Inclusive Enterprise Reference Certificate 2022

09/06/2022 Sustainability

Flamingo officially recognised as an inclusive enterprise

Corporate Social Responsibility is of paramount importance at Flamingo. Therefore, we are committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. These goals contribute to a more sustainable world.
With our efforts as an inclusive entrepreneur, we contribute to these 4 SDGs:
Everyone is welcome at Flamingo”

At Flamingo, there is no place for discrimination in terms of age, gender or background. For example, 52% of the 177 staff members are women. Even our warehouse is mainly staffed by women. We also employ colleagues with a greater distance to the labour market in cooperation with our workplace architect. Everyone is welcome at Flamingo.
For our efforts, we received the 2022 Inclusive Enterprise Reference Certificate. From now on, we can officially call ourselves an inclusive enterprise.


Inclusive Enterprises Declaration of Intent Unizo

We also signed Unizo’s inclusive enterprises declaration of intent. By doing so, we consciously choose for more inclusion and diversity. We recognise its social importance and translate this into a concrete approach that also creates added value for our company. This means that:
  • we demand respect for all employees.
  • we pursue an objective personnel policy whereby we try to reach a diverse group of candidates and do not respond to discriminatory conditions set by third parties.
  • we communicate openly about our vision and approach.

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At Flamingo we want to make this planet a greener place for us and our pets. Find out more about Flamingo Green and our other sustainable initiatives.

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Flamingo Green

Flamingo Green

Flamingo Green is our eco-friendly range. Perfect when taking care of your loyal companion in an environmentally-friendly way is important to you.

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