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Collars and harnesses for your pet 

There is nothing better than a refreshing summer walk or an autumn walk in the woods with your pet. Simply enjoying the fresh air, the healthy exercise and also the relaxation. For this, you need the right collar or harness and of course you buy that at Flamingo. Because every pet and every beloved pet parent deserves only the best!

Dog collars

A dog collar or harness? 

If you want to walk your dog safely, you need a good dog collar or dog harness. . Whatever you choose, a dog harness and collar both have their advantages, it just depends on what is important to you and your dog. We briefly list the plus points: 

Advantages of a dog collar:
  • A dog collar is practical, you can put it on the dog quickly and easily.
  • A collar does not pose a physical obstacle during sports or a walk.
  • A dog collar is often relatively affordable in price.

Advantages of a harness: 
  • A well-fitting dog harness ensures optimal pressure distribution on the body
  • A harness gives you more grip and control over your dog while out for a walk.
  • A comfortable dog harness does not pinch the neck, larynx or windpipe.

Of course, both products offer many other advantages and there are also other factors that help determine the choice you make, such as price, quality and more. Once you have chosen between a collar and harness, you can start browsing our extensive range!

Collar Ziggi Granite-blue
521584 - 5363931
Collar Ziggi Granite-blue
Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL

Harness Step&Go Tasha Grey
521658 - 521662
Harness Step&Go Tasha Grey
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Harness Step&Go Abbi Red
521419 - 521425
Harness Step&Go Abbi Red
Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Harness Pluto Red camouflage
518727 - 518732
Harness Pluto Red camouflage
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Collar Cub Mint green
519996 - 519998
Collar Cub Mint green
Sizes: XS, S

Collar Puppy Dolly Pink
523755 - 523757
Collar Puppy Dolly Pink
Sizes: XXS, XS, S

Harness Kelso Grey
520926 - 520930
Harness Kelso Grey
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Which collar for my dog? 

Each type of dog and breed needs a different type of collar or harness. Fortunately, you'll find many different models in our extensive range, from special puppy collars or a dog collar with click buckle to a collar with a name for your four-legged friend. However, you'll also find many harnesses in our range. From a Y-harness that ensures optimal pressure distribution, an anti-pull harness or a chest harness to a reflective puppy harness. 

In addition to a collar or harness, you also need a good dog leash for nice walks with your four-legged friend. It's best to choose one based on the purpose of the leash and your dog'sweight . Of course, we also have these in our range, from a dog leash for a Chihuahua to a dog leash for a German Shepherd. 

  • Short dog leashes 
  • Long dog leashes 
  • Flexi retractable leashes 
  • Adjustable dog leashes 
  • Jogging leashes Coupling piece for a dog leash

When you often go for a walk with your dog, we recommend combining a harness with one of our leashes. That way, you reduce the strain on your loyal friend's neck.

Safe on the road! 

Do you sometimes go out in the dark? Then make sure you do so safely! On a dark winter evening, a foggy summer morning or a rainy autumn day, you and your little friend could do with a little extra security. This way you and your lovely pet stand out on the road and are easily visible in traffic. You can do so with collar lightsa safety vest or a reflective dog coat . But don't forget to equip yourself with the necessary lights or reflectors too.

How to: the best way to put on a dog harness 

You've now found the right collar and leash for your dog, but what is the best way to put on a harness? With some dogs, this can be quite a tricky job. It's therefore important to get them used to it as well as reward them. We'll give you some tips. 

  1. Place the harness on the ground and give your dog a reward when he approaches the harness or touches it. 
  2. When your dog goes to the harness spontaneously, pick up the harness so that your four-legged friend can easily put his head through it and give him a reward. 
  3. Repeat until your dog is comfortable enough to put his head completely through the harness.

Which collar do I choose for a puppy? 

For a puppy, a collar with a buckle is recommended, definitely not a chain. A collar or harness that you can loosen or tighten for individual comfort is also ideal. 

How old do puppies have to be to wear a collar? Experts recommend letting the puppy get used to it from 8 weeks old. This is best done in a playful way by letting the puppy smell and sniff. 

To get the puppy used to the collar quickly, it's best to put it on for a short amount of time each day and then do something fun together afterwards. It's perfectly normal that at first your dog will try to get the collar off, for example by shaking his head. If the collar is put on properly, this will not work. 

For your puppy's safety , it's important to stay close to him when he's wearing the collar or harness. 

Now you can take your puppy for a walk! However, you should know that a puppy can't follow properly straight away. Puppies still have a lot to learn. So take your time and don't punish your dog with his collar. It should just be something that he enjoys because then he can go for a walk with his lovely pet parents!

Cat collars 

You can use a cat collar perfectly in case your four-legged friends like to go out on their own, but also for cats that like to walk on a leash. Yes, those exist too. For cats that are not used to walking on a leash, you better go for a comfortable harness. In our webshop, you'll find a wide range of cat collars; from collars with bells to adjustable cat collars and harnesses overcollars in the craziest colours. We’ve got it all! There is a beautiful and appropriate cat collar for each cat.

An absolute no-go when choosing a collar for your cat is to buy a dog collar ! Cats should wear a collar with a breakaway buckle or a small stretchy part that can tear or open once your cat gets caught on something. This is for the safety of your lovely pet.

4 reasons to put a collar on your cat: 

  1. A reflective or luminous collar ensures your cat is visible in the dark. 
  2. A cat collar with bell serves as a warning for the environment, such as birds. 
  3. A cat collar with name and address tube lets people know your cat has a pet parent. 
  4. A magnetic cat flap works with a magnetic key attached to the collar.

Out and about with your fluffy friend 

For kittens and cats not used to walking outside on a leash, we have comfortable harnesses. A cat harness is specially designed to distribute pressure evenly around your cat's body and prevents your feline from making unexpected movements while walking. A comfortable harness fits the body perfectly and is adjustable. That makes it a lot more comfortable for your four-legged friend! 

Collar, check! But to really get out and about, you also need a cat leash . That way you keep control and your cat or kitten can't run away during a walk. 

An absolute top product from our range are the Flexi retractable leashes. These leashes are very comfortable and practical to use as they retract automatically . They also offer plenty of grip and are comfortable to hold. Which is not unimportant for you as a pet parent!

Collar tags and ID tubes 

Ever thought of a cat collar with a name or an ID tube to attach to a collar? It's an easy way to ensure your cat can be brought back home if she ever goes missing. You simply write down your details and insert them into the tube, which hangs from your fluffy friend's collar. This allows other people to see that your cat has a pet parent and thus lives in a warm nest! 

Safety first, also with cats!

Does your fluffy adventurer like to go out on its own ? Then make sure that your feline friend is safe, especially on dark days. A luminous collar or cat collar with reflective stripes is perfect for this. Our cat collars can be easily cut to size, are rechargeable and with a visibility of up to 500 metres, your cat will always be highly visible. Safety first! 

Leash-walking your cat 

Not all cats are adventurous and like to go for walks, alone or with their pet parents. We also have tie out leashes for these four-legged friends, so they can still enjoy the lovely fresh outdoors without going for a walk. These cat leashes can be used in the garden or on the balcony, giving your cat the freedom to roam around in the fresh air. Easy-peasy, right?

Everything for a nice walk! 

Now that you know the ins and outs of going out and about with your dog or cat, you can start shopping. Our specialist Flamingo retailers offer you everything you need for a great walk with your pet. In addition to cool collars, comfortable harnesses, safe lighting and durable leashes, you'll also find accessories for on-the-go. These items will make it even easier and more fun for you as a pet parent! For example poop bags, a small treat bag or drinking bottles and feeding bowls that will come in handy during walks. 

In short, our Flamingo points of sale offer you everything you need for the perfect walk with your pet! Are you coming along?

In a nutshell

You can use a cat collar perfectly in case your four-legged friends like to go out on their own, but also for cats that like to walk on a leash.
For a puppy, a collar with a buckle is recommended, definitely not a chain. A collar or harness that you can loosen or tighten for individual comfort is also ideal.
In addition to a collar or harness, you also need a good dog leash for nice walks with your four-legged friend. It's best to choose one based on the purpose of the leash and your dog's weight .