Overview product range

8,500 pet products for the right care and housing of your pet: dog, cat, small animal, reptile, bird or fish. From toys to snacks to baskets

Everything your pet needs

Thanks to Flamingo pet products you can rest assured that all of your pet’s needs are met. We offer you everything you need for the right care and housing of dogs, cats, small animals, birds, chickens, reptiles and fish. But also don’t forget to provide your beloved pet with toys, for the necessary exercise and hours of fun or discover our tasty snack buffet. Or perhaps you’re looking for an easy way to travel with your loving companion? Discover a wide range of 8,500 with an excellent price-quality ratio, suiting your needs and budget. A great way to spoil your pet pal!

Flamingo Pet Products: the wholesaler for all your pet supplies

Flamingo Pet Products has been supplying pet products to pet shops, wholesalers and other businesses with a pet department for 50 years now. With our range of 8,500 products, we offer something for each pet and each pet parent. In addition to our dog and cat products, we’ve got everything you need to take care of your small animalchickenbirdreptile or fish. To cut a long story short, every pet shop or department can count on Flamingo for a complete and pet-friendly range. And to keep all of our pets and pet parents satisfied, we launch new pet products every month.