Kitten on the way? This is what you need

28/07/2021 Housing & purchase Cat

Kitten on the way? This is what you need

Bringing a new kitten home? Be prepared and give him or her the best start in life. This will help to make things less stressful for both you and your feline. Here’s an overview of the things you’ll need. That way, you can give your new arrival the necessary one-on-one attention.

Transport box or transport basket

When you’re picking up your kitten for the journey home, it’s important to bring a transport box or transport bag in which you can safely transport your young cat. You can also put a familiar-scented towel or blanket in it, to make your furry friend feel at ease right away. A transport box with a top loading entry point is most suitable for cats.  

Attention: before leaving, please check that your transport box is firmly assembled.

Stay safe on the road with our transport boxes

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Food & drink

Your kitten is still small and needs sufficient nutritious foods to grow up. Sometimes kittens can be fussy eaters, therefore it’s useful to ask the breeder, animal shelter or foster parents what your kitten has been eating. It’s a good idea to feed your little bundle of fun the same food until it’s time to switch to adult food. Also don’t forget to put snacks in your shopping basket. Giving your kitten snacks will help it to get used to you and it will quickly strengthen the bond between you and your feline friend.

Did you
know ...

cats are lactose intolerant? Although cats love to drink milk, it may not be the best health choice for them. Lactose can lead to stomach pain, diarrhoea and even vomiting. You can buy cat milk in good-quality pet shops. Here we’re talking about lactose-free milk that is safe for your kitten or cat.
In order to offer your new arrival something to eat and drink, you’ll of course need a feeding and drinking bowl. You can also go for a feeding bowl and drinking fountain. Most cats are quirky about drinking. A fountain can encourage your cat to drink more and is therefore very healthy for your cute little friend. Offering wet food can also help to keep cats more hydrated.

The purr-fect scratching tree

scratching tree is indispensable for your cat’s daily claw sharpening, it prevents boredom and helps to stop your cat from scratching your furniture. Scratching trees come in all shapes and forms. In order to pick the right one, there are a number of criteria you should bear in mind. What breed is your kitten? Maine Coone or maybe another large cat breed? Then be sure to choose a sturdy scratching tree with wider trunks, larger resting areas and hideaways with large openings.

It’s also good to know whether the scratching tree is easy to clean or not. Some scratching trees can be easily vacuumed, other scratching trees have parts that can be machine washed. Of course you should also take into account your budget and whether it fits into your interior or not. 

Some cats will take naturally to a scratching tree. Scratching is a natural instinct for cats, so when they’re scratching they try to leave scent marks that define their territory. Is your kitten not interested in using the scratching tree? Use some catnip to stimulate your feline friend.

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Cat litter tray and accessories 

Unlike puppies or other animals that need to be housetrained, kittens are often already litter box trained by the time you bring them home. For a young kitten an open litter tray may be the best choice, because it sometimes takes them quite some effort to push open the door. In addition, your feline friend won’t feel claustrophobic in an open litter tray. Of course, you can also get a closed litter tray and leave the door out until your kitten is big and strong enough. A closed litter tray certainly looks cleaner and traps bad odours.

You’ll have to fill the litter tray with one of the many types of cat litter. You can choose between classic clay and silica gel granules (fine or coarse), clumping or non-clumping, scented or unscented … It’s just a case of trying different types until you’re sure which one suits you and your furry friend best. Flamingo offers many types of cat litter in different points-of-sale.

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Kitten cat litter

It’s initially safer to buy cat litter specifically for kittens. Just like human babies, young kittens like to put things in their mouth. Sometimes that might mean your kitten is eating cat litter. Our Flamingo range also includes cat litter specifically for kittens.

 Also don’t forget a cat litter scoop. This way you can be sure that no bacteria or dirt will stick to your hands. Faeces from your kitten or cat can contain germs. The type of scoop you need depends on the cat litter you’re currently using. Feel free to ask for advice in your local pet shop.

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A cuddly cat bed

Many kittens are happy to have their own cosy spot to sleep. They spend about 16 hours a day dozing and dreaming away. In the Flamingo-range you’ll find soft cat cushions, houses with a scratching area, wicker baskets and sleeping bags. Perfect for hiding away or even laying on top.

Is your kitten still waiting to see which way the cat jumps? Or does your feline friend still prefer your sofa or bed for a nap? Then catnip is your best friend. Sprinkle a small amount in the cat bed to encourage your kitten to discover his or her own cosy bed.

 Sniff through our comfy cat beds

Paw-some cat toys

Cats love to play. They like to chase things because of their natural hunting instinct. A crinkling or rattling toy will stimulate that instinct even more. Or you can use a cat dangler for lots of interactive fun. Quality time guaranteed!

With toys specifically designed for cats you’re on the safe side. During production, extra attention is paid to ensure they don’t splinter and can’t be swallowed by your kitten.

Of course cats also love to play with a paper ball or toilet paper tube. Just make sure to keep an eye on your little kitty during play time.

Comb or brush

Combing or brushing is a great way of keeping your cat healthy and beautiful. Do you have a long-haired kitten? Then extra grooming will be necessary, because of the mats and tangles in your cat’s hair. After a while this can cause your sweet little feline discomfort or pain. But also short-haired kittens need grooming.

There are different kinds of combs and brushes. Which one you need depends on the length and texture of your kitten's coat. Your vet, groomer, cattery or animal shelter can give you advice on picking the right comb or brush for your cat’s coat. Do you have problems brushing your kitten or cat? A massage glove has a dual function. Besides brushing, the glove helps your kitten or cat relax.

How often should you brush or comb your cat? In general you can take into account this rule:
  • Long-haired cats: comb daily
  • Semi long-haired cats: comb twice a week
  • Short-haired cats: comb once a week

Cats generally shed their coats twice yearly. This is when their coat gets easily tangled. During this period, you should brush your cat’s hair more regularly or you can visit a groomer. Removing mats and tangles can be difficult. If you don’t know where to start, don’t hesitate to ask your groomer for help.

 Discover everything for a healthy coat

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Cat shampoo

Cats are clean creatures. But sometimes they need a little helping hand. Hairless cats in particular need to be washed about once a week with a shampoo that’s suitable for cats. Because of their lack of hair, sebum and sweat do not disperse on the hair and remain on the skin. This means they can get quite dirty, quite quickly. Just like us humans. They can even leave stains on clothing and furniture.

Other cats do have hair that absorbs skin fat. But they can get in messy situations too. Sometimes they get so dirty that they’re unable to lick the dirt off themselves or they shouldn’t, because it could harm them. In such a case it can be useful to have a cat shampoo ready to hand.

Have lots of fun with your kitten(s)!

In a nutshell

Your basic equipment should include kitten food, a cat litter tray and accessories (cat litter, cat litter scoop), a feeding and drinking bowl, a scratching tree, a bed, toys and a comb or brush.
The criteria you should bear in mind when choosing a scratching tree are: the size, the sturdiness (be sure to choose a sturdy scratching tree for large cat breeds), easy to clean or not and whether or not it suits your budget and taste.
In general, it’s best to brush or comb your long-haired kitten every day. Semi long-haired kittens should be brushed twice a week, and short-haired kittens once a week.