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A hamster house, hammock or guinea pig house? Everything your small animal needs for a lovely nap!

A lovely basket for your rabbit, a hamster house or a house for your guinea pig? Just like humans, small animals and rabbits also need a nice place to sleep. But what kind of sleeping place is suitable for your pet? And what should you keep in mind when choosing a nice sleeping place for your small? Let us inform you and get inspired by our small animal range.

How do rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and other small animals sleep?

Rabbits and small animals are prey animals, and this is reflected in their behaviour. A prey animal prefers to flee rather than fight. This is also clearly reflected in their sleeping behaviour. Rabbits and small animals particularly like to sleep in sheltered and safe hiding places. Rabbits, for example, dig long tunnels, burrows and holes under the ground to nap safely and in peace. This is also true for hamsters, gerbils and other small animals. Guinea pigs are not such passionate burrowers, but are very clever. They use empty burrows and passages of other animals. In short, all small animals look for a place to rest. Many of them even sleep underground.

Why do small animals and rabbits prefer to sleep underground?

As mentioned above, many small animals prefer to rest underground. A network of tunnels, a burrow or even a hole they have dug themselves provides the necessary protection and safety. Prey animals are primarily concerned with self-protection. They like to keep an eye on everything and are very cautious. Danger can arise at any time in the eyes of a prey animal. For this reason, small animals and rabbits prefer to sleep in a closed space, a secure and safe place where predators have no chance and they can enjoy total peace and quiet.

What is the ideal sleeping place for your small animal?

The ideal sleeping place offers your pet both safety and a feeling of security. In general, this applies to all small animals, but there are some small differences. For example, think about the material: rabbits and small animals are known for their gnawing behaviour. It’s therefore advisable to take this into account. But also the size of the sleeping place is very important. A Flemish giant in a hamster house isn’t a good plan. The options for each small animal and the benefits of these sleeping places are explained below. 

A safe sleeping place for your rabbit

Rabbits sleep mainly during the day and are most active at night. A rabbit sleeps about 10 hours a day but divides this into small naps interspersed with activity. Did you know that many rabbits even sleep with their eyes open? This is because they are always alert to their surroundings and the possible chance of predators. Rabbits therefore prefer a closed sleeping area, an area where they don’t have to fear the arrival of a predator. Does your rabbit live outside? Then a wooden hiding place is the ideal sleeping place for your rabbit. The security, the feeling of safety but also the warmth will give your rabbit a great night's rest. Does your rabbit live inside the house? There are different options here too! How about a nice rabbit basket or a rabbit house made of fabric? Choose a hiding or sleeping place that offers enough space for your rabbits. Rabbits are group animals and a lot of time is spent simply snuggled up together sleeping.

A comfortable sleeping place for your hamster!

Like rabbits, hamsters in the wild often sleep underground. A good, safe sleeping place is therefore a must in the hamster cage. In the wild, hamsters prefer to sleep in their own underground tunnels. They dig until they find the perfect place to sleep. You can best mimic their natural sleeping habitat by adding a hamster house to the cage. You can choose between a hamster tunnel, a plastic hamster house or a natural wooden hamster house. Tip: Fill the hamster house with plenty of nesting material so that your hamster can build its own nest and enjoy absolute peace and quiet after playing in the hamster cage.

The perfect place to sleep for your guinea pigs!

As mentioned above, guinea pigs don’t like to dig, but use their knowledge and experience to find the right place to sleep. They use abandoned burrows of other animals to sleep in. It's up to you whether or not to create this sleeping space in the cage of your little gnawer. Use a guinea pig sleeping bag or a house made from wood or plastic to give your guinea pig a place to retreat to. Guinea pigs are also social animals. So make sure that your guinea pig's hiding place is big enough for them to snuggle up together. This provides a sense of security and warmth while they’re asleep.

Sleeping places for your tame rat

The rat is also a popular pet among small animals. This isn’t surprising, as rats are easy to tame and incredibly fun pets. They’re also very mobile, which makes the possibilities for rat sleeping places enormous. In our small animal shop, for example, you can find cute little hammocks for rats, which are the ideal place for your rat to nap, but are also challenging for fun play sessions. Also small houses with hooks for hanging and bridges where your rat can show its climbing skills are fun for in the rat cage. In our small animal shop you’ll find great items for your tame rat! Discover the best small animal accessories for your rat and get inspired.

More fun items for your small animal?

Besides hamster houses, hammocks for rats, guinea pig houses and baskets for rabbits, you’ll find more for your pet at Flamingo. Flamingo Pet Products is a wholesaler for all pet supplies! The loveliest hamster cages, largest rabbit cages and nicest guinea pig cages, but also toys for your little gnawer and everything for the ideal care of your hamster, guinea pig, gerbil, chinchilla or rabbit! Discover the wide range of products and get inspired.

De ideale slaapplaats voor jouw konijn of knager is een geborgen, veilig én fijn plekje. Kies voor de juiste grootte voor jouw huisdier én het juiste materiaal! Lees hierboven meer informatie over slaapplaatsen voor konijnen, hamsters, cavia’s en de tamme rat!
Woont jouw konijn buiten? Kies dan voor een weersbestendig konijnenhuisje van hout of kunststof. Woont jouw konijn binnen dan is het ook mogelijk te kiezen voor een konijnenmandje of huisje van stof.
Hamsters houden ervan zichzelf in te graven voor het slapengaan. Vul jouw hamsterhuisje met lekker warm én veilig nestmateriaal om dit mogelijk te maken! 
Hamsterhuisjes, een slaapzak voor jouw cavia of een hangmat voor jouw rat? De keuze op het gebied van slaapplaatsen voor knagers is enorm, bekijk en ontdek de mogelijkheden in onze knaagdierwinkel.