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Cat harness, collar or Flexi leash? Send your cat on her way safely!

Does your cat have a certain urge to be free and does she like to run around the garden in search of new adventures? Is she a daredevil who likes to roam the streets and really enjoys the fresh air? Then you've come to the right place. At Flamingo, we know better than anyone how much cats can enjoy a walk in the fresh air. But how do you go about it? Of course, you want your beloved pedigree cat to be able to return home safely ...

Is walking your kitten or cat a good idea?

You see them everywhere, on the street, in the park and in the city: dogs walking on a leash. But walking cats on a leash seems to be a lot less popular. But did you know that a lot of cats can really enjoy a walk? Many house cats don’t have the opportunity to go out in the fresh air. But even these cats can really enjoy a nice walk. Primarily because it's fun, but the exercise your cat gets is also extremely healthy! Do you want your house cat, pedigree cat or kitten to enjoy the outdoors? Then walking your cat is bound to be fun! In addition, joint walks strengthen the bond between pets and their parent. Walking your cat has many benefits, but how do you go about it? Read on and discover the possibilities for your kitten or cat.

Cat and kitten collars for on the road

cat collar is great for cats that like to be out on their own. But they’re also perfect for cats that are used to walking on a leash. If your kitten or cat isn’t used to leash-walking, a collar is less useful. In case of unexpected movements, collars aren’t a great choice for cats. In this case, it’s better to go for a good cat or kitten harness. In our cat shop you’ll find a wide range of cat collars: a cat collar with a belladjustable cat collars and of course cat collars in all kinds of colours. There’s something for each single cat!

A comfortable harness for cats and kittens

For kittens and cats that aren’t used to leash-walking, it’s better to go for a good cat or kitten harness. A cat harness evenly distributes pressure across the cat's body and prevents your pet from getting out of the harness in case of unexpected movements during the walk. Choose a cat harness that fits snugly around your cat’s body or an adjustable harness for a comfortable fit. In our range you’ll also find a cat harness with a leash. This way you’re immediately ready to go for a walk!

Flexi cat leash for more control when walking your cat

In addition to a good cat harness or collar you’ll also need a leash for your cat. A leash ensures that you remain in control of your cat or kitten, so that she doesn’t escape or run away during a walk. In our range you’ll find Flexi cat leashes, these are very handy and practical in use. The leashes are retractable, which is very handy when your cat starts to explore things while walking. In addition, the Flexi lines offer a lot of grip and are comfortable to hold, not unimportant either!

Cat safety collars

Does your pet like to go out on its own? Then make sure that your feline friend is safe. Especially in the dark, it’s important that your cat stands out in traffic. Don't let your cat go outside during dark days without a luminous collar or cat collar with reflective stripes. Our cat collars with light are perfect for a nice evening walk in the dark. They can be cut to size, are rechargeable and with a visibility of up to 500 metres, your cat will always be highly visible! This way you can be sure that your cat is safe on the road, even in the dark.

Address tubes and collar tags for cats

Speaking of safety: the address tube for cat collars! Most cats are able to find their way back home just fine. However, something can always happen on the way. It’s nice when you can be sure that your cat will come home or can be brought home. Then an address tube is the perfect solution. Put a note in the tube with your address and contact details so your cat can always return home safely.

Leash-walking your cat

Do you want your cat to enjoy the fresh air, but don't you feel like going for a walk? Or would you like to go out yourself, but your cat is less enthusiastic? Then take a look at our tie out leashes for cats. These cat leashes can be used in the garden or on the balcony, giving your cat the freedom to roam around in the fresh air. 

How to get your cat to go on a walk with you?

Walking your cat requires some preparation. First of all, it’s important to buy the right walking equipment, as we’ve already mentioned above. It’s also very important to get your cat used to a cat collar or harness. It’s best to do this indoors in a familiar environment. The key to getting your cat used to a harness or collar is making it a positive experience. Once your cat is totally at ease and used to the harness indoors, you can start taking steps outside the door.

More fun for your cat?

In addition to practical accessories for on the go, we offer even more for your pussycat here. From the most beautiful scratching trees to practical cat litter and from challenging interactive cat toys to cat litter trays! Our cat shop offers a complete range for each cat!

In a nutshell

With the right preparation and a bit of patience, walking your cat is a lot of fun. Many cats also enjoy taking part in a joint walk. Read some useful tips above for a great start!
You can walk your cat with a cat harness and leash. Many cats find wearing a harness exciting at first. Above you can read a useful step-by-step plan on how to proceed.
Would you like to keep your cat in the garden or on the balcony? This is possible by using a cat safety net. These nets prevent escape, but still allow plenty of freedom. Ideal for adventurous house tigers!
Is your cat regularly out and about at night or on dark evenings? Then a light is extremely important. Check out all the cat products for high visibility on the road and safe adventures in the dark.