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Food stand Mitu Natural

Product number: 110048
Brand: Flamingo
Range: Four Seasons

Food stand Mitu Natural

Product number: 110048
Brand: Flamingo
Range: Four Seasons
50cm L x 50cm W x 105cm H Product number: 110048
This nifty perch Mitu is just perfect for your feathered friend! Made from sturdy pine wood and water-resistant. Let your bird enjoy a cozy resting spot.
  • Material: pine wood
  • Water-resistant
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Product description:
Product name:
Food stand Mitu Natural
Product number:
Brand name:
Stage of Life: All ages
Sub brand name: Mitu
Description: Food stand
Product range: Four Seasons
Breed: Birds living outdoors
Animal/breed: Bird
Breed size: All sizes
Indoor/outdoor use: Outdoor
Natural, Brown
50cm L x 50cm W x 105cm H
Main material: Pine wood
Material group: Wood
Weather-/ water-/ IP-resistant: Yes
Type weather-/water-/ IP-resistance: Waterbestendig
Model feeding and drinking systems: Stand
Our wooden animal houses are already coated with a protective sealant of wood stain or primer. However, to keep a chicken coop in good condition, you’ll need to treat the wood regularly. Exactly how often this should be done, depends on where you put the coop and the weather conditions. The better you treat the wood, the longer it will stay in good condition. A water-based stain or paint (without serpentine) is ideal for pets.