Our services

Together we get the best out of your pet shop or department. We think along with you in terms of assortment & shop design and offer many extra services.

The Flamingo-service

Flamingo isn’t just a whole sale pet product supplier. We do more than simply offering a strong product range. We also like to think along with you in terms of shop design, range composition and more! Together we get the best out of your pet shop or department.

Range composition & price-fixing

There's plenty of choice! With no less than 8,500 pet products from cat to canary and everything in between, Flamingo offers you a wide range to choose from. We'd like to invite you to our 1000 m2 show room to get you inspired. We'll be happy to show you around and help you decide which range composition fits your shop or department best. Together we draw up a detailed planning for a maximum turnover.

Are profit and turnover margins not really your cup of tea? No problem. Here, too, we can help you with our experience.

Shop fitting & design

Whether you want to dedicate a whole pet shop to pet supplies or only a department: at Flamingo we like to share our 50 years of experience in shop fitting with you. We know better than anyone what the best commercial spot is in your shop for dog snackscat toys or even a parrot cage. Our shop fitters, Sander and Davy, always deliver and install a concept, free of charge, especially for your shop’s space and requirements. And this for each animal and category group of your choice.

In some cases, we can even provide POS material such as hanging strips, banners ... which you can use to take care of your shop fitting and to generate even more sales.

Flamingo Pet Products showroom snacks
animal toys

360° videos

Would you like to admire our products from each possible angle? You can, thanks to our 360° shots that you can find on our product pages. At any time of the day, everywhere in the world. You can even download them yourself and show them on your web shop or social media.

Private label

Do you want to offer a strong price-quality ratio with your own brand? Becoming a private label seller is also one of the opportunities you get at Flamingo. This way you can stand out with your own unique brand and decide for yourself how you will market your products. Contact us and we’ll gladly discuss the possibilities with you.

Product descriptions

We’re happy to share our product descriptions and features with you for more inspiration.

To make your own web texts unique to Google and your customers, we recommend that you rewrite our texts before you publish them on your website.

Uniquely written product descriptions can improve the findability of your website or web shop in Google. In addition, using your own tone of voice and writing style contributes to making your own strong brand stand out from other ones and it has also proven effective in creating added value for your customers.

Data exchange


Thanks to EDI, we can link our data files (from invoices to purchase orders to Excel files with product information) to yours and exchange information automatically. This makes it easy to automate certain processes.


At Flamingo we use GS1 GDSN. Thanks to GS1 GDSN, we can exchange real-time information (e.g. product information) with you quickly, easily and correctly. All suppliers using GS1 GDSN use standardised data sheets, which means that you can always download the information in the same way. Regardless of your type of shop.

Product information

Are there certain products you’re less familiar with or do you have questions about a product? We’re happy to help you. On our website, you’ll find a wealth of information regarding our products, from specifications to frequently asked questions. But of course you can always contact your representative for extra information or an export from our PIM-system.

Our representatives will be pleased to introduce you to our products. If you wish, they also visit you at a regular basis to keep you informed about our latest products. We also offer infomercials with bite-sized information on certain product categories or product ranges. These will give you an overview of the most important information. It’ll give you the opportunity to get familiar with our products or it can serve as a reminder during sales. Ask your representative for it.

Purchaser from Flamingo measuring pet supplies - aankoper van Flamingo Pet Products meet huisdierbenodigdheden op

Want to become a dealer?

Do you own a pet shop, wholesale business, garden centre, DIY shop, supermarket, grooming salon or do you breed animals and would like to sell our products? We’ve got everything you need for your pet shop or department.

Our strengths

  • Extensive range of 8,500 products for dog, cat, small animal, chicken, fish, bird and reptile.
  • Variety of new products every month for an up-to-date range.
  • Everybody, all over the world, can become a Flamingo-dealer. We’re currently active in 60 countries.
  • We’re ready to ship within 24 hours to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Germany and Italy.
  • We always aim for a service level of at least 95%.
  • Our Flamingo-products are carefully selected from manufacturers in Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia and North-America.
  • Feedback or questions? Our >200 staff members are at your service