Resting places

Super cosy, washable, orthopaedic or cooling: at Flamingo you'll find baskets, cushions or blankets for each dog. Discover our resting places for your pet pal.

 A dog basket is the ideal place to enjoy the ultimate rest.

When you first get a dog, a nice dog basket is one of the first purchases you think of. After all, a good place to sleep is important for getting the best possible nightÔÇÖs sleep and ensuring your four-legged friend remains good-tempered. With a range that increases every month, we are sure to have the perfect basket for you. Whether you want a water-repellent pillow for your German Shepherd or a fluffy one for your Maltese. Our dog shop always has a cosy place for your dog to sleep: big, small, cool or cute.

Sleeping places in all shapes, sizes and variants

From a soft snoozle dog basket for your puppy, to an orthopaedic dog pillow for your older dog. Choosing the right place to sleep for your dog is not something you do every day, and nobody understands this better than us. You want to make a choice that suits you, offers the best comfort for your dog, and ensures a good nightÔÇÖs sleep. This starts with the shape, while the filling and choice of materials is also important. In addition, you probably want your dogÔÇÖs sleeping place to match your budget, taste and interior style. Read on and find out more about what we have to offer for snoozing away the hours in style.

What are the requirements of a good sleeping place for your dog?

Sleep is important, not only for humans but also dogs. A comfortable place to sleep naturally contributes to this. The comfort, warmth and sense of security provides a nice place in the house for optimal rest. This rest is necessary for physical and mental recovery after a great day of playing, training, running and romping. The perfect sleeping place offers your dog:
  • Comfort and convenience during naps
  • Physical and mental rest
  • Enough space to get into the ideal sleeping position
  • Warmth on colder days or cooling on summer days
  • Support during a nightÔÇÖs sleep and during naps
  • Safety and a sense of security

Dog baskets in different shapes

A place to sleep is only good enough if it meets the sleeperÔÇÖs requirements. The shape of the sleeping place plays a major part in this. Every dog is an individual with its own requirements and preferences. Your dog probably also has a favourite sleeping position. A position in which your dog feels safe and comfortable. Does your little four-legged friend like to sleep in a rolled doughnut shape? Then choose a cosy round dog basket, possibly in combination with a nice warm dog blanket. Does your dog like to stretch out? Then choose a sturdy rectangular dog cushion with sufficient area for him/her to lie down and stretch. Our dog shop contains all imaginable shapes of baskets and cushions; oval, rectangular, octagonal, hexagonal, and of course, the wonderfully warm doughnut dog basket. This means you will always find the perfect shape for your dogÔÇÖs favourite sleeping position.

Dog beds and the most ideal filling

In addition to comfort, a dog bed must also offer sufficient support. Choosing the right filling is therefore very important. Our range contains special memory foam fillings. These ergonomic beds are also called orthopaedic dog baskets. They provide optimal support and pressure distribution for the body during rest. Ideal for older dogs or dogs with joint problems. But we donÔÇÖt just offer high-tech fillings. Choose a polyester filling with a fluffy dog basket for extra warmth on cold days, or a practical washable dog cushion with a high-quality springy foam filling.

Material choice for dog cushions and baskets

Your dogÔÇÖs perfect resting place is not only comfortable, it should look good as well. We have a rich assortment of stylish materials in our dog shop. Choose a material that matches your interior for the perfect overall picture. Do you have a rural interior? Take a look at our wooden dog baskets or shop for a nice wicker dog basket. Are you looking for something to fit a minimalist modern interior? You will almost certainly succeed in finding something from our ÔÇťFlamingo First ClassÔÇŁ collection with high-quality luxury dog beds, or even in the dog furniture category.

Sleeping places with functional options

Are you of the opinion that your purchase needs to be at least as practical as it is comfortable? Then use a filter on our resting places for the dog category page. A filter will help streamline the search for the right choice for your beloved four-legged friend. You can select specific characteristics that are important to you. These include:
  • A removable cover
  • Strong and sustainable
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-slip underside
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Zipped
  • Super soft and comfy
  • Water-resistant and dirt-resistant
  • Functional baskets for every season

Our varied assortment contains dog baskets for every season. Warm items for winter days, air-permeable baskets for the spring, and special cushions and mats for the summer. The latter are known as cooling mats or cooling baskets. These resting places contain a cooling gel filling that cools your four-legged friend and helps prevent overheating. We also have the perfect place to sleep during the rainy season. Our plastic baskets and dirt and water repellent dog cushions are perfect for these times. Ideal for dirty feet after a lovely long walk in the woods. So you see, we really do have something to offer any dog the ideal place to sleep in any season.
Would you like some assistance in making the right choice? Or do have any doubts about whether your chosen dog basket is large enough? Be sure to visit our blog: ÔÇťWhat size dog basket do I need for my dogÔÇŁ for more information.

In a nutshell

Ga je voor een fluffy hondenmand, een luxe hondenbed of ga je voor praktisch en kies je daarom liever voor een hondenmand uit kunststof? Bekijk de mogelijkheden in de Flamingo-hondenwinkel en vind de meest ideale hondenmand voor jouw hond!
Een fijne plek om te slapen biedt comfort, veiligheid ├ęn is goed voor zoete dromen. Bij het kopen van een hondenmand dien je vooral rekening te houden met de wensen van de slaper. Maar ook de vorm, materialen ├ęn vulling zijn belangrijk om naar te kijken.
Volmondig ja! Net zoals wij mensen houden honden ├│├│k van een fijne slaapplaats in huis. Goede nachtrust draagt bij aan de gezondheid en het humeur van jouw hond. Maar een goede slaapplaats biedt meer dan dat. Ontdek de voordelen in ons assortiment.
Kies een hondenmand die bij jouw budget past. Ontdek onze goedkope budgethondenmanden, luxueuze, duurzame hondenmanden en alles wat daartussen valt. Er valt voor elke hond, elk baasje ├ęn ieder budget een hondenmand te vinden in het assortiment van Flamingo.