Looking for a wonderful home for your small animal? Discover our cages with or without run, in various sizes. Choose from wooden, plastic and metal cages.

A rabbit hutch, hamster house or guinea pig hutch? Everything you need for the housing of your small animal!

Whether you have a pair of rabbits, a dwarf hamster or a group of guinea pigs, a comfortable home is very important for your small pets. A safe spot where your small animal can play, eat and enjoy wonderful naps! But what should you keep in mind when buying a small animal house or rabbit hutch? Read our tips and discover everything you need for your gnawer at Flamingo Pet Products.

Why is a small animal cage so important?

Like us humans and any other pet, small animals need a safe place where they can retreat and relax. But also a place where they can eat, play (together) and satisfy their natural needs. After all, they spend a lot of time in the rabbit hutch, guinea pig cage or hamster house. That’s why it’s so important to create a comfortable home for your pet. We know better than anyone that the large number of options doesn’t always make the choice easier, so we’re here to lend you a hand. Read on and discover the different options for your fluffy friend!

The perfect outdoor rabbit hutch or shelter

Rabbit hutches come in all shapes and sizes: large rabbit hutches, a rabbit hutch with run, a hiding place or night hutch for rabbits or even a single rabbit hutch or a double rabbit hutch. There’s also a difference in the materials used. In our assortment you’ll find rabbit hutches made of wood as well as plastic rabbit hutches. But what should you pay attention to? Which hutch is suitable for your rabbits and what should definitely not be missing in your rabbit hutch? Below is a list of the most important points to consider:
Space – Go for a rabbit hutch that offers enough space for your rabbit(s). These energetic animals need space to jump, run and sprint! If you’re looking for a rabbit hutch for 2 rabbits, a rabbit run can also be useful for extra space.
Material – Keep in mind that gnawing is a natural need of your rabbit. Protect your rabbit hutch from these sharp teeth and provide plenty of alternative gnawing materials for your bunny. Does your rabbit particularly like to gnaw a lot? Then take a look at the plastic rabbit hutches in our range.
A night hutch – It’s always an advantage if the rabbit hutch is equipped with a (partially) enclosed night hutch. On the one hand, it can serve as an ideal place for an afternoon nap, but on the other hand it can also provide shelter in case of bad weather conditions. You can also create your own night hutch by adding a small hiding place to the run or rabbit hutch. Especially if you keep several rabbits together, it’s a good idea to set up several hiding places so that they’ll have enough space!
Food and drink – Of course, there must be a place to eat and drink. Make sure that the water bottle or drinking bowl isn’t in direct sunlight. Don't put your rabbit's hay in the rain and make sure that the feeding bowl is in a place where it stays dry and clean.
Tip! Also create a special 'toilet area' where your rabbit can do its business. Rabbits are hygienic animals and can be housetrained easily. It’s therefore a good idea to also provide a rabbit toilet and thus ensure a clean rabbit hutch.

Indoor rabbit shelters

Did you know that more and more rabbits are being kept as house pets? Rabbits can be housetrained very easily with the right training and it’s great fun to have them around the house! Does your rabbit live indoors? Also for these rabbits and small animals a hiding place is a must-have. This way they always have access to their own cosy spot in the house where they can feel safe, rest comfortably and dream in peace. Of course, you can put a rabbit hutch in the house, but you can also set up one or more hiding places. Take a look at our hiding places for rabbits and get inspired.

The ideal hamster house for your (dwarf) hamster

Dwarf hamster, golden hamster, Campbell, Roborovski or Chinese hamster: they all need a nice place to stay. This starts with a comfortable hamster cage, but that's not enough, the way you furnish your pet’s cage is also important for your hamster’s health, well-being and mood. Did you know that hamsters in the wild sleep in a burrow under the ground? They do this because it gives them a sense of security away from predators and civilisation. Hamsters like to sleep in hidden places in the hamster cage. A comfortable hamster house is essential for your hamster, as are some nesting materials. A small animal house where your hamster can retreat and enjoy a carefree sleep. In addition to wooden and plastic hamster houses, the Flamingo range also includes hamster houses with a bridge, steps and swings. This will turn your hamster cage into a paradise for your hamster! 

More small animal houses made of wood, plastic or textile!

In addition to rabbit hutches, hamster hiding places and night-hutches for rabbits living at home, you’ll of course find more for your small friend at Flamingo. A guinea pig house made from wood, for example, or a ceramic hiding place for your tame rat. Our natural small animal houses made of braided hay and various houses made of textile are also popular with many small animals! In short, there’s a suitable house for every rabbit and small animal at Flamingo for hours of snoozing! Let us inspire your rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, ferret, gerbil or chinchilla and discover our range at one of our numerous specialist retailers.

De keuze in konijnenhokken is enorm; grote konijnenhokken, kleine konijnenhokjes, een konijnenhok met ren of juist zonder. Bekijk de mogelijkheden en laat je inspireren in het assortiment van Flamingo Pet Products.
Deze kleine huisdieren slapen graag verscholen, op een veilige plek in het verblijf. Een schuilhuisje in het knaagdierverblijf plaatsen is een goede manier om deze plek te bieden. Zowel konijnen als knaagdieren zullen hier dankbaar gebruik van maken.
Je kunt ervoor kiezen het schuilhuisje te vullen met nestmateriaal. Let er wel op dat je het juiste materiaal gebruikt. Zo kies je voor jouw hamster bijvoorbeeld voor hamsternestmateriaal en voor jouw konijn dat buiten woont eerder warm materiaal zoals stro.
In ons assortiment vind je zowel schuilhuisjes van veilige houtsoorten en grassoorten maar ook textiel, keramiek én steen vallen onder de mogelijkheden. Let er op dat je kiest voor veilige materialen óf materiaal dat geschikt is voor knagen.