In our range you'll find waterproof dog coats, warm sweaters, swimming vests, socks and fun fashion statements. Get the best clothes for your dog here.

Dog clothing for every season, every situation and every dog breed

From wonderful dog sweaters and handy rain capes, to the warmest winter jackets and functional seasonal jackets. We have dog jackets for every situation and every dog in our dog shop range. Read on and find out more about what we have to offer in terms of dog clothing at Flamingo.

For which dog types is dog clothing suitable?

A lot of people think dog clothing is only required for smaller dog breeds. And this line of thinking is reasonable. With short legs and very often low fat stores, smaller dogs get cold quickly. However, larger dogs can also benefit greatly from wearing dog clothing. For example, a Greyhound has a very thin coat; older dogs can have trouble keeping themselves warm, or maybe your dog is recovering from surgery. Dog clothing has many advantages:

  • A dog jacket gives the dog a safe feeling that they are protected
  • A dog jacket helps prevent a dirty coat of fur and reduces odours being brought into the house after a walk
  • A dog jacket offers medical protection, after surgery for example
  • Functional dog clothing offers safety for carefree trips

How do I choose the right clothing for my dog?

We understand that a large range does not always make the choice easier. After all, you are looking for clothing for your dog that meets your requirements, as well as those of the dog. To help with this, we use handy filters to make looking through our dog clothing shop easier. They will help you find the most ideal dog jacket, dog bandana or other piece of clothing for your beloved tail wagger. Do you want to find out more about the options? Read on below and discover all types of dog clothing in our dog shop.

Clothing for dogs

Dog Sweater and T-Shirts – Dog sweaters and t-shirts are suitable for wearing all year round. They provide extra warmth and comfort to your dog, both indoors and outdoors. Did you know that wearing a sweater is even soothing for many dogs? You can compare this to swaddling a baby. The light, constant pressure on the body combines with the heat to provide soothing relaxation. A dog sweater is therefore not only fashionable, nice and warm for your dog. It can also positively contribute to your dog’s mood because it can make him/her feel safe during tense moments.
Dog jacket – A dog jacket is ideal for extra protection against the first frosts of the year. Broadly speaking, dog jackets offer the same benefits as a dog sweater: security, safety and warmth. Unlike the dog sweaters mentioned previously, dog jackets are often wind-proof and water repellent, which makes them perfect for autumn days. Our dog shop contains dog jackets in many different models, variants and materials. Dog jackets for large dogs, dog jackets made from fleece or polyester, and of course fashionable jackets for your handsome four-legged friend.

Seasonal dog clothing

Dog raincoat – We probably don’t have to tell you how “wonderfully bad” your dog’s coat smells after a wet walk ;-) We stock dog raincoats especially for puddle jumpers and raindrop catchers. A solution to prevent odours and a dirty coat from rainy walks. We have raincoats and rain capes in all models and sizes for dogs in our shop, so there is a very good chance we have something for your large dog.
Dog winter jacket – Winter jackets for dogs are perfect for – you guessed it – winter months. These wonderfully warm jackets for dogs are often lined or quilted. The liner in a dog winter jacket holds the heat on the body to prevent the dog cooling down too quickly. Winter jackets for dogs come in fun styles; we have dog jackets with a fur collar, a hood or pockets for a playful look. And of course, you will also find winter jackets for both large dogs and small four-legged friends.
Dog summer jacket – A jacket for your dog is not just something for the winter months, a functional dog jacket can also contribute to comfort and safety during the summer months. Take a look at our cooling jackets for dogs; this jacket offers cooling and prevents your dog from overheating on hot summer days. And you can even shop for the ideal dog jacket for fun in the water. Do you have a keen swimmer but you find it a bit stressful? Or does your puppy want to take a dip but doesn’t yet have the strength to stay afloat? A dog life jacket may be the perfect solution for you. Take a dog life jacket with you when you go out and have peace of mind when you take a swim together.

Medical protective clothing for dogs

Dog Safety Body – Safety clothing is suitable for offering protection after surgery, treatments, or in case your dog has problems with his/her natural coat. This clothing is also called wound protection clothing and is available for both male and female dogs. The protective body prevents the dog from licking and pulling on wounds, stitches or bandages after surgery.
Dog shoes – Dog shoes and dog socks are mainly used for leg injuries. The pads of your dog’s paws are fragile, they can be easily damaged. Cracks and damage to paw pads are very painful for dogs. Dog shoes and dog socks offer protection and ensure faster recovery from injuries. In addition, they are perfect if you need to give your dog more grip on slippery surfaces in the house. Or for protection on hot asphalt in the summer sun. No more slips in the house or overheated/damaged legs during the summer.

What size dog clothing do I need for my dog?

To work out the size of the clothing you need for your dog, it’s important to measure properly. You can then be sure you have the right size for your four-legged friend. If you want to know the best way to measure your dog for a dog jacket, sweater or raincoat, read our blog: “Everything you need to know about dog clothing.” This blog contains a handy explanation about the best way to measure your dog for the right dog clothing, and much more.

Where can you buy dog clothing?

Which dog clothing will ensure your dog steals the show? Flamingo has a large number of distributors in 55 countries from where you can buy your ideal dog clothing. Have you bought a Flamingo item for your dog? Let us know, and send us your favourite picture of your handsome four-legged friend in a Flamingo dog jacket, sweater or rain cape. Who knows, he/she may soon be showing off on our wall of fame and/or our social media pages.

In a nutshell

Nee, alle soorten honden kunnen hier baat bij hebben. Ook heeft veel hondenkleding een onderliggende functionele werking. Wil jij ontdekken of hondenkleding jouw hond kan helpen? Bezoek dan zeker eens onze online catalogus!
Meten is weten! Het opmeten van jouw hond kan je eenvoudig zelf doen. Het enige wat je nodig hebt is een (slap) meetlint, je hond en een aantal lekkere snacks ;) Bekijk onze collectie hondenkleding of bezoek onze blog: “alles over hondenkleding” voor meer informatie.
Zeker! Wist je dat een goede zomerjas bijdraagt aan comfort en oververhitting kan voorkomen bij jouw hond? En een honden winterjas voor sommige honden zelfs essentieel is? Niet alleen kleine hondjes hebben baat bij hondenkleding. 
Ja! Het likken, bijten of irriteren van een wond na bvb. een operatie kan zorgen voor infecties en ongemak. Om dit te voorkomen kun je gebruikmaken van medische hondenkleding. Bekijk de mogelijkheden bij Flamingo.