Innovative fibre film leads to significant waste and CO2 reduction


Innovative fibre film leads to significant waste and CO2 reduction 

At Flamingo, we constantly strive to take our environmental responsibility seriously and bring about positive changes. As a tangible result of our commitment, we have proudly published our very first Sustainability Report , a document that reflects our commitment to transparency and responsibility.

Flamingo's Positive Innovation

A notable milestone in Flamingo's commitment to sustainability is the introduction of innovative fibre film for pallet packaging, which we highlighted as an "innovative, sustainable impulse" in our partnership campaign with VOKA (a Flemish employers' organisation).
This pioneering fibre film has delivered impressive results in the first half of 2023: a whopping 64% reduction in plastic waste and a remarkable 133% reduction in CO2 emissions when packing pallets of pet accessories. Most important of all, these savings were achieved without any loss of stability during the packaging process.

Sustainability is our goal

We are determined to continue our sustainability efforts and to keep searching for innovative solutions that reduce our company's ecological footprint. Our focus is not only on reducing our impact but also on driving positive changes in the industry as a whole.
For those who are curious about the other steps we are taking in our pursuit of corporate social responsibility, you can take a look at our sustainability page. Here, we share more information about our efforts, goals, and the progress we are making.
With the results of our innovative fibre film as evidence of what is possible, we remain committed to innovating and creating a more sustainable future for our planet and future generations.

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