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Overview product range

8,500 pet products for the right care and housing of your pet: dog, cat, small animal, reptile, bird or fish. From toys to snacks to baskets

Everything your pet needs

Thanks to Flamingo pet products you can rest assured that all of your pet’s needs are met. We offer you everything you need for the right care and housing of dogs, cats, small animals, birds, chickens, reptiles and fish. But also don’t forget to provide your beloved pet with toys, for the necessary exercise and hours of fun or discover our tasty snack buffet. Or perhaps you’re looking for an easy way to travel with your loving companion? Discover a wide range of 8,500 with an excellent price-quality ratio, suiting your needs and budget. A great way to spoil your pet pal!

Flamingo Pet Products: the wholesaler for all your pet supplies

Flamingo Pet Products has been supplying pet products to pet shops, wholesalers and other businesses with a pet department for 50 years now. With our range of 8,500 products, we offer something for each pet and each pet parent. In addition to our dog and cat products, we’ve got everything you need to take care of your small animalchickenbirdreptile or fish. To cut a long story short, every pet shop or department can count on Flamingo for a complete and pet-friendly range. And to keep all of our pets and pet parents satisfied, we launch new pet products every month.

Flamingo Pet Products: your wholesale pet product supplier!

With a large assortment of more than 8,500 pet products, Flamingo is the ideal wholesale pet product supplier. Would you like to offer the customers of your pet shop, supermarket, grooming salon or online pet shop an updated and extensive range for dogs, cats, small animals, birds, fish, chickens and reptiles? Then be sure to check out the possibilities at Flamingo, your international supplier of pet supplies.

Wholesaler for bird supplies

Everything for parakeets, canaries, aviary birds and even parrots. Our bird wholesale is full of wonderful products for winged friends. Are you looking for a one-stop shop for bird supplies? Then our bird shop is the right place for you. Here you’ll find everything birds need, from bird cages to luxury outdoor aviaries, bird toys, bird food, bird transport and breeding supplies. You'll even find a special 4-seasons category for garden birds in our extensive range. Are you looking for a partner who can offer you a large and high-quality range of birdhouses? Then Flamingo, the wholesaler for your pet shop, is the place to be!

Wholesaler for dog supplies

What could be more convenient than buying your entire range of dog supplies from a single dog wholesaler? Whether you need practical grooming products for your grooming salon, dog training equipment for your dog school or a wholesaler of dog supplies for your pet shop. At Flamingo you can find everything to provide your customers with a wonderful range. We offer an extensive range for all dogs, large and small, from luxury dog baskets to dog crates and cages, dog snackswalking accessories and, of course, the most amazing dog toys. Discover our range that will make your dog's tail wag with joy and get inspired for your (online) pet shop.

Wholesaler with pet supplies for chickens

From chicken coops to large chicken runs, our chicken shop is full of accessories and comfortable houses for your feathered friends. The products in our wholesale chicken shop are carefully selected by our specialised team. At Flamingo you’ll find a good price-quality ratio and a large selection of the best chicken products. In addition, our warehouse has a large stock, so we can offer a super-fast service whereby products ordered are often shipped within 24 hours. Together we make pets and pet parents happy!

Wholesaler for rabbit and small animal supplies

Looking for a wholesaler where you can find everything for small animals? Flamingo has a huge rabbit and small animal range, where you can shop to your heart's content for your customers. Our small animal shop contains more than 400 small animal and rabbit products: from rabbit hutches to small animal cages and the best small animal toys, everything to do with hygiene in the cage and of course handy accessories for great care of these small pets. Get inspired by our range of small animal products and find out what Flamingo can do for your pet shop!

Wholesaler with pet supplies for cats

Cats are beloved pets. Flamingo therefore offers a wide range of products for our feline friends. With the greatest Flamingo cat products, you’re guaranteed success with your cat-loving customers. Our cat shop offers everything a happy purring cat needs. From high quality scratching trees and cat furniture to the cutest cat toys and from the softest cat baskets to tasty cat snacks. Thanks to our simple and fast online ordering process, your favourite Flamingo products will be on your doorstep in no time. Ready to shine on the shelves of your pet shop!

Aquarium wholesaler

For almost 50 years now, we’ve been helping to strengthen the unique bond between pets and their parents. With a range of more than 8,500 products, we’ve become one of the leading wholesalers of pet supplies over the years. As a retailer, you can get everything you need for a comprehensive range of fish accessories at Flamingo! In addition to aquariums and fish bowls, our aquarium shop also offers beautiful decorationaquarium plants and everything to do with aquarium technology. Our fish accessories range comes from Europe, Asia and even America and guarantees you the best quality, carefully selected by our expert staff.

Reptile wholesaler

At Flamingo we put a great deal of effort in offering the best service, fast deliveries and the most convenient products. We therefore offer you a new collection each month so that you can always offer your customers the best items according to the latest trends. This also applies to our wholesale for reptile supplies. Are you looking for reptile accessories to fill the shelves of your terrarium department? Then take a look at our range: from terrarium decorations to turtle housing and feeding.

Wholesale pet product supplier for companies

Whether you’re the proud owner of your own grooming salon, you have a large pet shop online or a well-run physical pet shop, Flamingo offers a total range for all retailers in the field of pet supplies. A wholesale business for pets requires employees with knowledge, passion and drive who only want the best for our pets. And that’s exactly what we as a pet wholesaler stand for: contributing to the unique bond between pet and pet parent! Of course, you as a retailer also play an important and indispensable role in this! Get inspired by our range and discover what we can do together for your customers and their beloved pets.