we have to offer below:

Dog bags
For smaller dog breeds and young puppies, a dog carrier is ideal. Their tired little paws can take a rest while you continue. Choose a dog bag that can handle the weight of your small four-legged friend. But what do you do if your four-legged friend is too heavy to carry over long distances? You can use a dog bag equipped with wheels, because these dog carriers can also be used as a trolley.

Dog buggy
A dog buggy or dog stroller is perfect for covering long distances with your dog. The dog buggies in our range have a maximum carrying weight of 15 kg. This makes them suitable for small and many medium-sized dog breeds. A buggy for the dog is ideal for a long walk in the city or park.

What if you are taking your dog on a plane?

I’m off on holiday and I'm dog! Many airlines allow you to take your dog on the plane. But where on the plane your dog is allowed to travel depends on a number of factors. Do you have a small dog? Then in some cases it may be possible to take it in the cabin in a bag or dog travel crate. For larger dogs, places are often reserved in the hold, but a number of rules apply. Many airlines require an IATA certified dog crate. These travel crates have been tested and approved for the safe transport of dogs on planes. We have IATA certified travel crates in our range, which means you can have peace of mind when you take your four-legged friend on a flying holiday. Of course, you should always check the airline’s rules for travelling with your dog before you leave.

In a nutshell

Jouw hond vervoeren kan met de fiets, auto, te voet en zelfs met het vliegtuig! Veilige ritten vragen echter wel wat voorbereiding. Wil jij veilig en met een gerust hart op pad? Bezoek dan zeker onze hondenwinkel voor veilige en comfortabele transport tips.
Natuurlijk! Een autobench moet veilig én comfortabel zijn voor je hond. Dit is ook de reden dat ons gamma énorm is op het gebied van transportboxen. Zo is er voor iedere hond, of het nu gaat om een Deense Dog of een Maltezer, een geschikte autobench te vinden.
Met flapperende oren en de neus in de wind! De fietskar voor honden is een super leuke manier om jouw hond te vervoeren achter de fiets. Ideaal voor honden welke geen lange afstanden kunnen lopen maar toch graag mee op pad gaan!
Bij veel vliegmaatschappijen zijn onze viervoeters toegestaan als passagier. Wel zijn er voorwaarden voor honden in het vliegtuig. Bekijk onze IATA-gecertificeerde transportboxen die aansluiten op de eisen om jouw hond mee te nemen in het vliegtuig.