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11/05/2022 Customers General

Efficient product information exchange with GS1 GDSN

There’s a lot to say about each product. What materials is it made of? How do you maintain it? For which animal(s) is it suitable? What are its dimensions and weight? At Flamingo, we carefully store the information about our 8,500 accessories and snacks in our PIM (Product Information Management) system. With GS1 GDSN, we can now easily exchange this data as well.

Our Flamingo product data is added and updated daily by the Master Data team. This enables us to always provide our dealers and pet parents with the correct and up-to-date information. More than hundred fields can be filled in for each product. That’s a lot of data. The efficient receipt, processing and forwarding of this data is therefore essential. We’re now able to do this thanks to a link with GS1 GDSN!

The data we enter into our PIM system is uploaded to GS1 GDSN, the largest global network for product data. Originally, there was no data sheet within the GS1 GDSN do-it-yourself model that was specifically intended or suitable for pets. GS1 GDSN therefore approached Flamingo and some of its competitors to form a working group. This has resulted in a data model that can be consistently used in the pet sector. From our PIM system, a link was made to GS1 My Product Manager via our Marketing Automation Tool. We did the necessary mapping and our PIM partner helped to set up the necessary link between these tools.

And successfully so! Recently, our distributors can receive real-time information about our products via GS1. And when our customers download product information from different suppliers that are connected to GS1 GDSN, this data will always be delivered in the same way. Regardless of the type of customer of GS1 GDSN. Although keeping our product information up-to-date still remains quite a job, exchanging data becomes much easier. It also gives us the opportunity to relieve our clients and ourselves considerably.

Data management is an important aspect of modern business. At Flamingo, we remain committed to further optimising our data flow.

We care about pets!

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