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This privacy policy applies to the services of Flamingo Pet Products plc and was last amended on 20/10/2023

At Flamingo, we’re committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. We recognise the trust you place in us and we'd like to reassure you that we treat your details carefully. Flamingo protects your privacy, like a mother hen protects her chicks. 

We require some information in order to improve your user experience and provide you with the best possible service. We use and process your personal data in accordance with the GDPR and other applicable legislation. Any reference in this Privacy Statement to the GDPR refers to the Regulation of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation). 

This privacy policy will inform you as to how we look after your personal data. We explain what data we collect, why we do it, how we do it and how we use this data to improve your user experience. And when your personal data leaves our database. 

We update this policy regularly. It seems only fair to let you know how we handle your data. Should you have additional questions about the processing of your data, you can contact us at


  1. This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) governs the processing of your personal data as a part of your use of our Website (the “Website”) and the accompanying services (jointly referred to hereinafter as “Services”). This processing is performed by Flamingo Pet Products as data controller, with registered office at Lammerdries - Winkelstraat 25, 2250 Olen, Belgium ("we”, “our"), listed with the CBE (Crossroads Bank for Enterprises) under VAT-number BE 0667.725.729 in accordance with the applicable legislation relating to the protection of personal data.
  2. By clicking the privacy opt-in check box on the forms on the Website, you declare that you have indeed read this Privacy Policy and agree with it. You declare that you understand with what objectives your personal data is processed. You also agree with the fact that your continued use is understood as continued permission. You can withdraw your permission at any time by addressing a request to
  3. Please note that we can use so-called “cookies” or similar technology as part of the Website and/or the Services. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard drive of a device and that contain certain information, which sometimes includes personal data. For more information regarding our use of cookies, please read our cookie policy.
  4. We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy as we deem fit. Such changes will be communicated through the Website. 
  5. This Privacy Policy was last updated on the 01/09/2021. 


  1. When you use the Website and/or Services, we process personal data relating to you. Your personal data will be processed inter alia for the following purposes (including the legal grounds):

When and on what basis?

  • Use of the Website (consent and, if applicable, legitimate interest)
  • Contact us (consent and, if applicable, legitimate interest)
  • Applying to become a dealer (consent and, if applicable, legitimate interest)
  • Applying for a web account (consent and, if applicable, legitimate interest)
  • Applying for vacancies (consent and, if applicable, legitimate interest)
  • Registering for the newsletter (permission)
  • Filing a complaint

What data?

  • Identification information (name, address, e-mail, telephone …)
  • Contact details
  • Company data
  • Registration details
  • Receipt


  • Improving the user experience of the visitor on the Website
  • Responding to a form submission
  • Responding to contact requests
  • Responding to a request to become a customer
  • Responding to a request to create an account
  • Facilitating the application process
  • Activating newsletter subscription

  1. In principle, we obtain the above-mentioned personal data directly from you. However, if you choose to register through a social media account (for example Facebook LinkedIn), this information is collected through your social media profile. We recommend that you consult the privacy policy of your social media service provider to determine which data is processed by your social media service provider when you use the social media login function.
  2. We will not send any of the personal data you provide through the Website to social media providers unless you consent to this.
  3. The content of our Website may contain a link, hyperlink or framed link to foreign websites or other forms of electronic portals. A link does not automatically mean that there is a connection between Flamingo Pet Products and such websites, nor that we (implicitly) agree with the content of these websites.

    We have no control over these foreign websites and are not responsible for the safe and correct operation of the link or its ultimate destination. Once you click on the link you will leave our Website and we can therefore not be held responsible for any damages.

    External websites may not offer the same guarantees as we do. If you use a link on this Website that leads to a foreign website and you leave personal data on such a website, the processing of that personal data is no longer subject to this Privacy Statement but to the privacy policy, if any, of the operator of that foreign website. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement of these foreign websites.
  4. In addition to the above-mentioned objectives, we can also process your personal data:

    a) to provide you in a personalised and efficient manner with the information on products and services that you request, either through the Website, by email, by telephone or through social media channels;
    b) to process your personal data so that we can provide the Services;
    c) for direct marketing purposes, i.e. to be able to provide you with targeted communication, promotional and other offers and any other advertisements that we or our selected partners may have available. We will ask your prior permission for this;
    d) to perform statistical analyses to improve our Website and/or Services or to develop new products or services;
    e) to provide to a financial institution or payment service provider, to enable your financial institution and the payment service provider to fulfil his, her or its statutory obligations;
    f) to transmit to the police or the judicial authorities as proof of possible crimes or if there are founded suspicions of an unlawful deed or crime that you committed by means of your registration in or the use of the Website or the Services;
    g) within the context of a possible merger with, acquisition of/by or demerger by a third party, even if such third party is outside the EEA.


  1. As the data controller, we do not send your personal data to third persons in a way that you can be identified without your express permission to do so if this is not necessary to provide the Services.
  2. We can rely on external data processors to offer the Website and/or Services to you. A processor is a natural or legal person who processes personal data at the request of, or on behalf of, the controller. We ensure that third-party processors may only process your personal data on our behalf and pursuant to our written instructions. We guarantee that all external processors are selected with the necessary care, so that we can rest assured of the security and integrity of your personal data.

    We use the following categories of processors:

    a) Companies that we have engaged for analytical purposes
    b) Companies that we have engaged for hosting purposes
    c) Companies that we have engaged for administrative purposes
    d) Companies that we have engaged for communication purposes

  3. We can transmit anonymised and/or aggregated data to other organisations that can use these data to improve products and services, and to organise bespoke marketing, presentation and the sale of products and services.


  1. We and our external processors will only process your identifiable personal data in the EEA.
  2. We can transfer our anonymised and/or aggregated data to organisations outside the EEA. If such transfer is made, we shall ensure that there are appropriate guarantees to warrant the security and integrity of your personal data, and that all personal data rights that you might enjoy under applicable mandatory law are guaranteed.
  3. A transfer outside the EEA could take place through the following organisations:

  • Google Analytics – USA (Standard contractual clauses)
  • Mailchimp – USA (Standard contractual clauses)
  • SEMRush – USA (Standard contractual clauses)
  • Hotjar – (Standard contractual clauses)
  • ZOHO – EU (Standard contractual clauses)
  • HRO – EU (Standard contractual clauses)


  1. We will do our utmost to process only the personal data necessary to achieve the objectives stated in this Privacy Policy. We will process your personal data lawfully, honestly and transparently. We will do our utmost to keep the personal data accurate and up to date.
  2. Your personal data will only be processed as long as necessary to achieve the objectives stated in this Privacy Policy or until the moment at which you withdraw your processing permission. Remember that withdrawing the permission can imply that you will no longer be able to use all or part of the Website and/or Services. If you have registered on our Website, we will remove your personal data if you remove your profile, unless a statutory or regulatory obligation or a judicial or administrative order prevents us from doing so.
  3. We will take appropriate technical and organisational measures to keep your personal data secure from unauthorised access or theft and from unintentional loss, manipulation or destruction. Our personnel or the personnel of our external controllers will only be able to gain access on a need-to-know basis and this is subject to strict obligations of confidentiality. However, you should understand that the care for security and protection consists only of an obligation of means according to best efforts, which can never be guaranteed.
  4. If and when your registration on the Website or use of the Website or Services can be regarded (a) as a breach of the terms and conditions of the intellectual property rights or any other right of a third party, (b) a threat to the security or integrity of the Services, (c) a danger to our or our subcontractors’ Website, Services or systems as a result of viruses, Trojan Horses, spyware, malware or any other form of malicious code, or (d) in any manner whatsoever illegal, unlawful, discriminatory or insulting, we may process your data in our own interests, in our partners’ or in third parties’ interests.
  5. Data processing is essential for the functioning of our Website and its services. Processing is carried out only for the following specified purposes:

    a) Follow-up of information requests.
    b) Customer management: customer administration, order management, deliveries, invoicing, support, complaint monitoring and sending out newsletters.
    c) Answering and following up questions and suggestions via the chat function on the Website in a clear, pertinent and targeted manner.
    d) Following up on applications and maintaining CVs and letters of motivation for future vacancies.
    e) Management of disputes.
    f) Protection against fraud and infringements.
    g) Personalised marketing and advertising if you have expressly agreed to this. In that case, you are free to withdraw your consent at any time.
    h) When visiting the Website, some personal data are also collected for statistical purposes. Flamingo Pet Products uses Google Analytics to follow and analyse internet traffic and user surfing behaviour on the basis of these data. Thanks to the results of these analyses we can optimise the use of our Website. When you visit the Website you agree to this data collection for statistical purposes as described above.


The retention periods vary depending on the nature of the service provided. We keep your data:
  • as long as necessary for the purposes for which it is collected and processed.
  • as long as necessary to comply with our legal, contractual and legal obligations and to fulfil our commercial operational activities.
  • A maximum of 5 years for CVs and cover letters of rejected candidates. Therefore, if a vacancy arises for which you are qualified, we will still be able to contact you. You can find more information about saving CVs and motivation letters here.


  1. You have the right to request access to all the personal data that we process about you, provided you can prove your identity. However, requests for access that are clearly submitted with a view to causing us inconvenience or damage will not be dealt with.
  2. You have the right to request that any personal data about you that is incorrect or inaccurate be corrected free of charge. If you have registered on our Website, you can personally correct much of such data through your profile. If such a request is submitted, you must also enclose proof showing that the personal data for which you request correction is incorrect.
  3. You have the right to withdraw previously granted permission for the processing of your personal data. You can withdraw your permission at all times by sending an email to, or by removing your profile (if applicable).
  4. You have the right to request that personal data relating to you be removed if this is no longer needed in the light of the objectives that are outlined in this Privacy Policy or if you withdraw your processing permission. However, you must consider that a removal request to us will be assessed in the light of statutory or regulatory obligations or administrative or judicial orders, which may prevent us from removing the respective personal data.

    Removal of your personal data is possible in the following cases:

    a) Your personal data are no longer needed for the intended purpose.
    b) You revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data and there is no other legal basis for the processing of your personal data.
    c) You have lawfully lodged an objection to the processing of your personal data.
    d) Your personal data are processed in an unlawful manner;
    e) Your personal data must be removed on the basis of a legal obligation.

    The deletion of personal data is mainly related to visibility; it is possible that the deleted personal data remain stored temporarily.

  5. Instead of requesting removal, you can also request that we restrict the processing or your personal data if (a) you dispute the correctness of such data, (b) the processing is unlawful or (c) the data is no longer necessary for the objectives stated but you need it to defend yourself in judicial proceedings.
  6. You have the right to object to the processing of personal data if you can show that there are serious and justified reasons regarding special circumstances warranting such an objection. However, if the envisaged processing is noted as direct marketing, you have the right to object to such processing free of charge and without giving any reason for this.
  7. If your personal data is processed on the basis of permission or on the basis of a contract where the data is processed automatically, you have the right to receive the personal data provided to us in a structured manner and in a generally used format that can be read by a machine and, if technically possible, you have the right to directly transmit such data to another service provider. We will be the only persons to assess the technical viability of this.
  8. If you wish to submit a request to exercise one or more of the above-mentioned rights, you can send an email to Such request must clearly state what right you wish to exercise and why. We will notify you immediately when such request has been received. If it appears that the request is founded, we will grant the request as quickly as is reasonably possible and no later than thirty (30) days after the request has been received. Additional legitimation regarding your identity could be requested.
  9. If you have a complaint regarding our processing of your personal data, you can always contact us at the following email address If you are still dissatisfied with our answer, then you are at liberty to file a complaint with the Belgian Data Protection Authority, Rue de la presse 35, 1000 Brussels. For more information, go to

The original language of these terms is Dutch. Translations of these terms are merely an additional service to the user. In the event of a discrepancy between the Dutch text and the translated text, only the Dutch text shall apply.