Everything you want to know
about dog coats

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Everything you want to know about dog coats

They’re extremely common these days: dogs with fashionable coats! Especially during the cold winter months it’s hard to imagine a world without them. But are dog clothes just a fashion item? Does your dog really need a coat? What are the main benefits of a dog coat? And perhaps most importantly: how to choose the right size for your pet pal?

Dog coats: fashionable, useful or necessary?

Let’s start with how dog clothes can benefit dogs. A lot of people out there feel that a dog coat or dog jumper is a total fashion statement, a way to make dogs appear more beautiful and playful. This is only partially true. Of course putting clothes on dogs makes them look more stylish, but they’re not solely a fashion accessory. For some dogs a warm coat is even necessary. When does your dog need a coat?

Your dog is smaller than the rest
Small dogs are often seen wearing dog clothes. This isn’t just because Chihuahuas look good in a dog coat or jumper, but they also benefit more from wearing a coat or knitted jumper. Small dog breeds have shorter legs, which means their chest and belly are closer to the ground. These are the places on the body where dogs lose the most heat. The closer your dog's body is to the ground, the faster it’ll cool down. In addition, small dogs have thinner layers of fat and muscle than large dogs. This makes it harder for small dogs to retain heat properly. Small dog breeds and young puppies therefore definitely benefit from warm and protective dog clothing.

Your dog has a thin or no coat at all
Has your dog a thin or even no coat at all? Then warm clothing is usually a good choice when it’s cold outside. Think about what you would do on cold winter days, you wouldn’t leave the house without a coat and wearing shorts either. Does your dog have a naturally thin coat or is his coat (temporarily) damaged? Then you can help keep him warm with a nice warm dog jumper or a windproof and warm dog coat.

Your dog suffers from the heat
I can almost hear you thinking: buy a dog coat because my dog suffers from the heat? I must admit that it sounds a bit contradictory. But it’s true, because we’re talking about cooling coats here. These dog vests are made of a special fabric that keeps dogs cool through evaporation on the body and can thus prevent overheating. Especially long-haired dogs and those with a thick undercoat will enjoy the cooling and comfort that these coats provide during the hot summer months.

Your dog is ill or getting older
Older dogs tend to have a weakened immune system. This also applies to sick and (temporarily) weakened dogs. As a result, your dog is more likely to catch the flu or a cold, especially on freezing winter days. In addition to a weakened immune system, it goes without saying that older and sick dogs also get less exercise. This makes it a lot harder for these dogs to get and keep themselves warm. A nice and warm winter coat or jumper helps keep your dog cosy, provides protection, prevents hypothermia and ensures that your sick or weakened dog can fully focus on recovery.

dog is wearing a jumper and is standing among leaves - Flamingo Pet Products
A dog stands among the leaves and has a coat on - Flamingo Pet Products
Dog sitting in the snow with a coat on - Flamingo Pet Products
Dog stands outside wearing a life jacket - Flamingo Pet Products





dog is wearing a jumper and is standing among leaves - Flamingo Pet Products


These stylish dog coats are perfect to shield your canine companion from the chilly breeze, but they can also be used to fulfil a functional purpose. The dog coats are suitable for both small and large dog breeds, making sure you’ll always find the right one for your four-legged friend!

The dog coats come in all sizes and materials with different options, giving you the opportunity to find a dog coat for each purpose. You can go for a single-layered windbreaker, a protective dog coat with nice details such as a hood or choose a fashionable jacket for a stylish and distinctive look.

A dog stands among the leaves and has a coat on - Flamingo Pet Products


Is your small or large friend particularly sensitive to the cold? Then a warm winter coat is the perfect solution for you and your loyal friend! These great looking and functional dog coats offer protection from the wind, are lined with a lovely warm fabric and keep your dog nice and warm on cold days.

Our dog jumpers are also perfect to wear during the autumn and winter months. As well as being comfortable, a warm feel provides your dog with protection and security. Ideal for small dogs, but equally effective for larger breeds that need the comfort of a nice and warm dog jumper.

Dog sitting in the snow with a coat on - Flamingo Pet Products


A dog raincoat provides the perfect protection on rainy days! These wind- and waterproof dog coats keep your loving companion toasty and dry as a bone.
In addition, a reliable raincoat prevents odours and dirt from sneaking into the house after a lovely, but wet autumn walk!

Raincoats come in all sizes to make sure not only small dogs keep dry! Choose from different designs, colours, materials and even lined raincoats for more cosiness on cold days.

Dog stands outside wearing a life jacket - Flamingo Pet Products


In general each dog coat has its own function. Warmth, comfort and a sense of security are just some of the benefits of a coat. But you can also shop ideal and functional dog coats which your four-legged friend can wear on special occasions or when making a fun trip.

The collection of functional dog coats is endless. Shop the perfect coat for each occasion: handy life jackets and practical safety vests, but also medical protective coats and dog cooling coats belong to the category ‘practical dog coats’.


In addition to various sizes and shapes of dog coats and jumpers, there are numerous specifications and options to choose from. You can go for a particular fastener, specific linings or benefit from the different advantages of the materials. Below you’ll find the different options per specification:
  • Fit: normal, slim or stretch
  • Fastener: zip, buttons, hook-and-loop fastener, press buttons or drawstring
  • Material: single layer, lined, lined and padded, breathable, ultra-light
  • Adjust: adjustable neck and belly strap
  • Headgear: with or without collar or hood
  • Durability: water and dirt resistant, windproof
  • Style: with or without pockets, prints and (colour) accents
  • Loops and openings: with or without tail loop, leash opening and/or leg straps
  • Leg protection: with or without leg protection
  • Extras: with reflective properties (strips and stitching) or LED light

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To measure is to know! It’s important to measure your pooch properly to ensure you select the correct size. Measuring the right size can be done easily at home, the only thing you need is a soft measuring tape and, of course, your dog.

Back length (A) – The length of the dog's back is easy to measure, it starts between the shoulder blades and runs up to the base of the tail (see point A).
Neck circumference (B) – Now measure your dog’s neck circumference and add 1 to 2 centimeters so that the coat fits comfortably and is not too tight around the neck (see point B). Most dog clothes can be adjusted around the neck with hook-and-loop fastener. This allows you to adjust it to your dog's body type.
Chest circumference (C) – Last but not least, you measure your dog’s chest circumference. A chest measurement can be taken by wrapping your tape around the widest part of your dog’s torso, right behind the armpits and front legs (see point C). Add 1 to 2 centimeters for the perfect fit.


Washing instructions

Dog coats need to be practical too. It’s always nice when a dog coat is easy to clean.

All dog coats come with a handy washing label with washing instructions to help you do this! Most dog coats can be cleaned by hand or even in the washing machine.

See the different washing instructions for our dog coats here.


A good dog coat is both. If you choose a well-fitting dog coat made of the right materials for the occasion, a dog coat is definitely useful. A dog coat can be used as a beautiful accessory for the dog, but can also contribute to comfort, convenience and safety.
Definitely not, dog coats come in all sizes suitable for all dog breeds. So you will definitely find a coat for your big friend too. Our monthly updated collection has a dog coat for each dog, large and small. 
Each dog coat has its own benefits. A dog coat generally offers your dog warmth, protection, safety and a sense of security. In addition, the different dog coats also have specific benefits for the winter months, summer months, wet autumn months ...
Our wide range includes several categories, where you can shop to your heart's content for your four-legged friend. Score, for example, a lovely warm winter coat or jumper for your dog. Check out our wind and waterproof raincoats for dry walks or shop for a breathable mid-season jacket for the autumn and spring months. We also have functional coats such as life jackets, safety coats and even medical dog coats!