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Cat litter boxes, cat litter or a cat litter scoop, everything for good hygiene at home

It’s one of the first things you think of when a kitten or cat moves into your house: a cat litter box. Perhaps not surprisingly so, because a litter box ensures good hygiene and keeps bad odours away. But which cat litter box is the right one for your cat? On this page you’ll find everything you need to know about litter boxes and we take a look at some very useful cat litter box accessories. Read along!

Cat litter tray versus cat toilet

A litter box is extremely important if you have one or several cats living in your house. Cats are hygienic animals and like to have their own clean spot in the house where they can do their business. A cat toilet is of course ideal for this. In our cat shop you’ll find a wide range of cat litter boxes. Check out our closed cat toilets with door, our open litter trays for kittens or our extra-large cat toilets for your large cat. With a range of at least 50 different types of litter boxes, there is bound to be a suitable litter box for each cat.

What is the best cat litter for your cat?

Good cat litter prevents odours from escaping the box and keeps it dry. In addition, good cat litter makes your cat want to use the litter box. Cats like to do their business in a clean and fresh place. In our assortment you’ll find different types of cat litter:
  • Bentonite cat litter: This cat litter consists of clay, called bentonite. It’s designed for easy removal of waste without the need to unload the entire tray. Bentonite cat litter is relatively economical in use and almost dust-free. Our best-selling cat litter is also a bentonite variant, namely cat litter with baby powder. This litter has all the advantages of bentonite litter and also smells pleasantly of baby powder.
  • Silica cat litter: This cat litter is made on the basis of natural minerals. The minerals have the natural property of optimally absorbing moisture and ammonia. An additional advantage of this cat litter is that it fights mould and bacteria in the litter tray. Furthermore, silica is a dust-free cat litter. This makes it ideal for sensitive cats and for households where dust is a problem, e.g. due to allergies.
  • Cat litter wood pellets: Do you prefer natural cat litter? Then our wood pellets for the cat litter tray are a perfect choice. This cat litter is made from pressed wood fibres and sawdust, pure nature! The filling has a high absorption capacity and combats odours through the use of natural materials. Another plus: the wood pellets can simply be disposed of in the organic waste bin. Super convenient!

Cat litter mat

Cat litter somehow always seems to end up all over the house. Especially after digging in feces, the litter can remain between your cat’s paws and is then left behind on your couch, doormat or kitchen counter. Annoying and not at all hygienic. A cat litter mat will help you to prevent your cat from doing this. The cat litter mat traps litter that would otherwise spread on your floor. Practical, convenient and hygienic: a litter mat near the toilet is definitely a must-have.

How often should you clean the litter box?

Does your cat no longer use the litter box? A dirty litter box can be an important reason for this. Therefore, regular cleaning of the toilet is necessary. The feces should be scooped out at least once every day and clean the litter box completely once or twice a week. This means: remove all the litter, wash out the litter tray with hot water and some washing-up liquid, dry it and pour in clean litter.

Cat litter scoop, cat litter bags and cat litter deo

Cleaning the litter box is not something most people enjoy doing. This is of course understandable. Use a cat litter bag, so you can remove the cat litter with the bag in one go. Use a cat litter scoop to scoop out the solid waste or discover our cat litter deo for a pleasant scent. Easy-peasy! With the right cat litter, cleaning the litter box is a piece of cake.

4 tips on how to use a litter box

Domestic cats are quick learners. Kittens usually already learn from their mother what a litter tray is for. However, it can happen that your cat doesn’t want to use her litter box. This can have several reasons. With the following tips, we hope to help you on your way:
Tip 1: Choose the right litter box. Does your cat like to do her business in privacy? Then choose a closed litter box. If your kitten is not yet familiar with the litter box, then it can be helpful to use an open litter box without a lid, since this type of box is more accessible and easier to use for your small feline friend.
Tip 2: Use the right kind of cat litter. Sometimes your kitten or cat doesn't like the cat litter. So feel free to try out different options. This way you can find out which cat litter is best for your cat.
Tip 3: Put the litter box in the right place in the house. Choose a quiet place in the house to which your cat has access at all times and where she can do its business in peace. Don't put the litter box next to your cat's feeding and drinking bowl either. This could cause your cat to eat or drink less or not at all.
Tip 4: Make sure your litter box is clean and kept clean. We already mentioned it a few times: cats like a clean litter box. Is the litter box used and therefore dirty? Then it’s possible that your cat will do her business elsewhere because of this. More than one cat in the house? Then it’s a good idea to set up several litter boxes.

In a nutshell

An open litter box, a closed litter box, a litter box with a door or a litter box with a filter. The choice in the world of cat litter boxes is huge, discover the possibilities in our cat shop.
Which one is best depends on what you and your cat want. Do you go for clumping cat litter, cat litter for sensitive cats or do you prefer 100% natural cat litter? The choice is yours.
Make it easy on yourself by using practical tools. Think, for example, about a cat litter bag, a cat litter scoop or a cat litter deo. 
Choose the right shape of litter box, the best litter for your situation and place the litter box in the right place in the house. For more tips on using a litter tray, see above.