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Working for Flamingo Pet Products

At Flamingo Pet Products our aim is to strengthen the bond between pets and pet parents. Interested in being part of this life-changing service? Check out our current job vacancies and join our team!

We care about pets!


As a Belgian supplier of pet accessories and snacks, at Flamingo Pet Products we focus on improving the bond between each pet and each pet parent. For more than 50 years it has been our mission to bring pets and pet parents closer together and help them live happy lives. Join our team and help us create a strong connection between pets and pet parents!

Flamingo has become a well-established name within the Campine region (Northern Belgium), but also far beyond. We are currently active in >65 countries. Our range of 8,500 products makes sure that wholesalers, pet shops, garden centres, super markets, grooming salon owners … can find whatever they want for a complete pet shop or department. And we like to treat our customers, pets and pet parents with new products every month.

Check out our job vacancies

Flamingo as employer

Our friendly atmosphere and open culture make employees feel at home right away. At Flamingo you’ll be part of a team that is the perfect mix of brand new teammates and old dogs. Some of them have been with us for 20 years now. But our growth in recent years gave us the chance to add some fresh enthusiasm to our team. And it’s our ambition to keep growing. Maybe you can soon be part of our enthusiastic Flamingo-team too, who knows?

Flamingo in numbers
  • 8500 products
  • 33 500 m2 warehouse
  • Currently active in >65 countries 
  • Established in 1972 
  • 200+ staff members

Why work for Flamingo?

Ready for a new challenge? Do you want to improve the lives of owners and their pets? Find out below why Flamingo is the right employer for you.
Fringe benefits

We offer you group insurance to build up your retirement savings pot, DKV-hospitalisation insurance to recover without worries and meal vouchers for a daily tasty homemade (or takeaway 😉) meal.


Now and then we like to treat our staff members with something extra. Think of fresh fruit in the workplace and regular visits from a food truck.

Flamingo products

Do you have one or more pets of your own? And would you like to spoil your loyal friend? Then Flamingo is the place to be.

Easily accessible

Our head office is located close to the E313 and is therefore very easy to reach. This means, you don't have to start or end your working day worrying about traffic. Or you can lease an electric bicycle and ride along the bicycle highway next to the canal, which is not only good for your health, but also for the environment!

Stable sector

Pets and pet parents really connect with our products. And people will always be there for their loving companions even when times are tough, making the pet industry a very stable industry to work in.

Personal development

We give you the space to grow and learn. Do you need to expand your expertise? We provide the appropriate training where necessary.

Meet some of your future colleagues

Eager to discover your workplace and meet new colleagues? Then apply quickly to one of our vacancies.


Thanks to our partners and the efforts of our employees, our company is growing strongly. Would you like to join a growing company that makes the lives of pets and their parents more enjoyable? Apply today! 👇

Our job vacancies are only available in Dutch. Check out our job vacancies in Dutch here.
Junior Business Intelligence Developer
Junior Business Intelligence Developer
Als Business Intelligence Developer ben je verantwoordelijk voor het ontwikkelen, onderhouden en verbeteren van onze business intelligence-oplossingen.
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Export Manager Americas (South & North) & Spain
Export Manager Americas (South & North) & Spain
As a passionate negotiator fluent in Spanish, you persuade clients about our pet products with commercial acumen. You cultivate customer relationships to drive portfolio growth.
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Magazijnmedewerker orderpicking (voltijds)
Olen (BE)
Magazijnmedewerker orderpicking (voltijds)
Als magazijnmedewerker werk je in ons splinternieuw magazijn en pick je accessoires die baasjes nodig hebben voor hun huisdieren: hondenspeelgoed, kattenbakvulling, snacks enzovoort. Daarnaast zorgen andere taken in het magazijn voor afwisseling.
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