4 Christmas gift ideas for your pet

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The perfect Christmas gift for your pet pal

Already counting down the days until Christmas? Cosiness, tasty food, playing games, and what most of us look forward to: surprising your loved ones with a present. Of course, your pet pal should not be forgotten. In this blog post, we give you some inspiration. Ho, ho, ho, let's go!

Playing games during the Christmas and holiday season

toy for your dog is always a good idea. While you enjoy a lovely board game, your dog can be entertained with a doggie mind game, a playing rope or chewing toy. 

Looking for a gift for your cat? Spoil your sweetest house tiger with a catnip-filled toy. Hours of fun guaranteed! Catnip has a stimulating effect on most cats, they just love it. Hours of fun guaranteed!

Your little gnawer also likes to play. Small animals and rabbits are curious pets and love challenges. Choose toys that are suitable for gnawing, so that they can’t be broken. For your rabbit, a play tunnel is the best gift ever and your hamster would be delighted with a new running wheel. The choice is endless!

Tasty snacks

Snacks are the perfect gift! Fill a Kong toy with treats or give your dog or cat a sniffing mat, in which you can also hide treats. Since your dog or cat has to search for the treats, the natural hunting instinct is stimulated. Fun and challenge guaranteed! Check out the sniffing mats for dogs and for cats here.

Your rabbit or small animal also loves a tasty snack. Gnawing wood is tasty and contributes to good teeth wear. You can also fill a snack ball or other toy for small animals with tasty treats. Result: a happy small animal!

Snuggling up in a new bed, blanket or hammock

Nothing cosier than snuggling up under a blanket on the sofa in winter. Even your pet loves it. Why not give your pet a new bed or blanket? That way, your dog, cat or small animal can rest comfortably while you’re still busy dining. 

From a soft donut bed to an orthopaedic dog cushion for your older dog. Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes. Not sure which size dog bed to choose? Be sure to check out this blog.

 Does your cat like to sleep up high? Then a hammock for cats might be a nice idea. You hang it from the window or radiator so your cat can look around while relaxing.

You can also buy a hammock for your favourite small animal. These small animal hammocks are lined with soft wool. A lovely place to take a nap!

An advent calendar for your dog or cat

Why wait until Christmas? With an advent calendar, you can spoil your dog or cat while waiting for Father Christmas. Every day you have to open a window behind which a treat is hidden. This way you offer your dog or cat a tasty surprise each day.

Advent calendars for dogs and cats
Now shop away! Happy holidays! ✨🎄