Eat & drink

Encourage your cat to eat and drink sufficiently with our range of feeding bowls, drinking bowls, automatic feeders and drinking fountains for cats.

Dinner time! Feeding bowls, drinking bowls and drinking fountains for your cat!

Ceramic feeding bowls, plastic drinking bowls, practical food dispensers or a drinking fountain for your cat. Are you looking for a cat feeding bowl, but don't you know which one is the best choice for your cat? Scroll through our cat shop or read on and discover the possibilities!

Different types of feeding bowls for your cat

Let's start with the different types of cat bowls in our range. The Flamingo range offers a large selection of bowls for your cat. From a raised feeding bowl to double feeding bowls or even an ergonomic feeding bowl. But which bowl do you choose for your cat? This is mainly a matter of taste, but the different types of bowls also have practical advantages. It’s therefore important to determine which advantages are important for you. Choose a dishwasher safe bowl, a feeding bowl that is adjustable in height or even an automatic feeding bowl for your cat. Read on for more options.

Automatic cat feeding bowl, convenient and practical

An automatic feeding bowl for your cat is extremely practical and handy. These feeding bowls are equipped with a timer which you can set yourself. In the Flamingo cat shop you’ll even find an automatic feeder with several compartments, which can be programmed separately. This makes it possible to provide your cat with fresh food for a longer period of time. Super handy when going away for the weekend!

Different types of drinking bowls for your cat

A drinking bowl is without a doubt essential to your range of cat products. A drinking bowl that satisfies your cat's need for water, because also for cats applies: always keep drinking! Many people choose a drinking bowl based on its appearance, but did you know that the choice of drinking bowl can influence your cat's drinking behaviour? Do you have a cat with a flat nose like a Persian, then it’s best to choose a flat bowl. This prevents your Persian from having to dip her entire nose into the bowl to drink. For larger cat breeds it’s recommended to choose a heavy bowl, such as one made of ceramic. This prevents the bowl from being knocked over. Browse through our range of drinking bowls and use the filters on the website to find the ideal drinking bowl for your cat.

A cat drinking fountain, drinking in style

We’ve already mentioned it above: always keep drinking. It’s important that your cat, like any other animal, always drinks sufficient water. An adult male or female cat drinks an average of 40 to 50 ml per day. Yet some cats drink little, sometimes even too little. In order to positively stimulate your cat's drinking behaviour you can use a water fountain for cats. The water fountains provide flowing drinking water at all times, which makes it even more interesting! In addition, the drinking water from a drinking fountain is fresher due to the use of a filter. The use of a cat fountain is also ideal when you’re away from home for a while, as the drinking fountains have a reservoir of up to 2 litres! This way, your cat is sure to have water available for several days.

Materials for cat drinking and feeding bowls

Feeding and drinking bowls for cats are available in different materials. In our assortment you’ll find feeding and drinking bowls made of ceramicstainless steelmelamineplastic and even cat feeding bowls made of recycled material. As described above, it’s recommended to choose the right material for your cat. For example, if you choose a lightweight plastic bowl for your Maine Coon, there’s a good chance she’ll knock it over, so it’s better to choose a heavy bowl. Choosing the right material also has an impact on hygiene. Always choose a bowl that you can easily clean and keep clean.

Tip on where to put your cat’s feeding and drinking bowls

Many people choose to place the litter tray, feeding bowl and drinking bowl in one place. This isn’t surprising, because this way everything is completely lined up next to each other. However, this isn’t recommended, as it’s unnatural and your cat may eat or drink less. In nature, cats never do their business next to the places where they eat and drink. Therefore, always place the feeding bowl and drinking bowl away from the litter tray. It’s best not to put the drinking bowl directly next to the feeding bowl, but somewhere else. If you have a cat who eats or drinks badly, it’s certainly worth applying this tip.

More accessories for your kitten, cat or tomcat?

In addition to a wide range of feeding bowls, drinking bowls, dispensers and drinking fountains, we have much more in store for your faithful companion. How about a nice and warm cat basket, a fun cat dangler or a new litter box? Check out the Flamingo-range for your pet and discover the possibilities!

In a nutshell

There are many different feeding bowls for cats. From heavy ceramic bowls to lightweight plastic bowls for kittens. Also take a look at our automatic feeders, which are ideal when you’re away for the weekend.
Drinking from a cat drinking fountain stimulates your kitten or cat's drinking behaviour. In addition, a cat drinking fountain provides filtered and flowing fresh water. Want to know more about the benefits of a cat drinking fountain? Read above why a drinking fountain is the ideal way to encourage your cat to drink.
Never place your cat's feeding and drinking bowl near the litter box. This can cause your cat to eat less or not at all. Looking for the right place in the house for the feeding and drinking bowls? Read our tips above!