Which scratching post
for your cat?

26/07/2022 Products & assortment Housing & purchase Cat

Which scratching post should you choose for your tiny tiger?

A scratching post is a must when you get a cat. Looking for a scratching post for your new kitten? Or do you need a new scratcher after your older, faithful floof has spent years destroying the other one? We’ve got some tips on making the purr-fect choice for your purring pet.

Why a scratching post?

Cats use scratching posts for many different reasons. To scratch, of course, but scratching has several functions. It not only helps your feline friend keep its claws sharp, but also stretches its muscles and marks out its territory. So your cat needs at least one good scratcher to be happy.

Types of scratching posts/scratchers

By now, you’re probably familiar with the classic scratching post with one or more poles. But did you know that there are actually many other accessories that your cat can use to sharpen its claws? These are the most important kinds:
boy playing with cat on scratching tree - jongen speelt met kat op krabpaal - flamingo pet products

A scratching pole

A simple scratching post shape, ideal for small spaces or as an extra scratching post. Your cat likes to be able to scratch in several places. 

A scratching post

A scratcher with several scratching poles, which makes it extra stable. This type of scratching post also often has one or more platforms on which your cat can lie down for a rest.

A scratching barrel

A multifunctional scratcher where your cat can lie in or on, and also scratch anywhere on it.

Other scratchers

Other accessories for scratching, such as a scratching board, scratching mat, scratching toy, cat bed with scratching area, etc. 

How tall should the scratching post be?

Scratching posts come in all heights, from less than half a metre to more than two metres high. A single-pole scratching post is often lower than one with multiple poles and platforms. Make sure that the scratching post is tall enough so that your pet can stretch out completely.

You can’t do much wrong with a tall scratching post. Cats often like to sit up high. It gives them the opportunity to have an overview and it is often nice and warm up there as well.

Sturdiness of the scratching post

A sturdy scratching post with thicker poles is often more expensive than a less sturdy one. Do you have a large or heavy cat? Then you should go for a sturdy one that offers extra stability. This way, your feline friend can climb and jump safely. You can also attach the scratching post to the wall for more stability, but this is often not necessary.

Cat laying on scratching tree - kat ligt op krabpaal - flamingo pet products


Sisal rope is most commonly used for scratching posts, but Flamingo is a pioneer in using rope variants, such as cotton and jute, to meet the needs of our cats. The platforms are made of fabric in different qualities. The quality of the fabric is expressed in grams per square metre; the greater the number of grams, the better the quality!


Cat towers/scratchers often come with nice extras. You can keep the following things in mind when making your choice:


A basket, hammock, or house to snooze in: lovely! Your furry friend can rest comfortably with a view of the whole room.

Removable cushions/covers

Sometimes you can remove the cushions or covers of the different platforms on the scratching post in order to put them in the washing machine easily. They will be as good as new in no time. How convenient is that?


A dangling mouse, a ball, or a tinkling bell: an extra toy is always fun!

Help, my cat doesn’t use the scratching post! 

You have just bought a beautiful scratching post and your beloved Fluffy can’t stand it. What’s worse, the sofa is a much more appealing scratcher… But don’t worry, everyone will be purring happily with these tips:

  • Cover your scratching post with catnip or a stimulating spray. Cats love catnip and the smell will undoubtedly attract your tiny tiger.
  • Change the location of your scratchers. This can work wonders!
  • Does your cat scratch your furniture but not the scratching post? Correct it by putting it near the scratching post when you see it scratching your furniture. You can also make your furniture less ‘scratch-worthy’ by (temporarily) wrapping it in plastic or aluminium foil.
  • Reward your cat with a tasty Flamingo snack when it uses the scratching post. Yes, cats can be trained too!

In a nutshell

Your feline friend needs a scratching post to keep its claws sharp, to stretch its muscles, and mark out its territory. A good scratching post will turn your tiny tiger into a puddle of purrs!
You can choose a scratching pole, ideal in small spaces. Or go for a larger scratching post with several scratching poles and platforms. Or maybe a scratching mat, scratching board, or scratching toy is the ideal choice for your sweet kitty?
When buying a scratching post, make sure it is high enough so that your cat can stretch to its full height. Furthermore, the sturdiness is important so that your feline friend can climb and clamber around safely. Lastly, it is best to choose your cat’s favourite material: sisal rope or cardboard, and you can also take into account extras such as removable covers.
So your cat doesn’t want to use your scratching post? Change the location of your scratchers. If necessary, use catnip or a spray on your scratching post. Furthermore, you can reward the cat when it uses the scratching post and place it by the scratching post when it wants to scratch your furniture.