Safe on the road with your dog thanks to our transport tips

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Safe on the road with your dog

It's a familiar sight: one dog jumps up wagging his tail as soon as the keys ring, while the other dog hides as soon as the door opens. Transporting your faithful four-legged friend can range from a relaxing outing to an exciting challenge. But don't worry, in this blog you will discover different ways to make transport for you and your dog as comfortable and safe as possible.

Whether you drive to work with your dog every day, go on a bike adventure together, or plan a trip to the vet, proper preparation is essential. It's advisable to gently get your dog used to different methods of transport from puppyhood onwards. That way, you can make car rides, bike rides and other outings stress-free and safe for both of you.

Safe on the road

Transporting your dog in the car is often the most logical choice. Safety first comes first here. Discover below some convenient ways to make car rides with your dog enjoyable and safe.

Just be aware, a dog should always be secured in a car to avoid disturbing the driver during sudden stops. Whether the dog is in the front seat, back seat or boot, he should be securely fastened with a harness and car safety belt or car safety rack. This ensures the safety of both the dog and the occupants.

Important! Ensure your dog is secured with a harness at all times and avoid using a collar. This is crucial for safety if an accident occurs (a collar may cause a serious injury, such as a broken neck).

Transport box for dogs

A dog transport box is not just another accessory; it's an essential part of safely transporting your faithful four-legged friend. These portable dog travel crates provide a secure and comfortable environment for your dog during car rides. With availability in various sizes, you can easily choose the right box that fits your dog's size. Whether you have a small companion or a large dog friend, there is always a suitable dog crate available.

What makes these transport boxes even more convenient are the built-in handles. With these, you can easily lift and move the box, whether in or out of the car. No more hassle with awkward manoeuvres or heavy loads. With a dog transport box, you're always guaranteed a stress-free and convenient experience, both for you and your furry friend.

Car crate for dogs

For those who want extra peace of mind during car journeys, the car crate for dogs offers the ultimate safety guarantee. These specially designed car crates are made of sturdy metal, providing maximum protection for your dog in the event of an accident or sudden stops.

But that's not all. For owners of larger dogs, even car crates on wheels are available. These innovative solutions combine mobility with safety, allowing you to transport your large dog effortlessly without sacrificing comfort.

Back seat transport

If you prefer to transport your dog in the back seat, there are several options available to do so in a safe and hygienic way. Car safety racks and dog car seats ensure your dog stays safely in place during the ride, while a car protection blanket protects the back seat from dirt and hair.

Putting your dog loose in the back seat is prohibited in many countries. It's therefore wise to check what is required for each country.

Thanks to these accessories, you don't have to worry about any damage to your car interior. Moreover, they offer extra comfort for your dog, making every car journey a pleasant experience for both you and your faithful companion.

With these various options for transporting your dog in the car, you can always make the right choice to suit your and your dog's needs. Safety and comfort always come first, making sure you can enjoy every ride together.

Heading out together: cycling with your dog

Cycling with your dog provides a fantastic opportunity to embrace the fresh air and experience new adventures together. Whether you have a small pet dog or a large four-legged friend, there are several options available to transport your furry friend safely and comfortably on bike outings.

For smaller dogs, a dog bike basket is an excellent choice. These baskets provide a safe and sheltered environment for your dog to enjoy while observing the world around him. It not only provides a sense of security for your dog, but also makes cycling a lot easier for you.

For larger dogs, a dog bike trailer is the ideal solution. These trailers are specially designed to comfortably transport larger dogs during bike rides. With ample space and ventilation, your dog can relax and enjoy the ride while you explore new places together. However, there are still many different rules in various countries. It's therefore wise to check what is required for each country.

Cycling with your dog offers not only physical exercise, but also a great opportunity to discover new places together. However, make sure your dog can sit or lie down calmly and comfortably in the basket or trailer, so that both of you can fully enjoy the ride.

Transporting your dog effortlessly on walks

If you decide to travel without a car or bike, hiking accessories offer a practical solution. Discover some practical options below.

Dog carrying bags are not only a fashion accessory, but also a practical solution for transporting your dog on long walks. Specifically designed for smaller dog breeds and young pups, these carrying bags provide a cosy and safe environment in which your furry companion feels at ease.

Besides comfort, dog carrying bags also offer convenience for you as a pet parent. With adjustable straps and ergonomic designs, you can easily carry the bag so that you and your dog can take long walks without any hassle. For added convenience, there are even dog carrying bags with wheels, allowing you to transport your larger dog effortlessly without straining yourself.

Best of all, dog carrying bags are not only suitable for walks but also for other outings such as shopping, traveling, or a visit to the vet. With a dog carrying bag, you're always prepared for adventure, regardless of the size of your dog.

For medium-sized dog breeds that enjoy long walks, but occasionally need some extra rest, a dog buggy is the perfect solution. These buggies offer ultimate comfort and convenience, allowing you and your dog to enjoy the surroundings together without worrying about exhausting your dog.

With a sturdy frame and comfortable padding, the dog buggy ensures your dog feels safe and relaxed during the ride. The smooth wheels allow you to manoeuvre effortlessly on a variety of terrains, from city walks to off-road adventures.

Moreover, dog buggies also offer protection against weather conditions such as rain or bright sun, keeping your dog comfortable no matter what the weather. So what are you waiting for?

A relaxed walk can be a great way to spend quality time with your furry friend. Make sure you have the right equipment so that both you and your dog can enjoy the walk comfortably and safely.

Flying with your four-legged friend

For those who want to take their furry friend on holiday, air travel offers a fantastic opportunity to explore new destinations together. However, when planning your trip, it's important to ensure your dog's safety and comfort during the flight. Fortunately, we offer a range of options for air travel, so you and your dog can enjoy a stress-free and enjoyable trip.

Our IATA-certified dog travel crates are specially designed to meet the strict safety standards for transporting animals by plane. Not only are these dog travel crates robust and durable, but they also provide a comfortable and soothing environment for your dog during the flight.

Before travelling, it's important to check the airline's rules and regulations regarding pet transport. Some airlines may have specific requirements regarding the size and type of the dog travel crate allowed on board.

Whether you choose to travel by car, bike, plane or go for a walk, with the right preparation and equipment, you and your dog will be able to travel together safely and comfortably. Remember to always put your dog's needs and comfort first, so that every trip is an enjoyable experience for both of you.

In a nutshell

For transporting your dog in the car, you can choose a transport box, a car crate, a car protection blanket, or a car dog bed. Depending on the size of your dog.
You can do so, in our IATA-certified travel cages, which are specially designed to meet the strict safety standards for transporting animals by plane.
This can be done with a dog bike basket or trailer. Small dogs can easily be transported in a basket, while there are special bike trailers for larger dogs.