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Playing is good for your cat's health. Discover our cat toys, from danglers to mice, with or without catnip. Or choose from our environmentally-conscious toys.

Laser lights, cat tunnels and danglers, guaranteed cat fun!

Cats are energetic and playful and just never seem to get enough. Sometimes they’re out for days hunting and searching for their prey. However, this isn’t the case for all cats, some prefer to stay at home. For many cat parents, however, it’s not possible to keep them entertained all day long. Fun cat toys can help! A challenging cat tunnel, a stimulating cat laser or a soft cuddly toy with catnip for your kitten or cat? Cat toys are a must-have for your house cat.

Why do cats like cat toys?

We probably don't need to tell you that cats are hunters by nature. Their instincts and physical skills make them amazingly good at it. Sneaking up on, chasing and catching prey comes naturally to your cat. Think of play as an exercise for your cat to develop her natural behaviour. In our opinion, this is an integral part of feline training. For cats that live indoors, it’s difficult to learn this natural behaviour as they don’t go outside much and don’t have the opportunity to hunt indoors.

How can cat toys contribute to natural behaviour?

Fun toys for cats and kittens offer a solution here. A cat laser to chase, a cat dangler to jump up to or a challenging cat ball with catnip to catch. When you offer your cat toys, you are appealing to their natural behaviour. And that's exactly what many cats love about cat toys.

The benefits of fun cat toys

Cat toys primarily encourage your feline’s natural instinct. But cat toys do more than just that. They also contribute to the physical health of your pet and makes them feel good. Here are some of the benefits of fun cat toys:
  • Cat toys stimulate your cat’s natural behaviour
  • Cat toys provide healthy and necessary exercise
  • Cat toys are challenging and prevent your cat from getting bored
  • Cat toys enable positive interaction
  • Cat toys discourage your cat from using objects in the house as 'toys'.

Now that we know what the benefits of cat toys are, we think it’s a good idea to have a look at the different kinds of cat toys. Find out which toys are suitable for your cat and which cat toys guarantee success!

Catnip toys for your cat or kitten

Many cats love catnip toys, but what actually is catnip? Catnip comes from the Nepeta cataria plant. This plant contains several essential oils, including nepetalactone. Nepetalactone affects the vomeronasal organ at the back of the cat's nose. This causes a 'drunk effect' in your cat, which cats show after inhaling catnip. Because this catnip has a relaxing effect on your cat but is not harmful, it is often used in cat toys. And for many cats, catnip cat toys are their favourite!

A laser light or a laser pen for your feline?

Laser toys are also very popular with many cats. The fast movements of the laser trigger the hunting instinct. In our cat shop you’ll find fun laser toys like the laser pen, a laser light or interactive toys with lasers. A little tip when using a cat laser: some cats find it frustrating not to be able to catch a prey after a hunt. After all, the laser is not real prey and they can never really catch it. To keep playing with a laser fun, it’s a good idea to reward your cat when she has 'caught' the laser. You can do this with a tasty snack or for example with your cat's favourite toy.

Cat tunnels and more fun for your cat

In addition to the well-known cat lasers, Flamingo offers more fun toys to activate your cat's hunting instincts. How about a fun cat tunnel, for example, which in addition to being fun also provides healthy exercise. In our cat shop you’ll find various types of cat tunnels: cat tunnels with crinkling material, cat tunnels with toys or a handy foldable cat tunnel.

Cat danglers for interactive fun with your cat

Are you looking for a fun toy to play with your cat or kitten? Then our cat danglers are definitely a hit. Danglers are challenging, provide movement and are ideal for strengthening the bond between you and your pet. Because let's face it; playing together is always more fun than alone, right? Check out our cat danglers with bells, danglers with feathers and beads or the challenging cat danglers with catnip.

Fun and interactive toys that encourage your cat to play

Interactive cat toys are toys that work automatically. These cat toys provide a mental challenge, offer exercise and provide hours of entertainment. In our cat shop you’ll find fun moving cat toys in the category 'interactive cat toys'. Different sounds, movements and interaction will challenge your cat both physically and mentally. These toys are perfect for fighting boredom and are also great fun.

Cat toy balls, mice, feathers and other small cat toys

Cat toys don't always have to be luxurious and large. Small cat toys are great fun too. Cat toys don’t have to be expensive. Are you looking for budget-friendly cat toys? Then we recommend you take a look at our cat shop. In our shop you’ll find many affordable toys for your catplay balls, challenging play mice for your kitten or a rattling cat toy for hours of fun. Flamingo cat toys come in all shapes and sizes and for each budget!

Do you need more ideas for your purring four-legged friend?

The range of cat toys at Flamingo is huge, but there is mor. Our cat shop is full of beautiful items for your cat. From challenging scratching trees and cat furniture to the most ideal litter boxes and of course cat litter. Take a look at our entire range and get inspired!

In a nutshell

Challenge and fun are two important benefits of fun cat toys. But cat toys do offer other advantages for both you and your cat. Read more about the advantages above and learn why cat toys aren’t only fun, but also important.
Catnip is a herb that is often used in cat toys. The herb has a calming effect on your kitten or cat. This makes the cat toys extra fun and interesting. Want to know why cats love catnip? Read more about it above.
The world of cat toys is endless, there is a suitable toy for every kitten and cat. Cat scratching trees, a cat tunnel, laser lights, interactive toys or reward toys? See and discover the possibilities in our cat shop.
Yes, you’ll find a nice selection of natural cat toys in our range. Do you love cats and would you like to contribute to an environmentally-friendly society? Then Flamingo is the right place to be! Also read our blog: 3 reasons for buying environmentally friendly products for your pet.