Flamingo is the place to be for the best nibble snacks. From gnawing stones to nibbling wood to hay with or without extra flavour and sweets.

Rabbit snacks, hamster treats or gnawing wood? Everything for tasty small animal fun!

Rewarding, spoiling or keeping your small animal busy with a tasty snack is always a good idea, because small animals and rabbits also love a delicious treat from time to time. Our small animal shop is therefore packed with tasty snacks for your gnawer. Get inspired and discover everything you need for your little friend at Flamingo!

The benefits of a tasty small animal or rabbit snack

A tasty snack offers more than just a quick bite to eat. It can also contribute to the care of your rabbit or small animal. "How?" you ask yourself. Many small animal and rabbit snacks are made of gnawing material such as gnawing wood. These snacks are primarily challenging and fun, but they also contribute to good dental care. The teeth of rabbits and many small animals continue to grow throughout their lives. A good gnawing snack will keep the teeth worn down, which is necessary for these animals. We’ve listed the benefits for you below:

  • Snacks are first and foremost simply delicious for your pet
  • Snacks are ideal for rewarding your rabbit or small animal
  • Snacks made from hay promote good digestion
  • Small animal snacks such as gnawing wood contribute to good dental care
  • Small animal snacks provide healthy exercise and fight boredom

  • What’s safe to eat for your rabbit and what’s not?

    The intestinal system of rabbits and small animals is quite sensitive. The wrong food or snacks can cause health problems. It’s therefore important to know what your small animal can or cannot eat. Of course, you can go for a tasty small animal snack, but also treats you have at home can be very tasty. Make sure that the snack isn’t processed and contains little or no sugar or salt, as this isn’t good for your small animal. Below are some examples of things your rabbit or gnawer can or cannot eat:
    What can rabbits eat?
    • Endive
    • Parsley
    • Pumpkin (not the seeds)
    • Radish
    • Carrot (limited)
    • Chicory 
    What can rabbits not eat?
    • Rhubarb
    • Garlic
    • Onions
    • Cabbages
    • Brussels sprouts
    • Raw meat or fish

    Gnawing wood for your rabbit, guinea pig, hamster or other small animal

    Twigs, leaves and the bark of certain trees are excellent snacks for your little friend. However, please note, that not all trees are suitable as snacks. Branches, leaves and fruits of stone fruit trees are not suitable and are even poisonous for your gnawer. Examples are plum trees, cherry trees and peach trees. Tree species such as fruit trees, apple trees and all types of willow trees, are safe.  

    Even more gnawing wood for your small animal or rabbit

    Don’t you have the right trees, branches or leaves at your disposal but would like to offer them to your small animal? Then it’s worth taking a look at our small animal shop. Here, you’ll find the ideal gnawing wood for your pet. Gnawing or nibbling wood is not only tasty, it also keeps the teeth worn down and contributes to great fun in the small animal cage or rabbit hutch.

    Rabbit snacks and treats!

    In addition to gnawing wood, you’ll of course find other tasty snacks for your rabbit at Flamingo. Delicious banana chips, apple snacks or small carrot snacks, but also healthy rabbit treats are among the possibilities. Be sure to also discover our herbal hay full of delicious healthy snacks!

    Hamster treats and tasty snacks for hamsters!

    Hamsters also love a tasty snack, and they deserve it. For example, our delicious blueberry treats for hamsters or our carrot-flavoured small animal drops. It’s recommended to feed your small animal only a limited number of treats. Treats should not replace your gnawer's meal and should only be considered as an extra.

    Offering snacks in a playful way

    You can offer your rabbit or small animal the snack just like that, but you can also do it in a more fun way. You can for example use a snack ball, which can be filled with treats, making it more difficult for your small animal to get at them. Or think of a fun playing and gnawing roll filled with delicious snacks for your little gnawer. There are many ways to make snacking extra fun. Besides, this way of snacking offers more advantages. It prevents boredom, keeps your pet busy in the cage and provides the necessary exercise for your rabbit or small animal. All these advantages make for a happy pet!

    More for your rabbit or small animal

    In addition to delicious snacks, the Flamingo range includes more for your beloved pet. From the ideal housing to the best care and from the cutest toys to everything for perfect hygiene in the house. Flamingo Pet Products is a wholesaler for pet supplies where you’ll find everything for dogs, cats, rabbits, small animals, birds, fish and reptiles.

    Hamsters houden van zaden, granen én lekker knagen. Knabbelhout, kleine hamstersnoepjes én hooiballen met lekkere kruiden zijn perfect voor deze kleine knagertjes.