The pet trends of the upcoming year

31/01/2024 General

From supplements to sustainability: the pet trends of the upcoming year

Just like every year, there are many trends in the pet industry in 2024. These developments are driven by technological innovations, increased environmental awareness, and a clear focus on the health and well-being of pets. All these factors play a crucial role in enabling pet parents to not only better understand their pets but also to provide optimal care, strengthening the bond between humans and animals. 

The emerging trends emphasise the importance of the bond between pets and their pet parents, and increasingly, the role that pets play within the family. Learn more about the promising trends that will shape the pet care sector in 2024, from supplements to sustainability, in this article.
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Pet supplements are gaining popularity

In addition to the overall focus on their own health, pet parents are now placing even greater emphasis on the well-being of their furry companions. As a result, pet supplements are increasingly becoming popular and are being recommended more frequently by veterinarians. 

From dog vitamins to cat fish oil and probiotics, the range is extensive. These are just a few examples of popular pet supplements.

At Flamingo too, we are strongly committed to this, as we too believe in the importance of a healthy pet. We have introduced a new range of dog treats with collagen. These grain-free snacks contain collagen, which promotes healthy skin and joints, as well as a shiny coat. The glucosamine and chondroitin in the treats provide additional support. Additionally, they contain natural preservatives and are made in Europe.

Discover the range here.

Innovative Product Categories

Traditionally, in the pet industry, there are several product categories such as food, toys, sleeping places, grooming, etc. However, more and more innovative categories pop up.

Here you can mainly find grooming products for your pets, such as grooming wipes, but also shampoo. Our product range at Flamingo already includes some of these items, and we are continuously expanding our offerings. This way, you already have a bit of an idea about what to expect from our new products, and of course, all these products are natural!

Choose quality

Pet parents buy everything, no matter what product, to make their pets happier and strengthen their bond. This applies to quality or even luxury items as well.

The choice for quality products has already increased in recent years and this will continue to be the case in 2024. The best cat litter, the most stable scratching post, the most comfortable dog bed. You name it, pet parents choose the very best. Because a happy pet means an even happier owner!

At Flamingo, we also have some premium items in our range of 8,500 products, which you can check out here in our First Class Selection .

Sustainability remains the ambition

The importance of sustainability in the pet sector continues to grow, also in 2024. Consumers place a high value on the sustainable production of products, as well as sustainable packaging (recyclable, compostable, refillable, etc.), and that's what we aim for at Flamingo too.

When consumers are faced with the choice between sustainable and non-sustainable, the vast majority will choose the sustainable alternative, and this trend is expected to increase in the future. As a wholesaler of pet supplies, it's therefore also important to offer a green range.

In our range, you can already find compostable poo bags and cat litter, washable training pads, recyclable feeding bowls, and sustainable dog and cat beds. You can read more about that here .

In addition, we are working on developing sustainable products made from recycled or renewable materials. Flamingo also strives to make its packaging as sustainable as possible, using recyclable materials and using as little plastic as possible.

Ever heard of peternity leave?

Every year, there is also a slightly crazy trend on the list, including weight-loss programs for obese cats and even cat and dog restaurants in Asia. In the United States, there's even a television channel dedicated specifically to dogs who are home alone.

In 2024, peternity leave has become a notable topic of discussion. In this case, employees receive special (paid) days off to take care of a kitten or a puppy. Mars Petcare for example, known for brands such as Pedigree and Whiskas, offers ten hours of peternity leave. After this period, employees have the option to bring their dog or cat to the company's pet care facility.

A similar initiative recently took place at Petz, a Brazilian retailer, offering its employees two days of paid holiday when adopting a pet. Not only companies in the pet industry are participating: the Scottish beer brand Brewdog and the technology company Bitlol Solutions grant their employees an additional week off to take care of puppies or sick dogs. At MParticle, another technology company, employees can even take two weeks of peternity leave.

Recently, 34,000 people on LinkedIn participated in a survey by a British CEO, discussing the extent to which peternity leave can be integrated into a company's personnel policy. Two-thirds of the voters opted for one or more days of Peternity Leave. Perhaps we should consider this idea as an exciting advantage for companies competing for talent. We're already fans of the idea!

And then this: pet insurance

One of the (perhaps) most surprising trends is the rise of pet insurance. Although it has been around for several years, it's more popular than ever today. An increasing number of pet parents are taking out insurance for their loyal four-legged friends to address the rising and often escalating medical costs for pets.

Besides insurance, succession planning for your pet is also gaining more importance. After all, what do you want to happen to your pet when you are no longer around? Not unimportant to think about that!

What trends do you think will be indispensable in 2024? Let us know!

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